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Departed Humour: GLitcH! Printer Issues

Travel back in time to the year 2000 as I showcase a departed comic strip called GLitcH! about the frustrations of a computer printer.

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COMIC: Cookies

Haha what browser history

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I love podcasts but this made me genuinely LOL

Happy Thursday!


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These comics are made possible by my generous supporters at Patreon!

#funny #comics #webcomics

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Departed Humour: Windows Kid

Gain awareness as I give tribute to the artists works that poke fun at the world of technology in this new post series called Departed Humour.

#ThrowbackThursday #humour #humor #funny #tech

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Went to lunch with my bosses to a restaurant nearby the office. Scanned the QR code to see the menu (ugh). Noticed that the chef is apparently having a good time naming his menu items.

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I am doing another image challenge where flowers are the focus. A perfect excuse for creating more of my funky minimal flower art.

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109 frickin' degrees on this beach, my toes have learned to levitate

Black-headed Weaver, Djoudj, Senegal

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Happy Wednesday! We're halfway there!

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Mini Army Niece has discovered 'the history of the entire world, i guess' and it is adorable. :blobhaj_heart:

Her earworm of the day is:

"Hey can we go on land? No! Why? The sun is a deadly lazer! Oh, okay. Not any more. There's a blankeeet!"

And then we all laugh hysterically. 😂 😂 :blobcatsweats:

history of the entire world, i guess

#DigitalKids #Funny

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How to identify a South-East Asian - say Pookie and see how they react

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"Frog Ross" aka KBR (Kermit Bob Ross.)

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Chuck Norris enjoying the splendor of Niagara Falls.

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