Tbf same, but people should be free to get paid to eat cheese if they wish. Fuckin’ love cheese.


This is how the elite sees the rest of us: brain dead morons that must be held to task and controlled or they will fuck off.

Absolutely disgusting seeing how the only people able to fuck off and do fuck all are said abusers of capitalism


People don’t seem to understand Boris is trying to fool search engines with these articles.

When searching for “Boris Johnson cheese” you used to get articles about his illegal cheese and wine party during the pandemic. Now you get articles like this.

Whenever you see an absurd Boris Johnson article, he’s trying to push down some other story on Google.


The man out there doing search engine optimization in real life


Yeah, same with the £300 million to the NHS on the side of a bus. He then did some bizarre interview talking about how he makes model buses out of old boxes in his free time.


I was gonna say - did Boris Johnson fuck a wheel of cheese?


this can’t be a real fucking article


When Boris posts absurd articles like these, it’s usually to cover up another article and make it disappear on Google.


Boris got his cheese obsession, and Carlson got his M&M obsession

Are ALL politicians attracted to some sort of food?


Over here Reagan was obsessed with Jelly Bellys, Bill Clinton famously loved fast food in general and got pretty fat while campaigning, I don’t think Obama was actually all that obsessed with fancy mustard but half the country was obsessed with him having asked for it once. Trump has a famous addiction to McDonalds cheeseburgers and diet coke.


That’s an interesting overlap in venn diagrams; presidents and foods lol

@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar

Cheese and lard.

@empireOfLove@lemmy.one avatar

He just like me fr fr


Boris Johnson during a remote meeting:

“Stop! I wanna talk about cheese.”

@mraniki@lemmy.world avatar

Thanks for the laughs 😀


No problem. Always happy to share classic Studio C when the time is right.


Absolutely no self-respecting Londoner is accepting those pints without asking for a top-up.

For anything that is short measure, and particularly anything more than 5% short, we recommend that you ask the bar staff for an immediate top-up.

ETA: Just realized this is at Fourpure, likely when they did that stupid photo op holding empty 30L kegs to celebrate passing duty relief for beer sold in 40L packaging or greater.


They might do it outside of a photo op, but beer with a head photographs better. Plus, imagine the optics. “Greedy, drunken politicians throw a hissy fit over a scant pour during a photo op.”


A few pubs may still use glasses that are called line measures – these are slightly over-sized glasses that have a line near the top to show the level of one pint.

Interesting – these are the only kind you’ll encounter in Germany. Probably because we want the head, as no head is associated with staleness

@Obi@sopuli.xyz avatar

UK lagers are super flat with very little carbonation and they indeed serve them all the way to the top.

mrbubblesort avatar

Stupid sexy cheddar won't leave me alone

@PaupersSerenade@sh.itjust.works avatar

OK, Wallace


That’s from a year and a half ago.

chuso avatar

Yeah, I also checked the date first and I think that makes it worse because that's a statement he made when he was still the Prime Minister.

@FQQD@feddit.de avatar

i would too

cheese is more distracting than you think


Yeah, my reaction was “What a stupid argument. It’s not wrong, but it’s stupid.”


Sunak doesnt drink alcohol.


Not all pints are alcoholic

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