"Parental rights" politics only ever vector towards conservative values.

It's never about a parents rights to not have their child pressured to participate in religious ceremonies, for example.

It's not about a parents rights to have their child identified with chosen pronouns -- no, if that happens the school can step in and veto the parents' rights in favor of a conservative teacher's "sincerely held religious beliefs" that are neither sincere nor religious.

It's never about a parents rights to have their children taught only state-of-the-art science rather than backwards nonsense.

It's not about parents rights to not have their children exposed to industry propeganda in public schools.

It's only ever about the right to slowly convert public schools into state-funded Christian Madrasas. That's the end goal.



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Kobach can go duck himself with a cactus.


Party of small government


Florida already does this with the whole don’t say gay law, not that big a surprise other pieces of shit will follow.


The next republican nominee for governor everybody.

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This asshat lost to a Democrat last time he tried.


Yeah, but other than this he’s been laying low. Lots of people will think “it wasn’t really that bad when he was previously AG”.

Narrators voice: it was that bad

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Yeah, but the state voted for Trump so who the fuck knows what they are going to do next time.


Shithole state


Can confirm. Lived there for ~12 years.


Shithole country

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