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Biked 21 minutes today which was 3.26 miles and an average speed of 9.2mph... Cemetery was a good ride. Only one car drove through, and one cop car was parked there.

#biking #milwaukee

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saw this out biking, laughed ^_^

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On a different vein, this new Orox bike from Tern is pretty cool. The dual capacity of 800w batteries puts the range over 300 kms 😍 27.5" + 4" tires would make this capable of all year round fat biking conditions. The price is obviously eye watering but pretty cool features and design #bikes #biking #ottbike


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🚲 edi.bike | issue 28 | 19th Feb ‘24

This week: we’re all having a moan about Leith Walk again; new consultations and local happenings to check out, and a speculative ‘Leith Loop’ route does the rounds.


Image: Robert Linder, Unsplash

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If you don't mind, I want your feedback on this @glightly. Others, please chip in, too.

I discussed the term "biking" vs "cycling" with the executive director of the advocacy org I volunteer for. The discussion took place because I wanted the org to start using the term "cycle/cycling" in order to be more inclusive. "Bike/biking" can be interpreted to exclude non two-wheeled cycles, such as trikes and quadricycles.

While the director understands and appreciates my concern and reasoning, he also wonders if the term "cycling" can send the wrong message that the org caters to recreational/sport "cyclists" rather than everyone who cycles. His direct quote:

"[I think] in the United States 'cycling' is often associated with road racing sport activities, rather than the more inclusive European definition that includes transportation. That's why the two main national transportation nonprofits are League of American Bicyclists and People For Bikes and the main racing nonprofit is USA Cycling."

I'd never thought about (or noticed) this distinction, but given the names of those orgs, it does make sense if, in fact, "cycling" and "biking" are used to indicate two different groups in the US. Do you have any insight into this?

#BikeTooter #CyclingDiscussion

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@daihard @glightly For me, "cyclist" more implies "motorcycle," outside of context.

Specifically in a bicycle (etc) context, it implies to me people who do it at a competitive or other high-level-of-athleticism manner.

#BikeTooter #CyclingDiscussion #Biking

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When @annathepiper and I went out biking today I stopped to take a picture of the new lights they put in on the small street crossing that's part of the Burke-Gilman to Lake Washington Loop connector in Kenmore. (A former small "missing link," no longer missing. The bike lanes are separated with distance striping and road turtles. Imperfect but much better than what was there before, which was nothing.)


#biking #biketooter #seattle #northshore #kenmore

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I’d’a sworn this used to say victory heights
#biking #seattle #bikeTooter #shoreline

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wow this is WAY more visible than it used to be - it’s the bike/ped bridge over I-5 at 195th. also the walkway to it is much much larger.

#shoreline #biking #biketooter #seattle

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other side has been opened up a bit too but it’s more like it was when I was going to SCC for school

#shoreline #seattle #biketooter #biking

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First-degree murder charges in the hit-and-run death of a cyclist on Vancouver Island https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/murder-hit-run-cyclist-1.7112537?cmp=rss

#cycling #biking #bikes #bicycle

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Took my bike in for a tune!

Started biking almost exactly two years ago. (I'd biked as a teen but not as an adult) I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I do.

First ride was 2km downhill and I could barely walk when I arrived. Now, there and back is an easy, low-effort outing

#biking #bike

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Got out for a ride on road and rail trail this afternoon, it was 52°!

ascentale, to random
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Now a question about cycle accessories: @fbaum asks:

Q6. What essential add-on do you wish your bike had just come with in the first place?

#BikeNite #BikeNiteQ

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@fbaum I got a couple of photos tho' I'm surprised I didn't take more at the time than I did

here's the rack with my homemade aluminium attachment points inserted, but without a plate yet (the plate is important)

#BikeTooter #biking #cycling #maker

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@fbaum Here's the underside of the cargo case that's like yours, one picture from the bottom, one from the front top so you can see how it clicks into the spring-loaded retaining clip.

#BikeTooter #biking #cycling #maker

Same rack, from below, making the attachment between the attachment devices and the aluminium plate apparent. In addition to more bolts than can be seen here, there is also aluminium epoxy, probably more than is strictly needed.

@moira@mastodon.murkworks.net avatar

@fbaum The backet turned out not to need the plate the way that the big closed carrier did, so I didn't use one. But it uses the same kind of attachment clips.

#BikeTooter #biking #cycling #maker

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@fbaum One of the nice things about the basket is that you can remove it and carry it around at, say, the market.

Or if you need to carry your cat George.

#BikeTooter #biking #cycling #maker

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I recently got to ride this fun trike at the math museum in NYC. Reading about it further, I learned that “for just about every shape of wheel there’s an appropriate road to produce a smooth ride, and vice versa,” as one article put it.

#biking #math #science

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I rode my bike to get lunch for my family today and was able to deliver 5 lunches including soups.
I think I can join #Foodora and do food deliveries for a living. 🙂

#biking #cycling #bike

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It poured again in County today. We appreciate the rain, and the many rainbows this week. As for in , see our post "Rainy Tips for People Who Bike,” which highlights advice from fellow : Bike Coalition, @BikeEastBay, @CascadeBicycleClub, , League of American , and @BarbChamberlain. Updates to that post (since first published in Feb 2023) include rainy weather tips for people who / , as well as link updates for two (Cascade and ): https://bikemonterey.org/rainy-weather-tips-for-people-who-bike.html

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The headline indicates something doesn’t it, but I guess a lotta folks wouldn’t know what it means if Global decided to write the hed this way. Because in the very last line of the article the lead is buried in “a cop hit someone riding an e-bike…” Such intentional bullshit

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Beat this level of comfort ;)
#bike #biking #bikinggermany #sustainability #Frankfurt

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