Cashew nuts are the best nut

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I’ve bene using it for 10yrs. Still just a hairy masculine homo.


They took over a UK company called that was big in the 2010s for cheap CD purchases.

Michael Cohen suggests Trump’s mounting legal fees make him ‘thoroughly compromised’: ‘He is for sale’ (

Michael Cohen — who long served as former President Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer — warned Sunday of the potential risk of sending Trump back to the White House with mounting legal fees and financial liabilities....


That’s not a divorce-level crime. It’s execution-level.


Fuck you spez!


Because it’s fucking awesome. Here’s why I used* to use it:

  • Built in email client
  • Built in RSS reader.
  • Themes and customisable UI (vertical tabs, bottom tags, tab previews, tab stacking)
  • Built in ad blocker
  • Sidebar with Mastodon, RSS, mail, translate, etc

*I use Floorp now cos I wanna support Mozilla/Firefox by upping the browser share numbers but Vivaldi is the best Chromium-based browser by far.


has donated to legislation to abolish gay marriage in California.

What an absolute fuck-head


Before displaying a page it searches the content and injects a referrer tag to the end of URLs that match certain things. This is done instantly.

E.g. If there’s a Binance URL on the page it’ll add something like ?ref=bravebrowser

Binance will pick up that tag and give them money for any sign ups. Brave do this for any crypto services they have affiliate accounts with.


Horses for courses.


I don’t see anything alt-right in your past comments.

Btw I agree with the Wayland thing. I won’t move to it until it’s perfect. X works fine for me.


The comments by septics on Biden’s age reek of ageism.

His age is irrelevant. Can he do the fucking job?


Then vote for him.

The poor bastard is destroying his retirement, health and twilight years to stop the US falling to fascism and all you can do is whine about his age?


It was Mexicans too. It’s where the “lazy Mexican sleeping in the shade” comes from.

If you’re willing to question cannabis legality maybe look at other drugs too. Coca leaves were chewed by native tribes millennia ago to help with long journeys. Kratom was used in Asia to help with long harvest days. Celts were eating shrooms millennia ago.

Humanity has a LONG history of drug use with nothing off-limits and there was no societal collapse from it. It’s the past century puritan ideals that are a serious aberration.

Did you know it’s statistically more dangerous to go horse riding than take Molly? The toilets in the UK Parliament were tested for cocaine and all tested positive. No drug should be illegal.


Trump hawks $399 branded shoes at 'Sneaker Con,' a day after a $355 million ruling against him (

As he closes in on the Republican presidential nomination, former President Donald Trump made a highly unusual stop Saturday, hawking new Trump-branded sneakers at “Sneaker Con,” a gathering that bills itself as the “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth.”...


I used to love Ubiquiti but they’re turning into cunts these days. I also heard there’s been a lot of people leave and low morale due to the enshitification of the products.

I’ve since put OpenWRT onto my ERX and ER4. Will likely put it on the UAP-LC next to get rid of it entirely.


They only harvest from sustainable phone forests. 👍

  • I want to downvote you cos I disagree.
  • But I have a policy of never downvoting unless it’s spam.
  • But you seem to be posting this to get downvotes to test the hypothesis of the OP. A downvote will help you in the long run.
  • But I disagree with you so do I wanna help you?
  • Of course I wanna help cos life is hard.
  • But I don’t do downvotes unless it’s spam…

Segmentation fault

  • Starting diet today. Calorie counting as a result.
  • Hunting for my nearest geocache later (exercise).
  • Putting some stuff for sale on Amazon if I can - not done it in years so not sure if rules have changed.
  • Fixing my openWRT router.

But right now I’m feeling a bit tired so may go to bed for an hour.


I think this is highlighting the American need to crowbar America into every conversation.

Labour MPs taking £250k bribes from Israel lobby?

“But genocide Joe!?!??!”


This reminds me of the person who posted a photo of their axolotl(?) and asked “why is he so ugly?”.

The backlash he got and the support the critter got were great!


You’re sharing a very common ignorant belief in depression. So common and ignorant I can’t be bothered to engage.

What are some of the things you haven't eaten in so long they basically don't even register as edible any more?

I’ve got a pretty severe sensitivity to – of all things – sugar. (I know, “sugar” isn’t very precise, but I’m pretty sure it’s either glucose, fructose, or sucrose.) I virtually never eat anything with added sugar or anything with any significant amount of natural sugar. And I’ve eaten that way for like 20...


Have you seen the vegans who feed their fucking cats vegan food until they die?

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