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Got my Special Edition Blu-ray of THE BORDERLANDS (AKA FINAL PRAYER in the U.S.) from Second Sight Films and it is GORGEOUS. It comes with 6 art cards and a 70 page book with a bunch of essays about the film. 😍

#film #horror @horror #HorrorMovie #TheBorderlands #FinalPrayer #CosmicHorror #SecondSightFilms #filmstadon #movie #Bluray #SpecialEdition

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I laughed aloud at this. I guess there's also one with text that says "Hereditary, 2018, dir. Ari Aster" and if I ever see THAT one I will laugh all over again.

Happy Saturday! Be safe out there! 😂


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Happy #splatterday!
Keeping Halloween and Horror alive one day at a time!
#vampire #horror #nobubblegumvampiresallowed
¡Manteniendo Halloween y Horror vivos un día a la vez!
#vampiro #terror

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Spring HOrrOR is in the air and I have your next horror novel!
An Awakening (books 1-4 in one book!)
A Game
A Ghost
A Library
3 Anthologies
#nobubblegumvampiresallowed #vampire #horror
7 novels,3 anthologies! By @mthart12


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I finished the series. Not the video game of course, that would be impossible. But it was definitely worth the watch! I was happy to hear it was renewed for a second season!

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Holy Batman! I mean really! But definitely worth the watch! abductions on another level!

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Really, Rob Zombie? Can you just go back to playing music already?

I'll bet his wife is cast as Freddie.

(I love DJ Qualls, though).

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Episode 93: "Classic Mellor"

This week, our hosts Dean and Simon ponder a mislabelled Seinfeld clip, plumb the depths of human depravity in haunted houses, and catch up with Coronation Street

#Seinfeld #Podcast #Humoue #Horror #Swans

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has arrived! Have a great weekend everyone!
Keeping Halloween and Horror alive one day at a time!

¡Manteniendo Halloween y Horror vivos un día a la vez!

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Happy 78th Birthday to the great Tim Curry! Don't dream it -- be it!

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Student writing about Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake - okay, good.

Paragraph on doomsday themes and divine punishment as a topic - wonderful.

Fails to analyze and cite the Ken Foree scene where the tv-preacher drops the iconic line of the 1978 original - oof.

#horror #teaching

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Does anyone know of any good #tabletop RPGs that dip into #slasher
#horror themes and aesthetics? I want to find a game to DM for my group.

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I had to log on there briefly for the first time in years and this was accurate

#meme #Facebook #ugh #horror #Poltergeist @horror #Kane #MotherSuspiriasMorningMeme

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Aaaah yessss... #ThirstyThursday
Keeping Halloween and Horror alive one day at a time!
#vampire #horror #nobubblegumvampiresallowed
¡Manteniendo Halloween y Horror vivos un día a la vez!
#vampiro #terror

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fans looking for a HORROR experience?
Narrated by Jeffery Donaven
MT Hart Presents the Mortal Series(3 books in 1)
The Formal
Casino Agua Caliente


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Ones I needed to cross off my list:

-DIAVOLA by Jennifer Thorne
-MONSTRILIO by Gerardo Sámano Córdova
-SILENT KEY by Laurel Hightower

I think I chose wisely but if you've read any, weigh in!

#horror #books @horrorbooks @bookstadon

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LOL "let's channel The Exorcist in our new robot introduction" is an interesting choice. (spider walk, rotating head backwards, etc. etc.) #robot #horror

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