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For Traveller's 'Next great journeys' special feature, I wrote about five trains that are new or have new itineraries coming up.

Here's the piece, covering La Dolce Vita Orient Express, the Indian Pacific, the Arctic Circle Express, SpaciaX, and the Laos-China railway...

Spectacular scenery is just a part of these five new stylish rail journeys


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Yesterday, we went on a day trip to by . No other means of powered transport was used as we to and from our local .

Here is the zooming past the train window.

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Day 5: Le Prese - Poschiavo

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Day 5: Le Prese - Poschiavo
Newly rebuilt station, now wheelchair accessible.

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Queensland govt reduces public transport fares to 50c each, flat rate, for six months (starting in August). BRING IT


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Today in print in The Sunday Age and Sun-Herald - I write a section about new and upcoming rail experiences in the 'Next Great Journeys' special supplement. Includes trains in Italy, Australia, Norway, Japan and Laos.

Buy a copy in print today; I'll share the online version if/when it appears later.

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London Paddington Station

I did a cross EU/UK trip in May of 2022. Was taken aback by the sheer size and number of tracks at this station.

First of a series of photos I'll be posting occasionally!

@rail #interrail #train #rail #TransportForLondon #London #Paddington

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🚂 Face au changement climatique, le est notre meilleur allié. Chez Équinoxe nous défendons ce mode de transport et son financement à travers une taxe européenne sur le kérosène.

Jusqu’aux élections, nous vous présentons deux fois par semaine une de nos mesures phares. C’est aujourd’hui au tour de la deuxième : développer massivement le et le rendre plus accessible que l’avion.

Article détaillé : https://parti-equinoxe.fr/train-ferroviaire-investir-europeennes-2024/

➡️ Le 9 juin, je vote pour l’écologie pratique et le renouveau démocratique !

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Afin de pouvoir continuer de nous déplacer et de découvrir le monde dans une faible émettrice en CO2, nous disposons d'un atout de taille : le . Pour cela, nous proposons de développer massivement le , et de le rendre plus accessible que l'avion.

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Today's historic of the day: A narrow gauge grain from Orroroo, double-headed by Sulzer engined diesel locomotives NT67 and NSU58, has just arrived in the triple-gauge station yard at Peterborough, SA, April 11 1985.

Peterborough is about 250km north of Adelaide in the mid-north region of South Australia. It was a railway town that housed a depot serving railways of three track gauges radiating in all four compass directions.

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New service between and begins next Monday, May 27.

Train 641 will depart Ottawa from Mondays to Thursdays at 4:19AM, and arrive in Toronto 8:48AM, with express service stops in Brockville, Kingston, Belleville, Cobourg, and Port Hope. Perfect for business commuters that need to make a 9AM meeting in The Big Smoke and a great alternative to the short-haul flight.

Also, Train 644 TRTO -> OTTW will run daily! See full release here:


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Trois accords-cadres de capacité négociés entre SNCF Réseau et la société Ilisto 1-4-6, filiale de la société Kevin Speed, concernant les lignes à grande vitesse Paris-Lyon, Paris-Lille et Paris-Strasbourg – Avis n° 2024-029 du 30 avril 2024


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The board meeting with #SoundTransit on whether to continue considering Amazon and the Mayor's alternative proposal for #Seattle 's Ballard Link is happening tomorrow, May 23 2024, 1:30-4:00PM PT.

@ducksauz 's call to action:


To participate and submit comments in person or electronically, see the following: https://www.soundtransit.org/get-to-know-us/news-events/calendar/board-directors-meeting-2024-05-23

#Transit #Advocacy #Train #Subway

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sympa cette petite appli pour avoir les horaires de sous GNU/

Dispo dans testing



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Charlie Colin, founding member of the band , whose hits included 'Drops of Jupiter,' has died at 58. Colin slipped and fell in the shower while house-sitting for a friend in Belgium, according to TMZ. He was later found dead.

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Charlie Colin RIP 🕊

Star of 90s Pop-Rock Band Dies After Slipping in the Shower

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The passenger station & depot will function as assembly, repair, maintenance & operational center for long-delayed & anticipated – of its kind in the southern metropolis.

Currently, only & are developing in . The country's only currently operational route is the Cat Linh – Ha Dong line in the capital city.


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Hurrah for the Borealis! Great to see Amtrak expanding its services. https://mastodon.social/@TravelandTourWorld/112483307276705279

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In April, I got a one-month pass and travelled through 7 countries in
You can read all about it on my blog: https://alexsirac.com/Europe2024

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