Fedidb.org recommends to use active users stats instead of total users stats. (fedidb.org)

Fedidb.org recommends people who view their statistics on their “Threadiverse” tracking page that people should not use graphs and numbers from the total users due to the surge of bot-accounts, and should instead use the monthly active users. This puts the “Threadiverse” at 87,089. Lemmy with 37,197 and Kbin at 44,136....

Heads Up! Bots are coming. (fedidb.org)

Maybe you guys already know about the bots signup over lemmy.world. Now they are all over the lemmyverse. The top 20 fastest growing instances in the threadiverse are probably suffering from it. The top one, lemmy.podycust.co.uk, has 10k users with 7 total posts. The total user count of threadiverse is now 544k, compared to 270k...

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