Why Even Your Local Grocery Store Wants Your Digital Data (

I honestly feel defeated right now, it feels like currently it’s impossible to truly stay private online unless one is willing to move to a cabin in the woods with no internet and you stop using tech all together and truly become a ghost and stay offline. Can someone help me feel like everything I am currently doing is...

Making MTV Anti-Missile Flares (

“And then we’re going to add this suspension into some hexane. I mean here I’m just using Shellite because it’s from Bunnings and I dunno who else uses this so I feel like if I stop buying it Bunnings will stop selling it so, it’s like a couple of bucks and it’s like hexanes, it’s so good, Bunnings keep selling...

Godot 4: Add snow particles to your 3D scene (tutorial) (

Hello there! In today’s video, I would like to focus on particle systems in Godot, which is an area that, similar to shaders, often raises plenty of questions. Particles are useful for various effects if we know how to use them. In this video, we will enhance our 3D scene with snowfall.

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