Wen, to UKpolitics
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Jail for holding a placard? Protest over the climate crisis is being brutally suppressed


Not only jailed for peaceful protest, but also now facing being struck off by the GMC. The state is working hard to suppress protest in all of its forms in the UK. We have been warned, ignore these signs at your peril.

ChrisMayLA6, to politics
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The danger, as Natasha Walter sets out here, is that not only is the repression of protest bad in itself for democracy, it acts to polarise politics - whether this is a cause or effect of recent politics is an interesting issue, but the prosecution of those who peacefully protest punishes the relatively moderate.

The reframing of peaceful protester as violent extremists leaves the field or protest open to real (and really) violent extremists.

#protest #politics

jensorensen, to college
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Latest comic: If media talked about the donor class the way it talks about college students

tagesschau, to berlin German
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Proteste nach Auflösung von "Palästina-Kongress" in Berlin

Am Freitag hatte die Polizei einen "Palästina-Kongress" in Berlin aufgelöst. Bundesinnenministerin Faeser lobte das Vorgehen. Die Veranstalter kritisierten die Polizei wiederum scharf - Hunderte gingen auf die Straße.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/regional/berlin/proteste-palaestina-kongress-berlin-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

#Berlin #Protest #Nahost

remixtures, to uk Portuguese
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: "Trudi Warner is, in many ways, an unlikely rebel. The 69-year-old former child mental health social worker is, in her retirement, a keen organic grower, and she spent part of last year looking after sheep on the Isle of Eigg.

She is also worried stiff by the threat of climate change, and—after the resounding European Court of Human Rights verdict against the government of Switzerland this week—who’s to say she’s wrong?

Her concern about the climate crisis and how to draw attention to it has led to the prospect of being sent to jail. She is being prosecuted by the attorney general for, as we shall see, telling an accepted truth, or, as the authorities would put it, contempt of court. Her crime, if that’s what it is, was to tell the truth in the wrong place—on a pavement outside the Inner London Crown Court."


jobo, to random German
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Die Ampel-Regierung gängelte ihn mit #Koalitionsvereinbarungen und verbindlichen Ressortzielen, jetzt sieht sich Verkehrs-Aktivist Volker #Wissing zum äußersten #Protest gezwungen.
Mit einer Autobahnblockade greift der Bundesverkehrsminister zu einer ungewöhnlichen Maßnahme, um auf den Verkehrs-Notstand im Land aufmerksam zu machen. Dabei wolle er an politische Zwänge, wie ein allgemeines Tempolimit oder autofreie Wochenenden, nicht einmal denken.

tomstoneham, to random
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It is important to be clear that this is about not harassment. Journalists regularly - and literally - harass politicians (and others) at their own homes. They are not arrested under Section 42 (afaik).

And the emotive language of 'home' is being used to protect here but attack when it comes to the harassment Angela Raynor.(*)

(*) Trawling through old social media posts to try to work out the details of someone's personal life and living arrangements.


djcomatose, to community

SCE Community Meeting this Wednesday April 10, 2024

Show up to Protest Rate Increase.

"2:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. at Recreation Park Community Center, 4900 E. 7th St., Long Beach CA 90804.

For complete information regarding the Public Participation Hearings" https://www.sce.com/sites/default/files/custom-files/PDF_Files/LLN24-001%20A.23-05-010%20(SCE%202025%20GRC)%20Ruling%20Noticing%20In-Person%20PPH.pdf

Thank you for Listening. 🔥🧊☯️

#Wednesday #Electricity #Community #LongBeach #SCE #SouthernCalifornia #Edison #Meeting #Protest #California #usa #uspolitics #Wildfires #CorporatePriceGouging #Monopolies #Utilities 💸 💰

JugglingWithEggs, to random
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Many find themselves conflicted by the notion of peaceful outside of politician’s homes.

I reframe it by looking at how the media/paparazzi have doorstepped famous people and politicians for decades now.

