Eight days later: KBin, Lemmy, the landed gentry, and the rise of the "threadiverse" (DRAFT)

Draft! Work in Progress! Feedback welcome!

Tens of thousands of people have signed up for KBin and Lemmy accounts since I first published “Don’t tell people “it’s easy”,” hundreds of new instances have been created, and “the threadiverse” is suddenly a hot topic of conversation… Of course, it hasn’t all gone smoothly, but the opportunity isn’t going away.


Great read. I would add the Sub Rehab list of subreddits that have moved to the Fediverse. It has the links, so that the read can go.right to the new magazines/communities.


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Thank you very much, I didn't know about that and will add it!


20 or 40 pull requests (they are really push requests) sounds like a nightmare to merge together.

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I know, it's amazing Ernest is getting any sleep at all!


An excellent read. Thank you

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Good summary of events. I'll add that you have a mistake in the link to lemmy's PR requests, which points to Kbin PR instead.

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Thanks, good catch!

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You've got the word 'initially' twice in this sentence.

newcomers initially found the experience somewhat initially confusing,

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Whoops! Good catch -- thanks!


Great read. I'm expecting the next wave of Redditors on June 30th after their 3rd party app stop working. And update! I think the threadiverse has broken 200K signups as of today. Definitely an explosion from even a month ago. Thanks for linking here too OP, I love seeing these interesting articles written by smaller publications. That's something I've always loved about Hacker News, and seeing it here is simply awesome!


Very well written! Was easy to follow and love the order the events were told. Great job including quotes at the end there too. Makes me wonder why Ruud isn't joining in on the conversation...

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Thanks! I'm not sure, it could be that he is and I just didn't find the quotes.

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