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We all know that social media is falling apart. Please sign up for free email delivery of new posts to my blog, Media Nation. Just go to the website, scroll down the right-hand side and hit "Subscribe." For you old-school types, RSS works too. https://dankennedy.net

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Alleged Heath Street gang member admits he lied on a Covid small-business loan application

#Boston #crime #Covid19 #JamaicaPlain

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News -- Gong Cha to open locations in Boston's West End/Beacon Hill and at South Station. https://bostonrestaurants.blogspot.com/2024/05/gong-cha-to-open-locations-in-bostons.html

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This weekend of May 17th-19th, what's going on, ? What's the can't-miss event(s) you hope to enjoy?

(The Thread 1/?)

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🌞 Good morning! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 56F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

The first humanitarian supplies delivered from a floating pier built by the US military entered Gaza today.

In Indiana, a judge ruled that are "Mexican style sandwiches," clearing the way for a taqueria to open.

in 2004, the first legal same-sex marriages in the US happened in Massachusetts, the first state to make equal marriage law.

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And looking forward to tomorrow, here's our big list of Pride events, with some this week and continuing throughout June.

If you know about a -area event you don't see here, let me know, we are updating this list all month.


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Enjoyed the listening session this evening at the MIT Spatial Sound Lab: Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”, in quadraphonic surround.

#Boston #Cambridge #MIT

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Older Adults ❤️ Fun Group Exercise! ️

😅Check out my strength class at the Malden Senior Center! These rockstars, ages 65-95 prove that age is just a number when it comes to having fun and staying strong.

🥊Combat isolation
✅Healthy Aging
👏🏽Social Connection


💪🏾No matter your age or ability, YOU can get moving!

#MoveInMay #PhysicalActivity #fitness #exercise #seniorcare #health #mentalhealth #fun #workout #healthequity #inclusion #boston #seniorfitness #aging #strengthtraining


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Opening alert -- Spring Shanghai Pan-Fried Buns has opened in the Fenway. https://bostonrestaurants.blogspot.com/2024/05/spring-shanghai-pan-fried-buns-opens-in.html

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Open Newbury to start June 30: Ten Sundays in a row with no cars on Newbury Street, with two additional Sundays planned for December

#Boston #BackBay #CarFree

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🌞 Hello #fediverse! This is GBH #News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 56F at Logan Airport and visibility is 3mi.

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the way the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is financed, a win for the watchdog agency.

Renters rallied at the Mass. State House for rent control and a higher minimum wage.

A kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, speaking in a commencement address, panned checks notes women working outside the home, LGBTQ people, and IVF.

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#Massport names guy who says he doesn't want the job as one of two finalists for CEO https://www.universalhub.com/2024/massport-names-guy-who-says-he-doesnt-want-job-one


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Vaguely sick so randomly browsing Wikipedia and so I discovered the WASPiest Boston Brahmin ever, Rev. Paul Revere Frothingham. I am not sure who wrote this mini-biography (it reads like a contemporary obituary?), but it's hilarious, e.g. "He rejoiced to live in a creative and prophetic time, and in manly, rational, wholesome fashion he dedicated his life to certain compelling ideals."



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License plate that sparked massive fire and police response to Fort Point Channel turned out to be just a license plate, not a harbinger of a vehicle disaster

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Jamaica Plain coffeehouse gets new owners, new name and maybe new wine

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🗣️This National Police Week, I want to take a moment to recognize the incredible men and women who wear the badge.

🤝🏽 Thank you for your service and we appreciate you more than words can say.

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Readville residents sue to block demolition of former library for apartments

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🌞 Hello ! This is GBH bringing you the world from . It's 69F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10mi.

The managed to stay in it by winning Game 5 and staving off elimination in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Trump and Biden agreed to their first debate in June.

Pentagon leaker Jack Teixeira could face new charges after hearing in military courtroom at Hanscom yesterday.

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