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He/Him. Retired Oracle DBA, Toad MVP, developer, husband, geek, not a dad, open source contributor. McLaren & Mercedes F1 fan.

I own a Huawei P20 phone with the Leica camera. I try to take at least 1 half decent photo every day if I can.

In 2020, Apress published my first book, 'Arduino Software Internals'. My second, 'Arduino Interrupts' was published in Dec 2023. I'm writing another as well as a 2nd edition of 'Internals' to document recent changes.

No longer on Twitter as https://mastodon.scot/@NormanDunbar.

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NormanDunbar, to random
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Good morning fellow Mastos and hello Thursday. Another fine but very chilly start to the day, so wrap up well. And don't forget your waterproofs as you'll need them later, again!

Regardless of the weather, have a perfect day today everyone, stay safe, have fun. Cheers.

Today's random photo is named "MrsD is away, but I bought her some flowers anyway"!

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@FiStitchWitch Not bad for (a) Supermarket roses, which she likes; and (b) my feeble attempts at flower arrangements!


FiStitchWitch, to random
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Good morning lovely people! Double exceitement for me today - its bin day and shopping delivery day, not sure how I will cope with so much excitement in one day 😂

I hope you all have a good day 😊

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@FiStitchWitch Good morning to you too. Hope you don't get you two events mixed up, and they take your food away! 😉

ukscone, to random
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Just curious but has anyone powered a @Raspberry_Pi pico using a wireless charger?

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@ukscone @Raspberry_Pi No, not the Pico. However, back in 2012-13 I powered my 256MB Pi 1b from a Kindle charger. Liz Upton told me that she did the same.

If that's of any help?

RickiTarr, to random
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What kind of high-school experience did you have? Were you in a clique? Were you popular, unpopular, the coolest kid in your Homeschool? Did you have a sweet jean jacket with patches, or maybe a leather vest? Were you an evil villain or a Mary Sue?

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@RickiTarr I was a wimp! Too poor to be "cool" or to follow fashion. Had to "Work hard and get qualifications or I wouldn't get a job".

Worked though. Left at 17 and aced an interview for a job that didn't exist until I asked, then they created the job for me. 🙂 (I wish there was a smug face emoji!!)

Worked hard all my working life, ended up running my own IT company with MrsD for years. Now retired and "quite" financially comfortable, thankfully. Until the UK government screws us over!

NormanDunbar, (edited )
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@RickiTarr Regarding the job.

I phoned the company on the Thursday and asked if they had any vacancies. They said "No, but come see us anyway" so I did, on the Friday.

After the interview, they created a job for me only because I had done well in the interview. They never regretted their decision.

I started on the Monday and was there for years.

NormanDunbar, to random
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NormanDunbar, to random
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Cutlery joke. Almost!

Who was that ladle I saw you with last night? That was no ladle, that was my knife.

I'll get my coat.

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@tokensane @Anoia She knows! She knows everything I do or say. That's why she's a Goddess! 😉

oraclebase, to random
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Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - April 2024


They're here!

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@oraclebase Thinks "I must take a look at that." Then remembers "Hang on, I've retired"!

Morning Tim. Hope you are well.

simon_brooke, to random
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I had eye surgery yesterday, to clean out the filters in the drainage ducts of my eyes. I was (obviously) nervous about it. The experience was unpleasant but not terrible, and greatly helped by a surgeon with a great chair-side manner.

This morning my eyes feel not much worse than an average morning, and I have an only-slight headache. So (so far) this has been a much less bad experience than it might have been.

Many thanks to Scotland's NHS!

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@simon_brooke @Glencoe Toes curling even as I type! 😯

NormanDunbar, to random
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Good morning fellow Mastos and hello Wednesday. Today is the actual day that MrsD heads off to Scarborough, not last Monday as I originally tooted. My bad! It's just Wesley and me for three days. Parties! (Not!)

