Florida bill allowing radioactive roads made of potentially cancer-causing mining waste signed by DeSantis (

Under the new bill, Florida could have roads made of phosphogypsum, a material known by the EPA to contain a "potentially cancer-causing, radioactive gas," that's the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S.

Johnson & Johnson are extending their patent on bedaquiline which will kill a lot of people (

Tell Johnson and Johnson that evergreening their patent on bedaquiline, which will deny millions of people access to live-saving treatment, is a violation of their corporate credo:

Johnson and Johnson attempts to sacrifice millions of lives by restricting life saving tuberculosis drug (

“Multidrug resistant tuberculosis is a growing threat, and bedaquiline is essential to curing it. Generic bedaquiline will drive down the cost of the drug by over 60%, allowing far more communities to access and distribute treatment. Evergreening the patent will cost so many lives over the next four years, which Johnson &...

In Tuesday's special election, Ohioans overwhelmingly vote against requiring a supermajority to change their state constitution (

Voters in Ohio went to the polls to decide whether to approve a measure known as Issue 1​ that would raise the bar for constitutional amendments on the ballot. In the ultimate irony, the votes against changing the amendment process exceeded the 60% supermajority that the measure was seeking in the first place

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