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Bernie Sanders says President Biden will win in 2024 if he runs on a "strong progressive agenda" (www.cbsnews.com)

With the 2024 presidential race beginning to unfold, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said he believes that President Joe Biden will again earn the Democratic nomination — and the president likely win reelection if he runs on a strong progressive campaign....


I honestly don’t consider a country a democracy is a candidate goes unopposed for a primary due to party’s handwringing. Heck, I consider last primary. By the time I got to vote Bernie had already dropped out and there was only one option.

PopOfAfrica, (edited )

On just one of those, because imo climate is the biggest problem right now, I think there is tons more he needs to do. We are to the point where a climate emergency needs to be instated and drastic measures need to be taken. Im talking no oversight emergencies power and regulations to industry.

We all work in different industries and could run off tons of idea per industry that could reduce emissions. Heres what could be done for tech, for example.

Mandated long 10 year support cycles on consumer goods, reparability, phasing into RISC based architectures to reduce energy consumption with a governmentally backed x86 compatibility layer funded by tax dollars to insure compatibility.

Reduce server loads by banning digital ads and tracking protocols, as well as creating site standards that reduce bloat.

Heck, incentives for work from home would drastically cut our vehicle emissions.

Im sure we all could do what I did for every single industry with even greater depth. We need a no oversight emergency commision to do just that and insights it.


Reminder that a used phone with a nonstock rom is more environmentally conscious.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Some other bloke skipped the first step, which is why the used phone makes sense.


Thats actually pretty great.


We are on a sub. I think fairphone is a good thing, but typically people are here because they are techie and can do a Rom swap.

PopOfAfrica, (edited )

You cut our the part where the commenter equated libertarianism to pedophilia, which as I said, was exemplary of hexbear behavior.


Here is another where I was called a Nazi despite my left leaning nature. This isnt a political request. Lemmy.ml is quite pleasant.

Hexbear is just behaving in a toxic manner.


You seem to just ignore that these reasonable and measured statements were a response to harassment, of which Ive gotten plenty from hexbear.

Your Image cuts out the interplay of “you all harass me”, proceeded by harassment, and then “this is what Im talking about”

PopOfAfrica, (edited )

Ill just leave my link attached. I think it speaks for itself, and the degradation in the quality of Lemmy as a whole.

Not to be dramatic, because I quite like lemmy.one, but I’m going to have to swap to an instance that has defederated until we are given instance wide blocking. Ill return once its implemented though if we don’t otherwise defederate first.


What do you mean by where’s the lie? That libertarianism is pedophilia?

Elaborate if I misread


Thats what Im taking about. You arent helping your point. And you are now in my community, so if we are in agreement, then you can stop commenting here while we engage in healthy. discourse.

This has nothing do with politics. As your image helpfully shows, Im a libertarian communist. Our ideals are quite close.

But, as I posted, hexbear behavior is unbecoming and unwelcoming. That’s why hexbear should be defederated, as that is the culture there most unfortunately.


Thank you BTW, but do you not think this level of vitriol from the other user is not justified. I did not say anything remotely worth that immediate harassment.

Thats kind of the point of this post. Hexbear has rightly become maligned because this is how every single conversation goes.

If I, a politically friendly person is met with that much hostility, then how do you expect hexbear to behave across Lemmy as a whole?

PopOfAfrica, (edited )

Jonah, I just point this comment to you. Perhaps you disagree, but this isnt a healthy discourse. I know they arent hexbear, but they do speak to what they bring to the table.


Agreed. Thats where Im at. I do think something has to be done in the meantime however.


I stand by Lemmy.ones belief in allowing conflicting values. Thats why im here. Hexbear can be as communist as it wants. I too an a communist.

What is not OK is the toxicity of hexbear. It degrades the experience.

PopOfAfrica, (edited )

Keep em coming, let it serve as a monument to the 4Chan like behavior of hexbear.


Its ubiquitous for a reason. They have been nothing but trouble since they federated.

I wouldnt even mind defederating them for now and then deleting the blacklist once the instance blocking feature is added.


I think it is worth noting, at least as far as political Compass theory is concerned, that the top and bottom left ends of the spectrum are just as polarized as the right and left end. I personally dont believe communism and authoritarianism is mutually exclusive. Im a libertarian communist. Read as Small government communism.


At least with the political compass, libertarianism is simply the southern two quadrants.

Not that it has anything to do with this comment, just wanted to clarify that the notion of “western libertarians” is likely a misunderstanding.


Its a descriptive tool. As such, its is both as meaningful and arbitrary. As all other made up words and concepts.

I think the important part is that it helped explain my ideology in less words than a drawn out online screed


No, you can block any community. That does not block every sub community, and it still displays the instances user comments across other communities.

I think only a couple of apps have instance blocking until of is added protocol side by the Lemmy Devs.


Like I said, it is app dependant. which are you using?


You guys at Lemmy.world are lucky you are defederatedfrom them. They are out in full force on this thread.


Why on Earth would I dignify that comment?

PopOfAfrica, (edited )

I reported a hexbear harasser to a hexbear mod… thought I was reporting it here but they are hitting me in multiple threads so I lost track of which one I reported to.

Then the mod harassed me in DMs. Sounds about right.

Then they posted to main hexbear my report and name so Im Lilley going to be harassed more.

Im a pretty patient dude, but Im going to have to delete my account if we don’t do something soon @jonah


Yes Sir, straight from the windows media creator tool

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