I’m honestly tired of seeing the constant Hexbear defederation posts popping up on /all from other instances’ meta communities, and now sadly our own.

The features to defederate on a per-user basis are coming: github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2397

For anyone who can’t wait, it is honestly easier to sign up on another instance who has already defederated. This is not reddit, you’re not penalised or restricted for having a brand new account somewhere. You also don’t need to type an essay if there’s an application, just prove you’re human.


Its ubiquitous for a reason. They have been nothing but trouble since they federated.

I wouldnt even mind defederating them for now and then deleting the blacklist once the instance blocking feature is added.


At this point, I feel like there might be a team of people all pushing different instances to defederate hexbear. A lot of the comments look the same in each post too. Could just be me.



You know - I’ve been thinking the same thing about water. There must be a team of people all working together to push the idea that it’s wet. Why else would so many different people all say the same thing?



You know - And magnets how TF do they work anyway?


You can’t explain that


From that pull request:

“My PR only hides communities from that instance, but not users.”

So no, it’s not defederation on a per-user basis.

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Ehhh, the fact that it comes up so often is an indicator that there’s something wrong.

The issues that cause people to make these posts (if you look at the content of the posts and assume they’re made in good faith) are consistently about the behavior of the people from hexbear.

Since the instance literally has discussions about disrupting other instances communities, I don’t think it’s at all strange to see a ton of calls for defederation.

There’s what, three apps that let you filter instances? Considering that solution is very limited (and doesn’t actually prevent the disruption intended by the bad actors that use hexbear), trying to say that the “real” solution is to uproot yourself, migrate via the migration tools, and hope that’s the end of it isn’t useful.

Calls for defederation are part of lemmy. It just is the ultimate solution to an instance being a problem. The fact that it’s currently the only instance wide way to prevent disruption from another instance just reinforces the reason the ability is there in the first place.

Per user defederation will be wonderful once it arrives, but it’s only useful when the instance you’re on chooses not to defederate from a disruptive instance and you can’t/won’t move away.

As boring as it is to see defederation calls, they aren’t going away.

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PopOfAfrica, (edited )

Keep em coming, let it serve as a monument to the 4Chan like behavior of hexbear.

@Maoo@hexbear.net avatar

This person definitely knows what 4chan geta up to


To them, mild disagreement from a few people is equivalent to doxxing, years-long harassment campaigns, and mass shootings.

@WoofWoof91@hexbear.net avatar

ok nerd



No u

PopOfAfrica, (edited )

I reported a hexbear harasser to a hexbear mod… thought I was reporting it here but they are hitting me in multiple threads so I lost track of which one I reported to.

Then the mod harassed me in DMs. Sounds about right.

Then they posted to main hexbear my report and name so Im Lilley going to be harassed more.

Im a pretty patient dude, but Im going to have to delete my account if we don’t do something soon @jonah

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WhyEssEff, (edited )
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@AOCapitulator@hexbear.net avatar

Literally never seen a post from this instance, or a user until now, bubye


You can block any instance you like. Super easy to do so. Just click block instance and it’s like you didn’t even need to post this!


No, you can block any community. That does not block every sub community, and it still displays the instances user comments across other communities.

I think only a couple of apps have instance blocking until of is added protocol side by the Lemmy Devs.


You can block instances too. That’s why I said block instances. Are you having a hard time reading?


@YeetPics@mander.xyz avatar

Nice and abrasive, you’d make a classic hexbear.


I am my own hexbear. The hexbear is inside of us all.


Like I said, it is app dependant. which are you using?




I use Connect too; it’s great. But you should know that “block instance” is unique to Connect, and not Lemmy-wide feature.


You should probably stop to consider the function you are talking about is specific to the app you are using, that is not a feature that lemmy overall supports currently, unfortunately. So if you’re going to berate others for not understanding the services that let me offers, you might want to brush up first instead of looking like an asshole.


Maybe we shouldn’t defederate because a user has an app preference and a feature preference that don’t match up?

If an app doesn’t have a feature you like, try an app that has a feature you like. There’s lots to choose from. In fact, there’s the web interface itself, and the ability to write your own scripts, too.

@Heavybell@lemmy.world avatar

I don’t get it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post from hexbear, only posts about defederating them. What’s different about my experience that stops me seeing their posts without any action on my part?


Your instance (lemmy.world) has already defederated from them, so you cannot see anything from them. The instance this post is on, lemmy.one, is federated and their users can see posts and comments from them.

@jordanlund@lemmy.one avatar

I remember lemmy.world got a bunch of heat for defederating from them pre-emptively, but it seems like it was a good call at this point.

Bad faith arguments and sealioning abound from their users and it seems the whole instance is just designed to encourage it.


TIL of sealioning.


You guys at Lemmy.world are lucky you are defederatedfrom them. They are out in full force on this thread.