Because apparently there is an ethical difference between doing it to get a ‘scoop’ on what someone is wearing this season and begging for children to stop being murdered.


tagesschau, to Israel German
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Zehntausende erinnern bei Demonstration an Schicksal der Geiseln

Sechs Monate nach dem Überfall der Terrororganisation Hamas auf Israel sind in Jerusalem erneut Zehntausende Menschen auf die Straße gegangen. Sie forderten einen erneuten Deal zur Freilassung der noch über 100 Geiseln im Gazastreifen.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/asien/jerusalem-protest-geiseln-100.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

appassionato, to Israel
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Protests in Cyprus – ‘stop funding genocide’


micchiato, to random
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ApaulD, to climate
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This poor bloke is chronically starved due to habitat destruction & fragmentation. Koalas, once widespread, are now endangered.
Thank you amazing animal rescue people 🙏
#climate #climatechange
#climatecrisis #environment
#ecology #habitat #extinction
#forest #ocean #soil #trees #science
#protest #activism
#politics #auspol #australia

micchiato, to Canada
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wearepeace, to Flowers
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annaelbe, to random German
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Heute waren die Feierlichkeiten zur Revitalisierung des Elbtowers.
Auf dem feierlich entrollten Plakat ist gut zu erkennen, dass die bereits entstandenen 1000 qm einer wertvollen - da gemeinschaftlich-sozialen - Nutzung zugeführt werden sollen...

stux, to climate
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@gretathunberg arrested at Hague climate #protest

Swedish #climate activist Greta Thunberg has been arrested by #Dutch police at a protest in The Hague.

The 21-year-old joined hundreds of protesters in a march against fossil fuel subsidies on Saturday.

The protest devolved into a standoff as dozens of police officers, some on horseback, attempted to stop protesters from blocking a main road.



metaphil, to random German
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Hey , am 20.4. (Hitlers Geburtstag!!) will die niedersächsische sogenannte AfD in (in d. Nähe von Celle) ihren . Eine Gegendemo ist angemeldet! :antifa:

Eine Freundin organisiert eine Anreise per Bus von Bremen aus, Kosten hin und zurück ca. 20€ (Soli-Topf möglich).

Details + Kontakt gerne per Direktnachricht und danach verschlüsselt.

zaansverzet, to Palestine Dutch
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NewsDesk, to iran
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After Iranian journalist Pouria Zeraati was stabbed in London last week, British police say three people suspected of carrying out the attack fled the country hours later. Zeraati works for Iran International, a critical source of news for Iranians during the 2022 anti-government protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody. He has since been released from the hospital and is recovering under Met police protection. Read more from CBS News.


#Iran #London #Journalism #Protest

SteveThompson, to Israel
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"Police, protesters scuffle outside PM’s home as anti-government rally turns chaotic"


"Daughter-in-law of hostage dragged by police outside Netanyahu's private home; police arrest five demonstrators during scattered marches throughout Jerusalem."

micchiato, to Columbia
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#Columbia just unveiled a bust of Ida B Wells. It makes me angry that these institutions get to honor the dead for being ‘outspoken and courageous’ while attempting to suppress the courageous speech and actions of the living” #humanrights #history #protest #education

SteveThompson, to random
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"In New Jersey, a flag-waving Jewish community faces down a pro-Palestinian protest"


"Hundreds from the local Jewish community came streaming down the mains street of Teaneck, New Jersey, clad in Israeli flags to meet pro-Palestinian protesters."

#Teaneck #NJ #protest

ai6yr, to Arizona
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"The proposal would make it a class 6 felony for a pedestrian to interfere with traffic on any bridge, tunnel or highway with more than 25 people or cars on it, or any roadway that leads to an airport if they don’t have legal permission to do so and have already been given a warning. " https://www.tucsonsentinel.com/local/report/040224_highway_protests/fate-bill-making-it-felony-protesters-block-az-highways-hobbs-hands/

#arizona #protest #firstamendment #traffic #law

MikeDunnAuthor, to Mexico
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Today in Labor History April 2, 1903: Mexican police fired on more than 10,000 protestors, killing 15 and wounding many more. People had been protesting the reelection of General Bernardo Reyes as governor of Nuevo Leon, who was aligned with Mexico's brutal dictator, Porfirio Diaz.

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