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A drunken gathering at the House of Moure lead to a wager, to retrieve the bible from Kirkmaiden Church one stormy night. The mutilated body of the foolhardy young McCulloch was found by the Fell of Barhullion, still called Man Wrap to this day.

Read more: https://darkgalloway.wordpress.com/2024/02/27/the-man-wrap-tree/

mythologyandhistory, to Europe
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Did you know that there's a place in that still has a system?

The dependency of is a curious place. It has no paved & are forbidden, only got the right to inherit in 1999, & the whole island is, to this day, a fiefdom.

This means the is the head, with a (seigneur here) as the executive power & the tenants (effectively liegemen) as the vassals.

Sark has to pay the a yearly 's fee.

It's £1,79.

appassionato, to books
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Dark Brilliance: The Age of Reason From Descartes to Peter the Great by Paul Strathern

During the 1600s, between the end of the Renaissance and the start of the Enlightenment, Europe lived through an era known as the Age of Reason. This was a revolutionary period which saw great advances in areas such as art, science, philosophy, political theory and economics.


historyofpunkrock, to punk
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Happy Birthday to Cynthia Leigh Wilson, singer, songwriter and founding members of new wave rock band the B-52's, born on this day in 1957, Athens, Georgia

historyofpunkrock, to punk
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Of course, some of it has already been seen several times, and there are still a few acts from other musical worls missing

historyofpunkrock, to punk
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42 years ago today
The Misfits on the opening date of their Walk Among Us tour, February 28, 1982, at Washington, D.C.’s 9:30 Club


conansysadmin, to Travel
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Mad zealots have destroyed much of this once-grand desert city, but I knew it in the time of Zenobia the Warrior Queen, when the Temple of Ba'al thrived. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/syria/palmyra.html?s=mc

historytothepeople, to writing
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One can easily travel through this dry and mountainous land, but Crom's bones, the speed of these carriages makes one's head spin. https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/morocco/fez/meknes-to-fez.html?s=mc

NewAmauta, to politics
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Today's the 51st anniversary of the Occupation of Wounded Knee (1973) when Natives took the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre for 71 days. Led by the American Indian Moveemnt (AIM) their goal was to protest broken treaties and corruption on the reservations. This key point in Red Power shows the strength of a united Native movement

Blk & Wht photo of Natives at Wounded Knee (1973)

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"While modern art, like jazz, made a point of breaking rules, the quilters in Gee’s Bend had never followed any."

For The Common Reader, Jeannette Cooperman writes about the quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama: https://commonreader.wustl.edu/c/the-black-women-of-gees-bend-work-hard-and-easy

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Lords of All the World: Ideologies of Empire in Spain, Britain and France C.1500-C.1800 by Anthony Pagden, Yale University Press 1995

The rise and fall of modern colonial empires have had a lasting impact on the development of European political theory and notions of national identity. This book is the first to compare theories of empire as they emerged in, and helped to define, the great colonial powers Spain, Britain, and France.


conansysadmin, to Travel
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This island in the wine-dark sea is one of the most beautiful in all of Korinthia. Its taverns provide carousing and debauchery for all. #travel #history https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/mykonos.html?s=mc

br00t4c, to Disney
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breton, to history
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The #Jenin Refugee Camp was established by persons coming from Haifa and whereabouts, who fled or were expelled by Zionist forces during and in the aftermath of the 1948 Palestine War.

The camp has since become a stronghold of militants. It was the location of several occupation incidents, most notably the 2002 entry by the Israel military, and the 2022 killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. It remains the site of frequent clashes between Israeli forces & the residents. 🧵


auschwitzmuseum, to Israel
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27 February 1919 | A Polish Jew, Łajb Śliwka, was born in Częstochowa. A worker.

In Auschwitz from 20 February 1942.
No. 23628
He perished in the camp on 15 March 1942.

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The realm of Korinthia includes many islands scattered in a sun-drenched wine-dark sea. Ships are plentiful and cheap, and their captains are, for the most part, honest. Much carousing and debachery await! https://cromwell-intl.com/travel/greece/ferries.html?s=mc

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Lyle, to history
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1922: The United States Department of Commerce offers "A Zoning Primer" for only five cents https://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/Legacy/BH/nbsbuildinghousing3.pdf

br00t4c, to Philippines
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Filipino History Will Finally Be Taught in Hawai'i Schools, Thanks to These Students


evelynefoerster, to history
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Supernova mystery solved: JWST reveals the fate of an iconic stellar explosion 🤓

evelynefoerster, to history
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Giant ‘bubble’ in space could be source of powerful cosmic rays 🤓

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Did you know that #Commonplace publishes reviews and review essays? Do you or someone you know have a book/DH project/play/exhibit/video game that you are interested in reviewing? Please reach out to me with a pitch or a request for a review copy. #history #histodons #dh https://commonplace.online/reviews/

auschwitzmuseum, to Israel
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27 February 1923 | Czech Jewish woman, Renata Eisnerová, was born in Prague.

She was deported to Auschwitz from Theresienstadt ghetto on 6 September 1943. She did not survive.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #Germany #otd

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