New Anti-Consumer MacBook Pros - Teardown And Repair Assessment - Apple Silicon M1/M2 (

No surprises here. Just like the lockdown on iPhone screen and part replacements, Macbooks suffer from the same Apple’s anti-repair and anti-consumer bullshit. Battery glued, ssd soldered in and can’t even swap parts with other official parts. 6000$ laptop and you don’t even own it.

Bernie Sanders says President Biden will win in 2024 if he runs on a "strong progressive agenda" (

With the 2024 presidential race beginning to unfold, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said he believes that President Joe Biden will again earn the Democratic nomination — and the president likely win reelection if he runs on a strong progressive campaign....

I love you all, and this goes out to both sides, Democrats were just as anti gay marriage back in the day. Can we all come together and say, there's nothing wrong with being gay? (

Regardless of our politics, there are some things that are worth fighting for, and adults making the free choice to be their authentic selves is one. This goes out to my gay conservative and liberal brothers and sisters. Plus, its a very funny video :D

Elon Musk seen as working counter to U.S. interests in dealings with Russia, China (

Elon Musk's financial interests put him in a position of having his own personal foreign policy, but new reporting shows that whether it's manufacturing in China or the Starlink network being used in Ukraine, Musk’s decisions can run counter to stated US policy.

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