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Utility industry - fiber optics
Hibernating drummer
Griller of meats
Lover of puns
Hugger of fams
Sleeper of naps

Apps I dig:
Heptabase ⟶ as an amazing way to learn complex topics and to explore how my brain works.
Omnivore ⟶ A FOSS read-it-later and RSS feed app. https://docs.omnivore.app
Notesnook ⟶ An open source, encrypted, Evernote replacement. https://notesnook.com
@Vivaldi is my browser

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NeadReport, to random
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Why isn't "Quiche me, you fool!" on a t-shirt?
Or "Mel...quiche my grits"
Or "The Quiche Of Death"

Add yours in the comments.

NeadReport, to falcons
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Michigan State University Peregrine Falcon Cam! 3 babies!
Live: https://www.youtube.com/live/8zpv33K7SNo?feature=shared

ferricoxide, to random

Pretty much me, any more, just add in clothes for EDM shows/festivals.

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@ferricoxide Which one of these guys is the President of a country that has been invaded by Russia and spends his days leading his people from a heavily protected office in an underground bunker?

NeadReport, to jazz
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You know you've written a pretty song if #jazz guitarist Pat Metheny plays a cover of it. Here on acoustic #guitar is Pat's rendition of Nora Jones' "Don't Know Why"
Another song to put in your chill out playlist.

NeadReport, to random
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If you'd like something beautiful and meditative to listen to on this glorious May afternoon, indulge yourself with
"Always and Forever" · Pat Metheny Group, from the album Secret Story

HumToTable, to random
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@evelyntheriault @HumToTable Top of left page in the photo "Pen & Ink Drawing Workbook"

qotca, to random
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@qotca Alt 1 = Grape Leaffolder Moth ⟶ https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/118788-Desmia-funeralis
Alt 2 = my favorite pic of the four!

stux, (edited ) to Netherlands
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A single picture taken in the

Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal by hoeijmakers.net

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@stux A wonderful example of a 'vanishing point' for anyone studying art (drawing/painting/etc.) and perspective.

NeadReport, to random
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Not sure if any of you have experienced seeing a nuthatch picking up and flying off with dog-doo, but that just happened.

DCBeer, to beer
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@DCBeer To write about beer is to drink the beer you will be writing about.

rasterweb, to art
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Sketch of a skull… I think this is still in progress but we’ll see if I push it any further.

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@rasterweb This would look great on a t-shirt. So many drawings of skulls are looking straight at them. Your rendition is cool because you have that slightly top-down and from the side view. Plus it doesn't have the lower jaw - that helps its uniqueness.

thatkatharine, to random
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So, you heard the good word that masks work? Are you looking to use that report to get back into masking regularly—because getting sick all the time is the pits—but there’s way more variety than way back in 2020 and you’re overwhelmed for choice? Have I got a shopping guide for you! With bonus infographics!

Here’s my little crash course in what to look for and how to determine the best fit for your face. It’s as easy as shopping for a new pair of jeans!


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@LGsMom @thatkatharine They're re-tooling for the bird flu? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

croyle, to random
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Out for lunch and we really like this place but they’re playing some heinous version of Bowie’s Rebel Rebel but with sh*tty country lyrics, what a nightmare.

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@croyle Man, if there's one thing that can kill a vibe while dining, it's crappy music (or good music PLAYED TOO LOUD).

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@croyle I was the half being driven mad. And it will follow me to my grave. :battery_low:

NeadReport, (edited ) to soulmusic
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Gladys Knight! A Motown Queen. There is no pretense in her voice. No feigned stardom. She sings stories from her heart and we sing along because we know the part.
Her vocalese is not lost within a recording studio's archive, but captured and released for all of us to hear.
Thank you Pips. Thank you unsung musicians.
When we drop the needle on any given song, we feel the groove, and we know you're near. And yes, Gladys, it still moves us my dear.

"If I Were Your Woman" - Gladys Knight & The Pips

NeadReport, to random
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I'm just gonna say, that if you are in your 40's and you've uploaded a "first time hearing a Steely Dan song" video with all of your "oh wow!" expressions, you have either been living under a rock, or you're a YouTube fake.
Who started this trend anyway? I've noticed no one - no matter their age - has not pulled this stunt with "first time hearing the Beatles {song title}!"

billyjoebowers, to random
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Instead of complaining about shitty companies making things shittier maybe you should stop giving them your money and funding their shitty actions.

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@billyjoebowers Throw-down in Billy Joe Town! My money's on BJB!

rawchili, to baseball
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@rawchili I just looked at their record (23-27) and immediately the song "Slip Sliding Away" by Paul Simon popped into my head. https://youtu.be/iUODdPpnxcA?feature=shared

NeadReport, to headphones
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My new headphones* arrived today! Just in time for a 3-day weekend.
My first duty was to evaluate sound quality and dynamic range - with what I consider a must when looking to purchase speakers or (over the ear) headphones.

My cans are advertised as 'professional studio headphones' (disclaimer: I'm not an audiophile but I play one on T.V.) Many might balk at this selection, but hear me out and back to my test.

I immediately pulled up a recording (via YouTube no less!) of Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 78, R. 176 aka: "Organ Symphony**" and oh my, my, my. I picked this symphony because of the range of orchestral instruments, all of the dynamics, and of course...a PIPE ORGAN.
I could hear every note at all levels. Lows, highs, and mids - all present - even Capturing the orchestral hall's reverb. Amazeballs.

I've currently moved on to one of my favorite jazz albums "Hank Mobley - No Room For Squares***" and it feels like I'm listening to the playback in the recording booth.

⟶ So the next time you are in the market to upgrade your audio speakers, pick music you know well, and that covers the ranges and dynamics you expect to hear along with what I've suggested above.

#Shure #Headphones #Audio #ClassicalMusic #Jazzmusic #Jazz

NeadReport, to random
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culturednyc, to MusicTheory
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The first sentence is incorrect, and it goes downhill from there. In the second sentence, 'fourths' are now 'force.' The third sentence contradicts itself: quartal chords can be made with diminished fourths, but not diminished fourths. Sundar should be embarrassed.

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@culturednyc May the fourths be with you.

eclectech, to animation
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It's Friday! YAY!

It's getting increasingly difficult to fit all the dancers on to the screen & make loops that fit with ALL THE OTHER LOOPS (it totally stuffed the timing for this one) so next week will be the last, when I hit a year (!)

I like having a Friday Thing though, so will do any week there are volunteers, & probably just random dancers on other weeks.

As ever, have a great weekend if you possibly can 😃

Hand drawn animation loop. There are 51 simple figures each doing their own dance move. The main body of the screen is an orange starburst sky, with a rainbow framing the top. 48 dancers are on the lines of the rainbow, doing their thing. The new dancer for this week is larger, and centre stage on a cloud at the bottom, with a dancer either side for company.

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@eclectech Hey! The Sprinkler Dance! :vivaldia_heart:

@NeadReport@vivaldi.net avatar

@eclectech Yes! I think I requested that? Fun stuff. Always enjoy the creative twists and turns you bring to the Fediverse!

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@eclectech Well, a three-day holiday weekend here and maybe I'll get around to giving that move a go - and hopefully not falling on my arse. Blinds closed, of course.

NeadReport, (edited ) to Polls
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When you close your window blinds, how do you orient your slats?

@NeadReport@vivaldi.net avatar

@benbloodworth This is exactly one of the considerations I was thinking about when I ran the poll.

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