The forecast today is chilly but sunny until later when, guess what, it's back to rain. Oh hum! Better get out there and enjoy the day before it goes downhill again. Have a great day everyone.

Today's photo is Wesley from a couple of days ages when he and I got soaked on a wander.

suearcher, to dysgucymraeg
@suearcher@toot.wales avatar

pawb. Dyn ni'n mynd i'r siopa, ac wedyn, i'r gwaith ym Manceinion. Gobeithio, bydd hi ddim yn bwrw glaw...

everyone. We go shopping, and then to work in Manchester. Hopefully, it won't rain...

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

@suearcher No rain? In Manchester? 😉

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

@epistatacadam @suearcher I have a friend in North Wales, who used to live in Tal-y-Bont now Bethesda. I used to get letters from him, back in the day, wrapped inside the envelope in polythene bags.

I asked him about this, and he said "Because it's always raining in North Wales"!

SherBeareth, to random
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@SherBeareth You just won the internet.

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

@SherBeareth She was a wise woman.

NormanDunbar, to random
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Good morning fellow Mastos and hello Tuesday. Surprisingly it's currently not raining. Yesterday was an awful day weather-wise. Rain later though.

MrsD's trip to Scarborough, as mentioned yesterday, doesn't start until Wednesday! I got my days mixed up. Oops! 🤭

Speaking of days, have a good one, no matter what you are up to. Have fun and stay safe.

Today's random photo is another from last Sunday. It's a pair of Willow flowers taken somewhere in the wilds of Denby Dale.

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@Steampunk_Prof Aye, yesterday was a true April (torrential) "showers" with December temperatures. My car's ice alarm came on while driving yesterday! Comes on at 3°C/270°K, so it was a tad chilly.

Sounds like today here will be similar to today there. 😐

SurrealSeal, to random
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Good morning & Happy Tuesday everyone.
Hugs all round, & extras are always available for anyone who wants/needs them. :blobcathug:

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

@SurrealSeal Good morning to you too.

I don't need hugs this morning, thanks. Please give mine to someone who needs them. Thanks. 🙂

b0rk, to random
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working on a draft of a git cheat sheet, what's missing?

most interested in relatively "basic" things in git that you always forget how to do. Right now I think the push/pull section is by far the weakest

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar


If I may:

git add --all
git branch -D $BRANCH

If you have room that is.

Geri, to random
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The West is not bothered with the catastrophe in Sudan because Sudan is a poor country.

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

@Geri I hope I am too!

GottaLaff, to legal
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🧵NEW THREAD for here. 1/...

Break is over in courtroom. I've caught you up on most everything in previous toots, so go to my feed for details.


Prosecutor: Michael Cohen accepted responsibility. So we should be allowed to bring that out on direct and that he lied on Defendant's behest. That changed, when Michael Cohen decided to accept responsibility. So evidence about the plea is essential

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

@Shadyboots @GottaLaff 24 years would be better, surely?

fkamiah17, to UKpolitics
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Someone doesn't want to go back to the shed 🙄 😡

GPLB: "David Cameron claims Tories deserve to win election and says recovery for party not impossible"

I'm afraid we can't do that, Dave.

#UKPolitics #Tories

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@black_flag @fkamiah17 He's too oily. Would pollute the water. Mind you, his lot have allowed pollution, so, yeah, get in the sea!

iw, to random
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Updating my resume for the first time in forever.

I want to be transparent about the fact that I've developed software in order to solve problems even though I've never been a software developer professionally.

Would it be crazy to include a section like this in my resume?

#resume_review #softwareengineering #fedihire

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@iw I was a Toad "Most Valued Person" for years. Until Dell bought out Quest, who subsequently bought it back!

It was and is a great IDE. The support is incredible too as the forums give you access to the developers. Not many companies allow that!

I'm retired now but occasionally pop into the forums to see what's going on.


dgar, to random
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Gravity is mass produced.

@NormanDunbar@mastodon.scot avatar

@f69ked @dgar Gravity sucks.

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