And can I ask why do you give two shits what we think? Do what you love and fuck what we think… so long as it doesn’t involve secretly recording people in the bathroom or murdering people.


Fuck em lol


Yeah, people who are affected by this/think like this reaaaaally need to get off their phone.


Happns also offline. People will pifk on you for what ever thing you like. Could be software, music, phone brand, clothes, or even the beard.


Happns also offline

I think you meant Happiness is found offline


You’re doing it backwards. Don’t put your stuff out there to just anyone, like on Facebook or whatever. Find the communities around your hobbies and put your stuff out to them. Be selective online, because the signal to noise ratio is very very bad these days.

Seek your tribe, ignore the noise.


I dont get anything but Lemmy. Its the better Reddit, which I also like. Kinda only-people-of-same-interest but also more open, so new ones can join easily


So sad 🥲😭😭😭😭


Lol if I have learned on my years on this planet is to not care what other people think about me.

BananaPeal, avatar

I hear it. Off in the distance. It’s the sound of you not giving a fuck. Seek it out.


Just conform to my unspoken expectations forehead

Boozilla, avatar

Remember that people commenting on the internet are fucking losers too lazy and incompetent to accomplish anything worthwhile or pursue their dreams.

Yeah, I just kamikaze’d.

AFallingAnvil, avatar

Speak for yourself! I got off my ass, worked hard and failed!


We on the internet ain’t your bar mates ya know. Just like you to me, we’re all random ppl living our own lives on some part of this planet lol. if you think they are trampling on what you like, then fuck them lol, find a group that does care lol

They exist.


Don’t let a bunch of internet bozos convince you that your interests are bad or stupid. Some people just aren’t into the things that you are and vice versa. They don’t even know you! Fuck em!

wreckedcarzz, avatar

Lol, fuck the bitches on the internet. If I’d have listened to the losers, I wouldn’t have become a kinky gay wolf-tiger-fox on the internet. Humanity would be a lesser place without it.

Don’t let your dreams stay dreams. Fuck your local wolf boy today! (or whatever your interests are)

jkmooney avatar

No....find your you


But only if we approve of the tribe. We don’t want you pick a shit one.


Andrew tait has a whole university


You misspelled “scam”.


Scamdrew tait has a whole university

erogenouswarzone, avatar

Fuck. That was my interest.


Except if you are into nazi stuff, or human sacrifices, or violence against animals, or learning Klingon.

beefcat, avatar

hey now most of that stuff is wrong and should be shunned but i see no problem with human sacrifices

jkmooney avatar

Can we compromise and sacrifice Nazis?

Squirrel, avatar

I couldn’t say “no” in good conscience.


For those people who want to hear my interests, I made this meme regarding my music taste: I appreciate AJR, listen to Jon Bellion and think Golden Hour is a good song, all while saying that Taylor Swift is overrated (which she is; come on, listen to other artists). As a consequence, when I see that people decide that artists such as AJR, Imagine Dragons, Nickelback, and other artists are s**t and should not be listened to, I thought to myself: why?


Radioactive was so overplayed and the singer has such a distinct voice that I can’t hear that voice anymore without reflexively gagging. I was a fan back in the day but once I hit that point, I never came back from it.


I like some of those too (AJR, golden hour, imagine dragons, and nickelback), but I don’t dislike Taylor Swift either. I think calling her overrated is not a great response to how your interests are treated.

erogenouswarzone, avatar

I feel like Creed is this for me. I started really getting into it ironically, now I fucking love it unironically. My music snob friends will not even acknowledge it’s funny. Joke’s on them.


Thank you! They’re talented musicians, they absolutely fucking rock, and I love them so damn much. I immediately thought of my love for Creed when I saw this post, haha.


I also love AJR and Imagine Dragons, I think you’d enjoy The Score.

And Taylor Swift is overrated


Maybe don’t shit on other peoples music taste if you are so bothered by people doing it to you. Young women got shit on constantly for liking Taylor Swift back in 2015, because all music girls liked was lame anyways. Let them have their music and we’ll let you have yours.


art is subjective

Your opinion is no less valid than any one else’s.

RIP_Cheems, avatar

Don’t make me say some out of pocket shit


I used to get the piss taken out of me for having eclectic music taste. Fuck people. Like what you like. Ignore the haters.

You’ll find this MUCH easier the older you get.

btw I’d never heard of AJR but I like them. 👍

PunnyName, (edited )

If you claim someone is overrated, you’ve lost the plot of enjoying music.

Don’t let others tell you that your taste is shit, but also, don’t do that to others.


"People make fun of me for my musical tastes.

Also Taylor Swift is unbearable."

  • irony personified.

Nah I love ajr lol

Maoo, avatar

If you’re not listening to Bambu 24/7 don’t @ me.

Only my tastes matter. Get with the program.


I’ve never heard AJR but if you like them then they are fucking ace. I like incredibly repetitive bleepy music which makes a lot of people very angry indeed.
I also think “Shake It Off” is a banger (apart from the talking bit).
Thanks for posting this. It’s important that folks realise that taste is subjective

  1. Stop listening to or caring what other people think about your interests. They are your interests.
  2. Consider not judging people (Swifties) the same way you have been judged for yours. Taylor isn’t your vibe, that does not mean she is overrated.

Interesting! I’m a huge music fan and actually run a reasonably big promotional channel where we commonly promote future bass and trap. When I’m around others or driving with others, they don’t always appreciate the “awesome” music I enjoy, aha. Oh and I hate 99% of the pop music on the radio. I despise it. Delete it. I really feel ya


You started criticizing other people’s tastes in the back half of your comment so it’s fair game. AJR is derivative trash written by people who are obsessed with infantilizing themselves to a concerning degree. Like what you like. But what you like is d-tier, emotionally maladapted millennial pandering poopoo


I think being overrated is the defining characteristic of pop music, right? Any music where the most notable trait is that it's popular is pop music.


Ok but also I’m noticing that your meme is complaining about people criticizing what you like and your reasoning is a little of what you like and a lot of criticizing what others like. It’s awesome that you like these things, but instead of thinking of other things as overrated or shit, consider thinking of them as not to your tastes. Not worse, just not for you. It’s a good habit that if everyone followed we’d not be condemning your tastes as bad either


Over/underrated is only important if you think other people’s opinions should be a guide for your tastes.

I like Taylor Swift (her fans are crazy), Imagine Dragons, and Nickelback (a decent song so long it had to be released over multiple CDs). I also like Bryan Adam’s (how many songs can you slip 69 into). I never heard of AJR, but that’s just a good reason to try them out. Say what you will about any of them, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them.


Tbh, I wouldn’t call it my interest but I do shit quite often, about once a day. You are not alone

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