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Fun fact from Mr. : The immediate displacement or death that suggests for the populations of , , , , and would exceed 27 Strips.

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New: Lawmakers Move to Limit the Jail Detentions of People Awaiting Mental Health Treatment

Supporters say the measure is a step forward in curbing the number of people jailed during civil commitment. But some local officials say the impact will be limited unless the state makes other changes, including adding psychiatric beds.

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Fuck these folks.

Fuck Mississippi.

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And here's to the schools of Mississippi /
Where they're teaching all the children /
That they don't have to care /
All the rudiments of hatred /
Are present everywhere /
And every single classroom /
Is a factory of despair /
And there's nobody learning /
Such a foreign word as "fair" /

Oh here's to the land you've torn out the heart of /
Mississippi find yourself another country to be part of

-- Phil Ochs

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Dear Americans,

This can not stand.

Gov. Tate Reeves declared April 2024 as Confederate Heritage Month in Mississippi, keeping alive a 31-year-old tradition that began in 1993. Beauvoir, the Biloxi, Miss., the museum and historic home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, announced the proclamation in a fb post on Friday, April 12.

Does Nazi Tate Reeves know the confederacy was defeated. This is treason in plain view.,Mississippi%20Gov.,post%20on%20Friday%2C%20April%2012.

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This is why so many states in 🇺🇸 look down on .

👉🏾 Former MS Gov Slams State's Confederate 'Celebration'

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”Confederate Heritage? Really?’ Former Mississippi Gov Slams State’s Plan to ‘Celebrate’ Confederacy

WTF, this is totally absurd...

BohemianPeasant, avatar

It can be hard to believe that 160 years later, people still have grievances over losing the . A kind of coping mechanism I suppose, but for how long?

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If wanted to prove their membership in humanity, they’d fund an app available in , , and :

Popup Antifa LLC, a aware method to form an LLC that organizes protests.

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'Goon Squad' members sentenced for torturing Black men >>>

CharlieMcHenry, to random avatar

6 former Mississippi law officers sentenced in state court for torture of 2 Black men - Just being Mississippi.

TonyStark, to connecticut avatar

There are Primary Elections today in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. Wisconsin also has primaries today along with ballot measures to vote on.

Arkansas and Mississippi voters have runoff elections today to decide a handful of legislative seats that were sent to runoffs after primaries held in March.

Please vote if you’re eligible and haven’t voted yet.

Polling Place Locator -

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The last of six former law enforcement officers who tortured two Black men outside ’s capital has been sentenced.

Former Richland police officer Joshua Hartfield was given an approximately 10-year federal prison sentence on Thursday.

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‘I saw the devil’: Christian Dedmon, member of the Goon Squad, gets 40 years in prison

Dedmon is the fourth member of the “Goon Squad” to be sentenced.

GottaLaff, to random avatar

A fourth former law enforcement officer who pleaded guilty to torturing two Black men was sentenced to 40 years in prison Wednesday, as accounts of the horrifying brutality of a self-styled “Goon Squad” of deputies gripped a federal courtroom.

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The charges stemmed from a Jan 2023 interaction with [brutal attack on] & when the group of 6 officers burst into their home WITHOUT a & them w/ stun guns, forced them to ingest liquids, punched & kicked them, called them slurs, & worse.

fired his TWICE during the incident in an attempt to the victims, the said in a 2023 news release.

Nonilex, avatar

Christian Dedmon, a fmr 's dpy, was sentenced to 40 yrs [better] in prison for his role in torturing & , & for a separate incident where he led the of a White man [oh, that’s why 40], Alan Schmidt, in Dec 2022.

Dedmon, who did not look at Jenkins & Parker as he spoke, apologized & said he'd never forgive himself for the pain he caused.

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We really need to stop buying into the argument that are "radical" or "destructive". The opposite is true: the nature of the protests have been peaceful and, on the whole, pretty tame.

The idea that, say, sitting on a road is "radical", "extreme" and "criminal" came from a bunch of aligned think tanks, parroted by the media.
Reject them.

The framing needs to be: Fossil fuel companies are radical, extreme, criminal.

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"The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it will not hear v. Doe, [leaving] in place a lower court decision that effectively eliminated the right to organize a mass protest in the states of , , and .

Under that lower court decision, a protest organizer faces potentially ruinous financial consequences if a single attendee at a mass protest commits an illegal act."

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