/kbin contribution and information for instance owners

The search form has been fixed (if you were experiencing this issue). This time, the Docker recreate may take a bit longer. Moving forward, when making changes, I will create pull requests like everyone else and ask for your review. Sorry for the inconvenience. Soon, the first tagged release will also be available. It's time to start doing things the right way.

":matrix.org" - It's the best place to get information or assistance regarding kbin instance administration.

The kbin.social instance may experience intermittent interruptions or temporary slowdowns over the next few days. We want to test certain things that are only visible at a larger scale. This will benefit all other instances as all findings will be thoroughly described and shared.

Tomorrow, I will formally hand over the server's maintenance, so the upcoming days and weeks will focus on stabilization. Until now, the experience of kbin from an administrator's perspective could be quite frustrating.

Stay tuned

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Now I really have to get back to my tasks, as I still have a lot to do today. But tomorrow morning, I will answer your questions. Cheers!

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Cheers, man! Make sure not to take too much into yourself! You've earned some rest.

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Start with these questions: How are you doing? Are you eating well?

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Nope, just drinking coffee.

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as is tradition

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Maybe you just said that by coincidence but I created a community for here: https://kbin.social/m/SouthPark

If you like the show please don't hesitate to suscribe.


I gotta say Ernest, your handling of this whole situation has been above and beyond. It feels strange because even within the open source world, this kind of feedback and transparency isn't common. I feel ver comfortable staying here for the foreseeable future. Thank you!

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@ernest You should also have an IRC room, too.

0x avatar

There's Matrix already, no need to fragment things further.

@coin@asimon.org avatar

@0x @ernest Build a bridge

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Thanks for the update @ernest, I noticed that there's quite a few pull requests piling up on codeberg that requires your attention - will you be looking to merge these soon? Particularly the ones related to SQL injection seems like a high-priority: https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/pulls


He will address the PRs, but to ensure no bad code is added, it should be reviewed + tested, especially for security related issues.
Hopefully the situation will get better very soon and ernest will have more time to review the PRs and issues and fixes will start flowing. But it's his first major open source project, which got a lot of new users, so I can't blame him for moving cautiously.

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Not to spread fear or anything, but if anyone here reuses their password from elsewhere, you may want to change it everywhere. Maybe @ernest could look through logs to see if the SQL injection has actually been exploited? I assume passwords are hashed and salted, but still...

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@clb92 From next week, significant changes in terms of security will occur. I will keep that in mind.


Are there other maintainers charged with reviewing and merging code or just @ernest?

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Next week, I also want to organize work on Codeberg.

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New Matrix space is now actually: -space:matrix.org

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Keep kicking ass dude 🤘

ElectronSoup, (edited )

I suspect /m/FuckingFascists is probably going to get kbin defederated from everywhere, which is clearly their intent :(

eta: Ugh, there's a whole slew of magazines they're using under the pretense of being roleplay kink, horrible, and definitely going to end up causing friction IMO.

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I've tried following the docker guide multiple times now but keep failing when running it at the end in relation to no var folder and no vendor/Symfony.

Is there somewhere I can get some help with this or does anyone else have a better guide?

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@ernest Great update! Thanks a lot and take care of your self!

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Thank you so much Ernest! I've bought you some coffee as well!

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Great update, keep up the good work!

symfonystation avatar

@ernest Please set aside some time to rest up. Great job and thanks for bringing Symfony to the Fediverse.


@ernest Thank you mate! Greetings from our Kbin instance :)

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Good to see that you have started a kbin instance as well, stux! Have been a fan of the way you have been doing things with your Mastodon instance!

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Cool! Just to clarify, are you handing the kbin.social instance itself off to someone else, or only the server hosting/maintenance aspects of it?

I suspect also I speak for many when I say you've done a stellar job so far of responding to an unpredictable explosive increase in users. Thank you!

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I think he means he's switching server hosts. not necessarily handing off administration of the instance.

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Yes, he's been focusing on performance and stability and almost nothing on code, he will hand over that responsibility so he can focus on code

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I imagine if he brought on another individual who'd be doing moderating/adminning he'd say who it was lol.

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Hey @ernest, I bought you a couple of coffees from your About page link and I've invited others to do the same. But is that enough? How do you handle all this traffic? Is buymeacoffe.com your only revenue source for this project? Anyway, keep up the good work and thank you for your frequent updates and open dialogue.

Nyaa, (edited )
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  • cyberian_khatru,
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    Very interesting, tl;dr it's a grant worth between €5k-€50k. I'm glad the EU is investing in online privacy and trust (in their words).

    Maestro avatar

    It has nothing to do with the EU. It's a private foundation. They used to own one of Europe's first big ISPs. They sold it and the money is now used to fund projects like kbin. See https://nlnet.nl/foundation/

    They do absolutely great work. I did a project for them a long time ago (hi Michiel Leenaars!)


    It's partially EU funded:

    NGI0 Entrust is made possible with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme, under the aegis of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology.

    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101069594.

    Maestro avatar

    I stand corrected!

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