blaise, to spiders avatar

At home I have to overcome and move outside if they get too close to my wife.
about this great channel and linked to perhaps the most useful episode
dealing with mis identifying the brown recluse.

markwyner, to spiders avatar

I saw a spider walking on the side of my desk and I tried to catch him to release him outside because I don’t hurt them but he escaped so I lost him and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to burn down my entire studio so I don’t die someone send help.

mikecarter, to random avatar

Don't be Afraid to Fail. Be Afraid of Being a Quitter. And also Spiders. Definitely be Afraid of Spiders.

Some spiders can transfer mercury contamination to land animals, study shows (

Sitting calmly in their webs, many spiders wait for prey to come to them. Arachnids along lakes and rivers eat aquatic insects, such as dragonflies. But, when these insects live in mercury-contaminated waterways, they can pass the metal along to the spiders that feed on them.

readbeanicecream, to science
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Pirate spiders ambush prey by tricking them with lines of silk: A species of pirate spider in Costa Rica has a hunting strategy that has never been documented before in any spider

sharan, to spiders avatar

I left my bungalow immediately last night and drove back to Sarajevo (one and half hour drive) after I entered and the first thing I see is a palm sized wolf spider lazily crawling over the floor.

Owner offered to kill it, but I was "nah, I wouldn't be having a shut eye in there at all".

gozella, to spiders
TheDarkHorse, to random

🤣 there's a heat advisory for 90 degrees
Coming from a tropical state this has me cracking up

mjgardner, avatar

@randomgeek @edebill @TheDarkHorse I keep trying to convince my wife that are our friends but she’s having none of it:

dgar, to random avatar

He’s called Henry, he’s a spider, and he lives in the glove compartment.

mjgardner, to gaming avatar

I noticed an intersection of my dear wife’s worst fear and my #Steam library so I made a new collection. Any suggested additions? Clearly I need at least eight. 🕷️

#SteamDeck #gaming #VideoGames #spiders #arachnophobia #Centipede #retrogaming #KillItWithFire #Limbo #SpiderHeck #Webbed

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