What I think kbin needs to do to survive, and why I think it has a better chance than any other Reddit alternative I've seen yet.

I’m a Reddit refugee who was on that platform for 10+ years. I saw not just a tremendous amount of controversies, but attempts at introducing alternatives to Reddit during all of them. The 2015 blackout saw a ton of alternatives suggested, and if you go back and look at them many have either not survived or never achieved...

PSA: anyone still looking to protest, promote fediverse, any form of rebellion ON REDDIT, the place to do it is r/pics. you can post anything with basically no censorship. as long as you mention John Oliver somehow, the mods aren't going to bother you!

r/pics is wide open to all kinds of anti reddit posts, calls for spez to resign, whatever you want with the current rules right now....

Defederation, Threads and You

A lot of us are pretty new to the fediverse and we've arrived just in time to grapple with what is easily the biggest federation/defederation controversy ever to hit it. I've put this thread together to hopefully help communicate some of the more complex ideas that we're trying to get our heads around.... is blocking all requests from /kbin Instances (

I discovered yesterday evening that is blocking all inbound ActivityPub requests from /kbin instances. Specifically, a 403 'access denied' is returned when the user agent contains "kbinBot" anywhere in the string. This has been causing a cascade of failures with federation for many server owners, flooding the message...

New, Conservative Push To Weaken Child Labor Protections Is Gaining Steam (

A movement to weaken American child labor protections at the state level began in 2022. By June 2023, Arkansas, Iowa, New Jersey and New Hampshire had enacted this kind of legislation, and lawmakers in at least another eight states had introduced similar measures.

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