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New review! 280 - Tekken 4

This week we continue our journey through the weird world of the Mishima family with perhaps the most contentious entry in the series!

#review #videogames #videogame #retrogames #retrogaming #tekken #fightinggames

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Who remembers Mr. Men !?

Well, in 2021, a fun cross-over with saw the release of 3 books:

🔹 Mister Ezio
🔹 Little Miss Kassandra
🔹 Little Miss Eivor

Who else would you like to see join the lineup❓


The French book cover of Mme. Kassandra
The French book cover of Mme. Eivor

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Good morning and happy Wednesday to everyone around the today!

Let's talk about what our day today will consist of and what we all hope or need to accomplish for the day.

For me, I have a meeting at 12pm due to it needing to be moved from yesterday as it was a very busy day at work yesterday for all of us.

Not much else planned that I am aware of. Hoping to get some video game time in a bit later.

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Cable guy room 🚠 Unreal Engine 5

I started with a simple - add a Cable component between two components. Next, I will try to make it more difficult, after the first action, a cable will be added to the component and the protagonist... and change the length of the cable during movement


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sharing again here icymi…
the Palestinian Relief Bundle is LIVE! an $8 donation gets you hundreds of drm free games 👉
it already reached its goal and the new goal is $500,000… can we get it to a $million? 🙏🕊️🇵🇸 “all proceeds from the Palestinian Relief indie bundle will be donated to the PCRF (Palestine Children's Relief Fund).”
donate, share, spread the word. every bit helps! ~ #GameDev #IndieGames #Games #Bundle #IndieGame #VideoGames

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Last repost is of music from a defunct(?) Half-Life 2 mod called Neotokyo. It was a multiplayer shooter mod that drew heavily from cyberpunk aesthetics, specifically from Japanese cyberpunk aesthetics as seen in anime like Ghost in the Shell.

It had a notable level of aesthetic quality to it that set it apart when it came out, & honestly I'd love to read more on how the team coordinated it all.

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Xargon Remake Ep.2 got a store page

"A remake of the classic 1993 DOS video game Xargon."

lashman, avatar
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From my last repost, that's a great mix of composers to collaborate on an album!

The album, Giants, has composers that have worked on Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, Sonic, Celeste, and the like. Well worth checking out!

Bonus: it's available on Bandcamp!

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🔍 Trouvez le (ou les ?) meurtrier(s) dans Echoes, un titre d'enquêtes Point'n'Click et Visual-Novel à l'ambiance un tantinet horrifique.

📢 Annonce
📅 Mai 2024
🎮 Steam,, Switch
🇫🇷 @novabox

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #videogames

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💥 Et c'est avec un peu de retard (mais vous avez l'habitude désormais) que sort le Récap Indé #8 !

Au programme :
⏳ La sortie prochaine d'un jeu vieux de 12 ans
😍 Le retour des tutos de Brakeys !
📅 Le calendrier des sorties de la semaine
👀 L'IndéCouverte

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #videogames

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2024 gaming backlog no.14 - Super Smash Bros. (N64)

The game that put crossover fighting on the map, the original SSB doesn't entirely hold its weight anymore. It's a lovely curiosity though, and a fine part of any N64 collection - rude that my boy Luigi is so hard to unlock though!

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I've picked Cobalt Core back up after a few months away. Still the that's given me the most joy on my .

I love the weird unlockable wooden ship that takes a free evade action (whether you want it or not!) when you play a card from either end of your hand. Pair it with Riggs and all her own evasive-power cards, and it becomes a very dodgy craft, in every sense of the word. Great fun!

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The Entertainment Software Association (the lobbying organization that represents video game publishers) doesn't just not care about video game preservation, but actively fights against efforts to preserve games, even games not owned by their member companies. They were at the US Library of Congress fighting a copyright exemption for out of print games to be made available by libraries.

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The #Grandia series is still sitting in my backlog. 😅

Released in 2000 exclusively in Japan, this comprehensive "World Guidance" art book covers everything you'd want to know about #GrandiaII 📚


#Grandia2 #GameArts #VideoGame #VideoGames #Game #Gamer #Gaming #RPG #JRPG #ArtBook #Book #Books #Bookstodon #Dreamcast #PS2 #PlayStation #PlayStation2 #Switch #Nintendo #XboxOne #Xbox #PS4 #NintendoSwitch

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♩🎵♪ ♬ ♫
Are you keeping up with the Commodore?
'Cause the Commodore is keepin up with you!
♫ ♬ ♪ 🎵♩

The world's first computer powered by a solar sunshade 😎 Thx ! 😁🤣😆

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New Video just went up. Check it out!

emarktaylor, to VideoGames avatar

Via internet hall of fame @InternetH0F
literal hero

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🚀 Des fans de StarFox en mal d'amour ici ? Death In Abyss pourrait remplir ce manque avec ce dogfight proposant des affrontements contre de gigantesques monstruosités !

📢 Découverte
🎮 Steam
🇳🇴 @Agelvik

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👊 Menez la Révolte et renversez la dictature en place dans Str!ve, un titre de stratégie en tour par tour où vous devrez combattre en empilant des blocs !

📢 Découverte
🎮 Steam
🇫🇷 @BlueCanvasMedi1

#indie #indiegames #indiedev #gamedev #videogames

Vidéo du jeu Str!ve, un titre de combat au tour par tour coloré, développé par le studio Français Empreintes Studio

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...over 400 actors performed for the game. 🎬
Analyst estimations place the game's combined development and marketing budget at more than US$50 million, which would make it one of the most expensive video games to develop. 💵

🕹️ Trivia about the game consoles of our childhood

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Who got two thumbs and a cool ride? Dis bitch! #Cyberpunk2077 #VideoGames

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