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Obsessed with search engines, databases, and online information collections forever. Writing books & such since 1996, ResearchBuzz since 1998. Autistic and too tired to hide it. Pronouns: she/they/hey you.

We could be doing a lot more with authoritative structures (and without AI) to make good Web search.

Strongly recommend you read my pinned posts before you reply.

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researchbuzz, to Law
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'With opening statements starting today in the historic trial The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump (# 71543/2023), Chief Administrative Judge Joseph A. Zayas and First Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Norman St. George announced that trial transcripts will be available to the public on the court system’s website at https://ww2.nycourts.gov/press/index.shtml'


StillIRise1963, to random
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We'll have the opportunity to fix every single thing they destroyed here to make them the way they should have always been.

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@StillIRise1963 I got pallets and pallets of Redline-B-Gone

skinnylatte, to food
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You know how dim sum means ‘touch your heart’, in that the food is so wholesome and good that it warms your heart (if you don’t feel heart warmed from dimsum, find better dimsum)?

I’ve been thinking about how even though I didn’t grow up on corn, things with masa feel that way for me. Tortillas, pupusas, arepas: it’s not my culture really but it’s sort of one of the only other things where I feel this, I suppose, heart tingling feelings of happiness and warmth

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@skinnylatte tamaleeeessssssss

researchbuzz, to fishing
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'Atlantic surfclam, an economically valuable species that is the main ingredient in clam chowder and fried clam strips, has returned to Virginia waters in a big way, reversing a die-off that started more than two decades ago....Rutgers scientists found the population to be thriving and growing. A likely reason could be that environmental conditions improved, and another possibility is that the clams adapted...'


researchbuzz, to random
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I love people who are into doing weird random harmless things


researchbuzz, to drones
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"Clark Lupton mounted a 1984 Polaroid Sun 600 camera onto his drone, which was fitted with a remote motor to click the shutter to take photos. This was a very clever way to mash the old with the new, with excellent results."


researchbuzz, to random
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I have no reason to doubt her but holy shit this is depressing

"Get a male cofounder. Women raising money without a male co-founder have no better odds than they did 30 years ago. Women pitching companies in the US is like women driving in Iran: you need a male escort."


lauren, to twitter
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I've been using social media since long before the term "social media" was coined (e.g. Usenet, the earliest ARPANET mailing lists, etc.) I've avoided Facebook all along, used quite a bit in its heyday (and maintain an account there that I keep locked now), and I used Google Plus quite heavily. I have accounts on Post (which is about to go dark, apparently), Bluesky (rarely look at it), Threads (hardly ever visit), etc.

Of course the scale of these can be vastly different. An ARPANET mailing list on the subject of wine tasting with a few hundred members was enough to trigger a Pentagon colonel coming out to sites to remind us all about appropriate usage of a Defense Department funded network.

That didn't change anything of course, and eventually DOD realized that such lists were pushing the evolution of email tools rapidly in very useful ways.

Did you know that the very first ARPANET mailing list Digest was for SF-LOVERS (science fiction discussion, obviously) and was created quickly as a "temporary" expedient because the direct (immediate) distribution list had gotten "too large" (probably still just hundreds) for available resources? The digest format created for that situation has remained largely unchanged since then and is still widely used on the Internet today.

I mention all this because in some ways is a throwback to those very early days (with Usenet being perhaps the closest parallel, given the Mastodon topological model). And Mastodon still manages to be quite "low pressure" in significant ways, even as your follower count goes up (which is the exact opposite of the situation on Twitter, even before Musk took over).

That is, when I check here in the morning, I don't usually feel the need to steel myself for a deluge of potential nastiness.

And that's a good thing, especially these days.

That's all. -L

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"I mention all this because in some ways is a throwback to those very early days (with Usenet being perhaps the closest parallel, given the Mastodon topological model). "

agreed, though I like this UI much more than a UNIX shell account

researchbuzz, to random
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Today is the 26th anniversary of ResearchBuzz.

(I will swear to you on the religious volume of your choice that I did not know the meaning of 4/20 in 1998.)

I'm where I can see an upcoming anniversary where I will have been doing ResearchBuzz for over half my life, and that feels crazy.

I appreciate y'all who have stuck with me. No plans to stop.

robb, to random
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It's been a week since launched and we're about to hit 800 posts!

Some new features in the past week:

  • 🔨 Manage unused feeds and services from the dashboard
  • #️⃣ Mastodon hashtags no longer echo as html links
  • 📷 Flickr images get switched to the large version
  • ✨ Images now include alt text if available
  • 👀 There's loads more coming soon to improve customising Echoes

Thanks to everyone who's signed up, subscribed, boosted, tooted, and written about it 💕


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@robb When I posted about EchoApp on the ResearchBuzz Firehose it stayed on my "most popular post" list for over a day. You did good. 👍

researchbuzz, to random
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"Today, The Appeal published Locked In, Priced Out, a project that includes a first-of-its-kind database of prison commissary lists from 46 states. This project also examines the availability, prices, and markups of products across several categories, including food, hygiene, and religious items."


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@StillIRise1963 I knew about some of this but I didn't know how bad it was some places

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@StillIRise1963 To so baldly exploit the situation of your fellow human. Makes me sick.

researchbuzz, to random
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researchbuzz, to science
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"Life cycle diagrams are ubiquitous in science textbooks, and they may be due for some updates. A new study finds simple design changes in these diagrams can have a dramatic impact on the ability of undergraduate students to understand key biology concepts."


researchbuzz, to random
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I think both @bright_helpings and @StillIRise1963 might like this

'UNITE designed the Dignity Index, an eight-point scale that measures the level of contempt or dignity in a selected passage of speech. Lower scores (1-4) reflect a lack of dignity and the presence of contempt, with the lowest score (1) showing the most contempt. The higher scores (5-8) reflect language grounded in dignity, with the highest score (8) showing the most dignity.'


researchbuzz, to tesla
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'As spotted by Jalopnik, a routine visit through a car wash to get sand off the truck after a beach visit seemingly caused the entire vehicle to shut down. The center console went blank, turning the stainless steel monstrosity into a giant brick.... The vehicle seemingly needed a complete reboot, which was triggered by him holding down the two buttons the night before — but required five excruciating hours to complete."


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Sorry, I can't come in today, I have to reboot my car

researchbuzz, to trans
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'The Museum of Transology is organising what it calls the biggest trans activist event ever, by calling on people to donate objects during a nationwide collection drive.

In a collaboration with Trans Pride UK, the Brighton-based organisation is asking members of the trans community to take along “precious artefacts” to a drop-off point beginning tomorrow (Saturday 20 April).'


researchbuzz, to coronavirus
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'Thinking about getting a spring-time booster shot? A new study coming out of York University’s Centre for Disease Modelling in the Faculty of Science shows that immunity after a COVID-19 booster lasts much longer than the primary series alone.'


researchbuzz, to random
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I'm so glad I went to Tidal, part nine billion.

re: https://assemblag.es/

dalfen, to gardening
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@dalfen that looks delish! I love kale

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@dalfen I love cooking piergoies in the frying pan and then throwing some kale on the top at the end , covering it, and letting it steam for four or five minutes. It turns this wonderful bright green color and gets just a little chewy.

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@kcarruthers (autistic confusion)

StillIRise1963, to random
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It wasn’t long ago that men put women in mental hospitals for disagreeing with them or being disagreeable at large.

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@StillIRise1963 Two people in my family told me when I was a teenager that I was "too smart for my own good."

Can you imagine a young man being told he's "too smart for his own good"? I mean unless he was one of the sodding Hardy Boys?

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