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, April 13, 1970, the NASA Mission Control Center received a radio communication from Apollo 13 astronauts John "Jack" Swigert and Jim Lovell: “Uh, Houston, we’ve had a problem.” (depicted in Apollo 13, 1995)

An astronaut with a red alarm light on his face. He’s saying, “Houston, we have a problem.”

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Shit i've been watching...

Savage Three, 1975 - ★★★

Watched on Sunday April 14, 2024.

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These two photos from the collection of the LOOK Magazine Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress are notable not just for their composition but also that they were taken by a young Stanley Kubrick.

Kubrick had sold LOOK a few photographs while he was still in high school in New York City, later becoming a full-time staff photographer. These photos, available on Flickr Commons, were taken when he was 18 or 19.

Black and white photograph of two adults--the woman in shorts and a t-shirt, the man in shiny briefs--kneeling before a small chin up bar on which a baby in diapers appears to be doing a chin-up.

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"Netflix is overhauling the way it pays its top executives after shareholders rejected its CEO pay earlier this year … but co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters are still in line for big paydays next yar.

The company said Friday that it had approved target compensation packages worth $40 million for Sarandos and Peters for 2024."

Wow, seems like way too much money but okay.

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Evening falls… You'd like to watch a movie, but can't decide what movie…

I've got you covered, with 944 short film reviews, and counting…

#film #films #movie #movies #review #reviews #cinema #cinemastodon #letterboxd

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Sea Outcasts

Życie ludów Sama, Bajau i Tausug, a także pionierskich hodowców krabów z Zatoki Manilskiej. Ich historie ujawniają genialne sposoby, w jakie przystosowali się do życia na wodzie. To porywająca eksploracja przetrwania, kulturowej żywotności i głęboko zakorzenionego związku między tymi społecznościami a ich środowiskiem. #Azja #Filipiny #film #dokument #SeaOutcasts #społeczeństwo #SeaPeople

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Oh, in der ZDF gibt es "Haben Sie das von den Morgans gehört?" mit Sarah Jessica Parker & Hugh Grant. Den guck ich jetzt.

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'The film has been described by some baffled early viewers as a mix of “Ayn Rand, Metropolis, and Caligula.” Others have offered briefer notes, calling the project “unflinching in how batshit it is.”' #film #literature #coppola #megalopolis #hesse #graeber #marxism

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Two people sit on a bench next to a fearless squirrel.

Probably my second best film photo of my 'career.'

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Noise is serious shit, a film by Hilman Fathoni (documentary film about noise music, Indonesia, 60 mins, original with English subtitles).
FILM SCREENING 17.04.2024 18:00
PRESENTED BY Cedrik Fermont and Ranav Adhikari
FREE ENTRY Donations welcome
ACCESS Our space is accessible by wheelchair
DISCUSSION with Dea Karina.

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Back To Black: Five reasons Amy Winehouse was loved by the LGBTQ+ community

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Q&A: 'Civil War' director Alex Garland on why writing female leads is less boring than writing for men

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Is 2015's The Big Short a masterpiece? To discuss that further, here's Margot Robbie in a bubble bath. Find out what @lordof1 and I thought in

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Woody Allen's : The "wonderfully wealthy" businessman as a sociopath

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Olive Thomas (October 20, 1894 – September 10, 1920) was an American silent-film actress, art model, and photo model.

Wikipedia link:

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'She's so good at this': Stormy Daniels issues Trump burn on eve of hush money trial

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Guess Which Rapper Is About to Be In A Film With Spike Lee and Denzel Washington

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Je sors de salle. J'ai vu le dernier film de Léa Pool, cinéaste québécoise d'origine suisse. Film émouvant où l'on suit Jean Létourneau, un type sans histoire qui n'a plus le goût de vivre. Sur un coup de tête, il part à l'étranger, dans une ville défigurée par la guerre, au bord de la mer, en Europe.
L'acteur Sébastien Ricard est fabuleux dans ce rôle et le film canalise sa douleur intérieure. Le 7e art exprime rarement l'intériorité d'un personnage avec autant de réalisme et de délicatesse à la fois.
Je n'en dis pas plus.
(C'est très bon.)

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en jaksa kirjoittaa tätä suomeksi auki, mutta postaan mitä laitoin kaverille.

kävin katsomassa Havumetsän lapset

hitto se oli rankempi kokemus kuin ajattelin




i went to see the documentary about elokapina and forest movement in finland, it's in cinemas now.



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