What news sources can I trust?

After watching the documentary “JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick”, I’ve just learned about Operation Mockingbird, and I don’t know what I can trust anymore. I already distrusted mainstream media because of how one-sided they became when covering the news about the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but after learning the CIA bought their way into every relevant news source, I just don’t know what I can believe anymore. Not every event is as relevant as JFK’s assassination or 9/11, so they don’t have people going to such lengths to fact-check every detail. And if media outlets make it a habit to mix truth with lies, how can anyone ever figure out what is truth and what isn’t on the daily events?


So you’re sounding like a conspiracy theorist! Media is biased, sure, but very few are being sued for actively spreading misinformation and lies. You can downplay biases by reading a few different articles and thinking critically. If every major news network, government agency, and expert is saying the same thing, it’s true.


Nobody cares about JFK that was a really long time ago. But it is good to note that family is scum

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Given that OP is a Russian anti-masker, I'd imagine you'd enjoy Infowars or Russia Today.


But I don’t want to exchange US propaganda for Russian one. I would prefer a way to know who exactly funds each news source, but that’s probably not something they make public so I don’t think there is a website where I can see that easily.

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You already believe Russian propaganda. Almost exclusively, in fact. You aren't going to trust any sources anyone posts that don't confirm your red-fascist "campist" bias. This is, in fact, a stupid question, because it's a question you aren't going to like any answer for.


Can you tell me what Russian propaganda I believe in? I try to watch only independent sources.

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Literally 14 minutes ago you posted a news article sucking Putin's dick. Couple days ago you posted anti-mask propaganda clamouring to but Anthony Fauci in prison. You are actively rooting for an invading imperialistic force with genocidal intentions because "at least it isn't NATO". You are an idiot.

You may not consider yourself a fascist, but when it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. You share effectively all active positions with an American christofascist. This is because you're a "campist"; basically a political contrarian who uncritically absorbs information entirely on the basis that "if it's not US propaganda it must be good", which means taking in a lot of fascist shit, such as essentially everything posted by the """independent sources""" (translator's note: cryptofascist sources) you seem to idolize.

This very post is extremely telling, because you clearly don't have any actual moral compass of your own. You're posting here looking for "news sources you can trust" because you just aren't psychologically capable of discerning right from wrong on your own. That is, at bare minimum, troubling.

My advice is to focus on building a rapport with your local community and centering yourself on core values, deciding what is and isn't acceptable to you, and then using a strong moral framework to sift through information like a normal person. if that doesn't work, unironically kill yourself before you end up helping Russians put trans people in a mass grave somewhere.

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Dude, not fucking cool.

You don’t throw that “kill yourself” shit around like that. It’s bullshit, and you know it’s bullshit.

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I don't particularly value the lives of fascists or fascist allies.

Veritas, (edited )

if that doesn’t work, unironically kill yourself before you end up helping Russians put trans people in a mass grave somewhere.

— MonsieurHedge@kbin.social

I’ll try to forget all this. I won’t take advice from someone who goes around telling people to kill themselves.

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