HeyeBodo, to ravenloft German
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It‘s Birthdaychristmas - managed to buy five complete TSR era boxed sets ( and ) plus a pile of fragmented setting material on eBay for 170 EUR which is a good price since some of the English language 2nd ed material is hard to come by in Germany. Boxes were sent to my partner‘s flat since I’m in Italy right now. Best thing: my gf recorded a long unboxing video for me, so that curious me could check how complete the treasure was I found on the internet 😍

Dark Sun boxed set most metal ever

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The Green Knight Queen – Shadowdark Gloaming Session 29 Lazy GM Prep: SlyFlourish YouTube Video


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RPG tip: Mix up battles with several smaller foes and fewer large foes.

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please help Evel! xen is , , , exhausted, and has a family to support. xen is fundraising for their monthly bills and housing. anything helps!



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hey spell casters, dungeon delvers, and adventurers

what's your favorite d&d class, any edition? #dnd #ttrpg

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I had this great idea for my homebrew campaign I totally want to share and get input on except I'm followed by players everywhere! (not a bad thing, I love my players)

The discord server I talk about TTRPG stuff in is my crafting server I run, and several players are in that one, lmao

And several players follow me here.

I have no where to scream about the thing!

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Your characters draw ire from a source they did not anticipated.

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folks: I'm looking for a good supply of maps that would work for a long-forgotten city in a steaming jungle. I really just want the maps - I can make a normal dungeon map myself, but I'm less confident in above-ground ruined cities.
Any suggestions? I'm looking at Ruins of Adventure and Dwellers of the Forbidden City (gonna grab the pdfs online) but if you can think of anything that fits the bill please let me know!

rorystarr, (edited ) to story
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If you want to play this yourself you can purchase it here:


[Also, since it is sometimes unclear--I just play the games. This is not my game nor do I have any relationship to the creators.]

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RPG tip from the archive: Make quick legendary creatures with three legendary resistances and three legendary actions per round with their most appropriate single attack and a non-provoking move.

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Guess what?


Fully Automated RPG is now available for "purchase" on DriveThruRPG!


If you haven't yet had a look, check us out now! The book is free as in speech, and free as in beer! And if you like what you see, please rate us, review us, and tell your friends! (or foes!)

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Seems that has a big 60% of their cities bundle! A great clone. I really need to check these out. https://bit.ly/3KbwEeq

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I am starting to believe that our DM has got it in for us :'(

#Gaming #Gamers #TTRPG #ttrpgcommunity

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RPG tip from the archive: Use the right background music for relaxation, suspense, and combat.

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It's D&D night and I am, once again (surprise surprise) back at the RP Haven 🥰

Don't worry, I have washed the Dungeon Alchemist t-shirt since yesterday 😂

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Tracking Abstract Combat: SlyFlouirish.com Article from the Archive


slyflourish, to DnD
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Character Faction Tips – Lazy GM Tip: SlyFlourish YouTube Video


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RPG tip: Roll up treasure horde parcels and jot them down in your notes. Distribute them when it makes sense.

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Sketch for Sargolis italian edition, the inscription reads "blessed by the gods, flower city, to the true life may you raise eternal" (italian written in fake cuneiform)

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@gonzohistory had a great idea in one of his last few podcase episodes: a game of Lexicon where the players create a fantasy bestiary as a handout for players.

That sounds like something I might want to try. You could integrate this with a game of or so, where players get some extra xp or something for bestiary entries.



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