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​:youtube:​ STEAM a GAGNÉ... sans RIEN FAIRE 😤 – Iconoclaste (avec LeoTechMaker)

Vidéo qui fait le point sur l’évolution très positive du sous grâce à , ça fait plaisir !


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He estado probando esto con nuestro amigo TioPiramide (buscando juegos para su PC, que es más modesto) y, oye... Sorpresa grata!
A quienes os interesen que puedan mezclar jugabilidad de disparos en tercera persona como , acción y jefes en niveles como y una historia con soldados como , recomiendo alegremente / , con juego cruzado y progreso compartido entre , e .
Es , eso sí. 🫠

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Hablando de , en un rato probaré una playtest a la que me han invitado por de , un juego que mezcla el género MOBA con el de los extraction shooter.
Os iré contando qué tal, pero contad vosotros qué os ha parecido si lo habéis probado o qué pensáis sobre este tipo de juegos que van ganando terreno poco a poco entre los jugadores más competitivos.

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Ultimate Chicken Horse gets its biggest sale yet with a new content update - this game is hilarious

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Behold! Baladins is out on Steam!🎉

Embark on a whimsical aventure, up to 4 players, and explore a cute RPG world!✨️

Boost and Retoot to help our heros break the time loop!📯

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Times of Progress is an isometric City Builder set during the industrial revolution where you manage and transport resources via steam train and ships.

Aaand it's part of the Endless Replayability Fest that is going on right now on

GIF of an isometric city builder game where trains and ships travel around a busy city.

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There's a lot of demos up on right now, and you only have so much time. Why you should play mine: it respects your time.

📦 150 MB download
🚀 Instant startup
🖱️ One click and you're having fun

Give it a try:

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Projekt , czyli walka na wielką skalę. Łowcy Gier wraz z innymi idą za ciosem. Macie nasz miecz ⚔️, łuk 🏹i topór 🪓.

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Gimme your recommendations! I want to play more games by to make videos and possibly feature on my channel!

Just some criteria first before you start listing games to me.

  1. Must be an indie game less than four months old
  2. Preferably if it has less than 500 reviews on Steam
  3. Would also love demos to be suggested (or Game Jams!)
  4. Can be on Itch or some other non-Steam website

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Hoy instale Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy, la quinta entrega de la saga de videojuegos que más me gusta.

Lo he instalado en la Mini PC y si bien baje todo al mínimo, me dio 50 FPS sin problemas y en bajo corrió arriba de 35 FPS. Nunca dio problemas o tirones. Esta Mini PC es una verdadera joya. (y tengo planes de ponerle una eGPU :blobcatcoffee: )

Ya lo estoy instalado en la

Captura de pantalla de Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy
Captura de pantalla de la mini PC corriendo Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy
Captura de pantalla de la mini PC corriendo Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy

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腐朽默示 / Revelation of Decay got a store page

"Zombies have taken over our homes! Pick up guns, organize a brave team, and fuck up those monsters! Farm land, scavenge a large apocalyptic world, and fight various of zombies! Modify your weapons, defeat scaring bosses, and finally uncover the truth behind the zombie outbreak and save our home!"

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Did you know you can build the strongest magician skateboarding frog in the tiniest froguelite of 2023 (guaranteed)? 🗡️🐸

As if it's not cheap enough already, Froggy's Battle is discounted for Endless Replayability Fest! Go show off your steeeze 🛹✨

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Exploring #Steam midweek sales and special offers.

Poly Bridge 3 40% off down to £11.99

Alternatively Poly Bridge 1, 2 AND 3..


69% off down to £11.98 !!

Interesting pricing structure XD cheaper to buy the bundle than the game by itself :)

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I got my son a laptop for school. (Refurb T490s!) He's not super technical but, after watching his mom struggle with windows, he wants Linux. Here's the question. Do I install Ubuntu since most Linux software works with it and it's easy to admin or do I install something else? (I run Debian and BSD on my personal machines.) Thanks!

msh, avatar

@ipxfong I no longer recommend Ubuntu for new Linux users for... multiple reasons

Debian is pretty solid and approachable with a simple GNOME desktop and compatible with a lot of does pretty good with #Steam games and if Debian packages don't exist for what you want #Flatpak is much better than Ubuntu Snaps.

Another solid choice would be @elementary as it has a very approachable desktop environment and app support and @danirabbit has done some great work with it.

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🚂 "Times of Progress" is part of the Steam Endless Replayability Fest !! 🚂

It's my first festival so it's quite exciting, although without a demo I guess the visibility will be reduced.

But I am still curious to see what will happen in terms of wishlists.

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Polscy gracze walczą o niższe ceny na Steamie. Okazuje się, że to bardzo proste!

Chcecie wiedzieć, o co chodzi?

Chcecie pomóc? Możecie np. podpisać petycję.

Możecie też napisać do supportu Valve o aktualizację przelicznika w cenniku:

Treść wiadomości uprzejmie przygotowała ekipa CD-Action:

Proszę o udostępnianie i działanie!

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Dołączamy do VenomSNNK, MKwadrat Podcast, Łowcy Gier, Magazyn CD-Action,, (i innych 🩷).

Mówimy NIE dla zawyżonych cen gier dla Polski na Steam!

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#Linux Weekly Roundup for May 12th, 2024: Linux kernel 6.9, #RaspberryPi Connect, #GNOME 47 release date, #KDE Frameworks 6.2, new #Steam Client update, #RedHat Enterprise Linux AI, #Ubuntu 24.10 release date, #NVIDIA to install open kernel modules by default, and much more

#OpenSource #FOSS

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