marcinadrian_de, to spiders German avatar
marcinadrian_de, to spiders German avatar
marcinadrian_de, to spiders German avatar
Rihilism, to spiders avatar

Crab spider (ID app suggests a northern crab spider) lurking on my Canada anemones this morning.

JimsPhotos, to nature avatar

I don't know my spiders, but encountered this one on a Friday afternoons stroll

#nature #spiders #Wildlife #photography #NaturePhotography #ArachnidPhotography #SpidersOfMastodon #UK

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The 5 to 10 millimeter long official first ancestor of scorpions, spiders, and horseshoe crabs from hundreds of millions of years ago was just described, named Setapedites abundantis, and is undergoing further study

#science #history #arthropods #paleontology #scorpions #spiders #HorseshoeCrabs #evolution #biology #fossil #fossils

VoxDei, to spiders avatar

Ooof. Never argue with an ant colony. Cleaning out a storage box in the garden. One corner has an ant colony in it, partially destroyed by my clearing. Also present: Two 3cm-ish false widow spiders, shiny black. Can't escape the box now the contents have been removed, sides are too smooth.

Left the job and went to have lunch, expecting to need to re-home the spiders. Figured they had plenty of ants to eat. On return, no sign of the smaller spider. The larger has had a disagreement with the ants. It has not ended at all well for the spider.

andrewrock, to random avatar

Badge Huntsman, Auburn River National Park

anathema_device, avatar
peter_mcmahan, to spiders avatar

With this intro, I'm hoping Kingdom of the Spiders is precursor to Tremors in the "Western Horror" genre

#Monsterdon #spiders

trixter, to spiders avatar

I am PREPARED for some y’all

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markarayner, to aliens avatar

They mostly come at night... mostly.

#aliens #newt #spiders #spider #infestation #weird #signs #humor #humour

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I believe this bold jumping spider made a hideout in my portable solar panel while it was folded up. Is this just their bed where they were sleeping, or did they put eggs here that will hatch? In other words, can I safely clean this construction off now that the spider is out and about, or does my solar panel need to live outside now so baby won't take over my house?

A webby pouch attached to the cloth of my little Anker solar panel. It looks like it opened one side so it could leave.
The spider from above as it climbs a white painted surface

stina_marie, to movies avatar


📽️ INFESTED (aka VERMINES) was great, creepy-crawly fun. An entertaining movie that's... um... infested with exactly what you expect, and filled with many moments that make you cringe, shudder, or jump.

Not recommended for those with arachnophobia, but heartily recommended for weirdos like me that are excited to be horrified/terrified 😂



bananabob, to spiders avatar

How did David Bowie know this?

Eerie 'Spiders' Scattered Through Inca City on Mars Seen in Incredible Images

nhoizey, to animals

“Napoleon's carnation”

This Synema globosum is sometimes called the Napoleon spider, because of a supposed resemblance of the markings on the abdomen (not visible here) to a silhouette of Napoleon wearing his iconic hat.

It is here on a Caryophyllaceae flower, commonly called the pink family or carnation family.


📅 23 June 2020

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 80mm macro
🎛️ ISO 1600, ƒ/8, 1/150 s

#Animals #Arthropods #Arachnids #Spiders #Photography #Fujifilm #Fuji #XT3

fernandez, to Humor German avatar

Diese Idee wollte ich eigentlich einem befreundeten Kollegen schenken, aber der wollte sie (so) nicht. Gut für mich! :)
#spinnen #gesundheit #niesen #erkältung #tiere #cartoon #comic #humor #gegendenstrich #spiders #cold

Arachtober, to spiders avatar

It's been a while since I have been on here. It's hard to find time to be online or outdoors as much anymore. But I couldn't say not to doing another table at the National Butterfly Center for today. Always exciting to talk about .

vascorsd, to random avatar

I was sad and scared that the pet spider (pet as in I let her live there rent free since I was scared 🫣) that was living in my balcony disappeared some time ago.

But now I shall put that behind my back since there's at least half a dozen new spider citizens living there with multiple huge nets 😅.

They are doing their jobs catching all the weird bugs flying around at least 🙃


vascorsd, avatar

At least I got some memories of her.

Almost bet it was some new species as they always are when someone puts a new spider on the internet 😅


tero, to spain avatar

Adventures in in : The neighbor came to inform me about their view that the yard of our home is built against municipal regulations — too high.

I don't think such regulations exist in (I checked).

Anyway, he claims that the trees bring shadow, moisture and spiders to his yard. All three are positive aspects here. Also, they don't. His yard is full of trees bringing all the shadow, moisture and he wants.

He says the issue has been discussed with the previous owner of the house, and assumes (correctly) that the previous owner did not inform me of this unresolved claim.

Our , except one ancient olive tree, are tiny. None extend even near his property.

Let's see how this develops. I am looking forward to discussing in the court setting the positive nature of trees, moisture, shadow and spiders to the ecosystem and livability of the neighborhood.

A newly planted plum tree with a couple of flowers. Tiny.
A tiny tree we don't know what it is, its fruits resemble pears.

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vascorsd, to nature Portuguese avatar

Um dos maiores troncos que vi nos últimos tempos certamente 🫣

#nature #mosstodon

vascorsd, avatar

Being outside one can see nice spiderwebs 😱🕷️🕸️

#nature #spiders

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degroof, to spiders avatar

Whenever I read a word with the prefix "anarcho-", my brain first sees "arachno-" before unscrambling the letters.

I'm not sure what an arachno-capitalist would be, but it's probably more interesting than an anarcho-capitalist.

#bugs #entomology #spiders

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The Aphantochilus crab spider mimics the color, shape, size, and texture of the turtle ants it preys upon. Ecuador.

#Spiders #Aphantochilus #AntMimic

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