“Everyone who disagrees with me is Sealioning!” Its a ridiculous concept and i take exception to the suggestion that we are debate nerds, or civil. What evidence does anyone ever present in an internet debate beyond a news article or a wikipedia entry? Its become apparent that the people who write in those mediums are no more diligent with their research than anyone else. There are no consequences for laziness. Reputations no longer mean anything to media firms. They have monopoly power, they can print rubbish and continue to hold their audience. To truly examine any evidence requires questioning all assumptions and no one who spends their time arguing with strangers on the internet is going to be that committed. Apparently asking for evidence and and pointing out its flaws makes you a troll.

@Melody@lemmy.one avatar

I will also place my support for defederation of Hexbear.

Our rule #4 clearly states: (emphasis mine)

No harassment, dogpiling or doxxing of other users.

Every one of you hexbear users AND users of remote instances who are here harrassing and arguing with OP about their views is doing just that. Dogpiling.

In a meta thread that hasn’t much place. Instead of trying to discredit the user proposing the defederation; maybe try proving you folks can play by our rules. Yes; Jonah does permit a variety of viewpoints. If you can stay within our ruleset.

as always I leave it up to you to review their behavior(s) @jonah and decide if defederation is an appropriate action. But the action of the several hexbear users who have replied before this comment have not inspired my faith in them to behave.


Every one of you hexbear users AND users of remote instances who are here harrassing and arguing with OP about their views is doing just that. Dogpiling.

Realistically, how is one of the most active instances supposed to interact with any community without coming across as dogpiling? It can kinda work if you all share similar political viewpoints but when it comes to politics there is literally no way to avoid dogpiling by your definition.

@BurgerPunk@hexbear.net avatar

Can you please explain your invention of “democratic” communism before you defed?

I’ve asked and you’ve never explained it to me


I’m for defederation at least until instance blocking is available. I’ve already blocked most of their communities from my feed, but comments have been really unpleasant since they federated.

It’s not really about the ideology as much as not wanting to have to scroll past endless political bickering. Rage addiction is real and contagious.


Every fucking thread on the front page is about communism. Don’t you guys have anything else to talk about?

@YeetPics@mander.xyz avatar

Yes, they love to talk about how their governments failing are the fault of everyone else, and if you have anything even slightly judgemental to say about their bullshit they scream at you about propaganda and how skinny/limp their dicks are (idk about the last part, I zoned out last time I saw one of them having a fit).

@SeventyTwoTrillion@hexbear.net avatar

Yes, they love to talk about how their governments failing are the fault of everyone else

Alright, here’s a fun experiment we should try: you know what America did to North Korea? Let’s allow, say, China, do the same thing to America. That includes:

  • Destroy almost literally every single building in the country, including factories, hospitals, and schools.
  • Kill 15-20% of the entire American population.
  • Destroying all the irrigation dams and other structures so that farming is made incredibly difficult.
  • Bombard the country with so many bombs that the people are forced to live underground and only farm at night.

I think this will be a fair experiment to see if American capitalism can compare with socialism when the rubber meets the road.

@AOCapitulator@hexbear.net avatar

Yes, they love to talk about how their governments failing are the fault of everyone else,

Yes, I am american how did you know


The username for starters, not many edgelords trying to put other countries politicians in their usernames.

@ButtBidet@hexbear.net avatar

Like honestly we have spaces for mental health, tech, movies, news, chat, veganism, and COVID. Also we host movie nights which are pretty rad.

I really have nothing against people with more normie interests like football, TV, Marvel, etc. It’s just not super popular at our end.



@iridaniotter@hexbear.net avatar

Hexchan and onekun? 🥺


I compared them to 4chan and got so many russeled jimmies… It’s so weird how the extreme toxic incels on either extreme side of the political spectrum are basically the same ethos.


That’s because it’s not a line, it’s a circle. Go off one side, come back on the other.

@CARCOSA@hexbear.net avatar

Hexchan 🤝 Leftypol

Just kidding they brigade us or wait do we brigade them?!?!

@VHS@hexbear.net avatar

i understand that our level of activity tends to overwhelm smaller instances, but what others call “brigading” is literally just us clicking on what’s on the front page.


That is a lie you want other people to believe. But your main activity back in your safespace is pointing out threads and posts marked for brigading (or “dunking” as you call it).


This is not true. Brigading is when there’s a post on Hexbear that links back to a specific post or comment on another instance, and Hexbears follow that posted link to interact. This happens all the time, I’m looking at Hexbears front page right now and there’s several links back to sh.itjust.works.


And some of those links actively encouraging hexbear users to brigade.


You’re on a link aggregator platform and you are annoyed because people are aggregating links?


Linking internally is definitely not the point, and I’m not annoyed, just pointing out that you can watch the brigading happen in realtime, so claiming that brigading isn’t happening is gaslighting.


This isn’t reddit, linking between instances is how this platform works. There are users who might only be federated with the instance where a link is posted and not the instance where the original post is.

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