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Dad³. #PHP #CSS #JavaScript #WordPress #BuddyPress Developer.

I run WPCharitable (a WP plugin for #nonprofit organizations to build campaigns and get donations), owned by Awesome Motive.

Toots and ⭐ are my own.

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Thanks to someone throwing a rock through my car window, I’m in the wonderful process of adding security cameras and updating my Wi-Fi. For the first time I’m going to try using a Wi-Fi extender and see if that improves the signal and the other end of my house.

If that doesn’t work, I might be shopping for a new router. If there’s any place to talk/vent tech, it would be here.

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@theofrancis interesting. Well, I am keeping in mind a return policy. What did you get? I assume you add that to existing router or does that come with one (stupid question alert)?

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(A "better" way to) listen to a web page in Mobile .


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"How and WHY to make a /now page on your site" (with #WordPress instructions). #blogging


"It has a nice side-effect of being a public declaration of priorities. It’s a good link to give people when saying no to invitations and distractions."

(Noting for the idea although not sure how often most would keep this up).

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Popover element entry and exit animations in a few lines of


(Technically works in Firefox, but better in Chrome).

via @pawelgrzybek

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"Clever code is probably the worst code you could write... and clear, readable code is probably the hardest to write."


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"Why we're lucky is here" via @davew


"WordPress is, among other things, a perfect time capsule of open technologies from the early days of innovation on the web."

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I point to this post also for the community who should also have been asking the same question for a number of years even before COVID.

The last couple of months I’ve had numerous discussions on this topic with longtime developers in the community. Those leaving the community for whatever reason or one thing, but not focus on whose entering.

Next time you go to a WordCamp look around and see how many people are there under the age of 25 not with parents. https://drupal.community/@ultimike/112479234829553220

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And this isn’t just #Drupal #WordPress - other mostly older products and technology communities are realizing the same thing. It’s a bigger trend and I think bigger than (at least for some of these communities) simply what competitor you have to worry about.

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noTunes is a application that will prevent or Music from launching.


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gifski converts frames to animations producing animated GIFs that use thousands of colors per frame. Impressive.


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"Rethinking Text Resizing on Web"


In-depth look at:

  • The problems encountered on mobile web when relying solely on browser zoom.
  • The challenges of introducing changes that would impact the workflow of all frontend engineers.
  • The benefits seen since launching these improvements.

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"For no good reason we made it so users can see where the space where the feature will go but will have to wait until the next release."


#webdev #memes #ux #software

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“Why don’t we talk about minifying anymore?” https://blog.sentry.io/why-dont-we-talk-about-minifying-css/

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"38% of webpages that existed in 2013 are no longer accessible a decade later." 😞


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At this point, if you go to #Bluesky just to document bad things happening to that particular social network or to report back to #Mastodon what people on a social network say about people here… I envy the time you have at your disposal.

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A long list of (advanced) #JavaScript questions, and their explanation (created in 2019). #Programming


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Everything has an overhyped cycle (usually in the beginning of its introduction to a critical mass but not always).

If you’re reading this on Mastodon then you’ll likely rightly think about etc.

But also etc also had theirs. Maybe you weren’t around for them. And these (and more) have settled into reasonable realistic expectations. It’s a pattern.

Point? Maybe none. But pointing out overhype maybe is something some don’t bother with.

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Five Basic Things About #JavaScript That Will Help Non JavaScript-Focused Web #Designers

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When it comes to I see:

  1. Glass half full
  2. Glass half empty
  3. Potential for glass to be great.
  4. Potential for glass to be misused.
  5. Want to know how the glass is made.
  6. Question if it's a glass.
  7. Where am I and why is there a glass in front of me?

(see next post).

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What's new in 8.4

via Brent at stitcher.io.


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