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3800mAh, no card slot and no 3.5mm jack. You’re paying for the screen basically.


Can you even get the slot or the jack any more? The only I can think of isn’t available in my country


€899 in my country from the website itself. Online I can find it for ~650. Less accessible in the EU, it seems :(


Tax is likely not included in the dollar price.

ndsvw, (edited )
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I don’t understand why peoole buy this. It looks like the early 2000s weren’t done yet. It looks like a step backwards IMO.

Edit: Ah, nice… This gives me Reddit vibes… Getting downvoted just because you have a different oppinion. “10 dislikes? No, not enough!!! Take mine, too!!!”. What’s the goal? Do you want me to delete my post? I don’t get it…


I down voted you for complaining about downvotes

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That sounds as intelligent as downvoting all comments that contain the letter “t”.

Downvoting different opinions (we are not event talking about insults, racism, … here) is a perfect way to create echo chambers. Guess, why Facebook, Twitter and like 80% of all social media sites never introduced a downvote… Guess, why YouTube removed the downvote… Because the average user does not seem to be able to accept different opinions without flooding the platform with downvotes.

I think, you have also a few opinions where 7/10 people have a different view than you. 70 people press downvote, 30 press upvote. Now, you are at -40 and think about removing your post, although a 70/30 opinion isn’t that crazy at all.

I think, downvoting every different opinion hurts the platform. That’s why my like/dislike ration is probably like 98/2…


u seem to care a lot more about it than anyone else

most folks just downvote and probably half read. i wouldnt worry about downvotes theyre not even tracked.

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Well, I think, it’s an interesting topic and I like to share arguments.

If I’d actually worry about downvotes, I’d probably delete my comments.

ElPussyKangaroo, (edited )

Downvotes are to display disagreement. So if I disagree, I downvote.

Edit: I think people have misunderstood my point. What you use the button for isn’t relevant here… The button is for voting whether you like or dislike something. If you don’t find something interesting, you don’t vote, and if it seems Irrelevant, you invoke the Moderators.

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No. If I disagree, I hit reply.


Sure. That’s you. But these rating systems came from the idea of Like/Dislike, meaning you like or dislike something. You don’t rate it if you have no opinion.

At least, that’s what I understand.

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Who defines that? There is a third option (not clicking anything). I use that for disagreement. If I disagree, I write a comment why I disagree instead of just using the middlefinger button and creating echo chambers…


Why do you think the downvote button exists? For funsies? Sorry we aren’t saving you’re precious feelings by using one of the fundamental features of the website

ndsvw, (edited )
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Why does it exist? I can only tell you what I use it for: For spam, for hate, for racism, for off-topic-stuff, for advertisement, for trolls, for “bad” bots, for people who ignore facts, …

A personal question: How exactly do you differentiate between a post that suggest to destroy country XY and a post of someone who thinks, that topping XY on a Pizza is good, although you don’t like it? IMO, one of these 2 posts is way worse than the other.

Sorry we aren’t saving you’re precious feelings

You don’t hurt my feelings. You hurt the platform (Lemmy).

I just want to make people think about it.

I hope, I did not hurt your feelings… I mean… You couldn’t even accept the existence of my post without downvoting it…

Imagine, you have an opinion and 30% support it and 70% don’t support it. Now, you post it, get 30 likes and 70 dislikes. You total score is now -40. What do you do now? Some people will think “What a stupid platform”. Some people will delete their post. Some people will leave the platform.

by using one of the fundamental features of the website

Ever wondered why Facebook, Twitter, … have no dislike button and why YouTube removed this “fundamental feature”? Because it caused too much negativity which is not good for the platform.


You said everything but what was asked of you. You’re making this harder on yourself. You raise good points, at the wrong places.

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I was asked what I think the button is good for and I answered it above:

For spam, for hate, for racism, for off-topic-stuff, for advertisement, for trolls, for “bad” bots, for people who ignore facts, …

@Blaze@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

Interesting, I use them for relevancy/irrelevancy to the discussion


Understandable. Although, I think the report features are usually in place for such actions, right?

Like, if my comment makes no sense under a certain post, or if my post is irrelevant to the community, then wouldn’t reporting it to the mods be the more logical action than just downvoting?


Perhaps, but it’s price makes it more accessible compared to the z flip


Probably because I had a wonderful time with the first razr phone. Do you realize there is a thing called: reputation, and Motorola has a good amount of it


What was the Motorola mobile arm is now owned by Lenovo, so…ehhhhh… That being said, the Razr reboot line has been pretty neat. Although the lack of OS updates is absolutely terrible.

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It’s a way to have big screens and still fit in your pocket.


Plenty of reasons; its small & compact, looks cute, different from the normal slab style phones that everyone has become used to, and it has a screen that folds which does look fun and futuristic.

Ive been waiting to buy one myself, but the prices have just been to dear until now with this one and future entry levels coming out.

ndsvw, (edited )
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Thanks for sharing your opinion instead of just downvoting the tell out of my comment for no reason like the others…

I don’t share that it looks futuristic.

It was a serious question from my side. I’d have predicted that the concept fails. It’s a surprise for ne that it did not…


Yeah you’re not wrong, it sucks. People treat it as a “I disagree” button while it was intended for off topic comments and spam.

Then the hive mind takes over and people pile on. I used to call it the reddit hive mind, but I guess it’s not limited to that.

I know it’s frustrating but I don’t think we can change human nature. If you are sure you said nothing “wrong” (like hate speech, off topic comment, etc) then it’s best to shrug and move on.

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it’s best to shrug and move on

I understand what you mean, although not saying anything means not even having the chance to make someone think about it…


I know what you mean. Unfortunately, when the answer is “the room disagrees with your take” there’s not much to think about. So if you make sure your comments are clean, you’ll have to accept it happening from time to time.

Its better for your mental health in the end!


The Razr flip phone was my first phone. It was such a cool phone to have. Now its back, and with a lot more!

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