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#MusicProduction, #Recording, #Mixing,
Making records.

These days a lot of #Mastering.

#Bikes #MTB #Books #Dogs #Animals
#Sober #IAmAnAlcoholic
#Desert person #Southwest #AZ #Arizona #Tucson
#Feminist #AntiFascist
Tango Pirate
Dandy Highwayman


Pretty freakin left, but I support Dems.


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After they rid the world of pronouns are Republicans going to go after verbs?

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I'm not obsessed with anything.

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The problem with jury selection is that anyone who doesn't have a negative opinion of Donald Trump is an idiot.

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I don't use apps for web content, I just use a browser, Mastodon included.

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I'm conflicted on obituaries not giving the cause of death. On the one hand, people have a right to privacy. On the other, the main person is dead, the information is sometimes useful to know, and the story is weirdly incomplete.

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At this point I assume anyone who dies and doesn't list cause of death died of COVID.

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We should stop bad people from doing bad things and punish them.

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We used to say about low end computers "It's good enough for browsing the web"

Now my old computers can do most tasks just fine but I need a new super computer to load web pages.

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My name is Keeper.

I am a neutered male, black brindle Boxer and Labrador Retriever.

I weigh approximately 52.00 lbs.

The shelter staff think I am about 7 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Mar 06, 2024 and am ready to go home today!


Beautiful dog with a sparkly holiday mask Caption: "Happy St Patrick’s"

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Old guy needs a home!


My name is Yukon.

I am a neutered male, tan and white American Staffordshire Terrier and Labrador Retriever.

I weigh approximately 89.00 lbs.

The shelter staff think I am about 10 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Mar 06, 2024 and am ready to go home today!


Beautiful dog. Caption: "I love you already."
Beautiful dog. Caption: "I am a super sweet boy."
Beautiful dog with a person Caption: "The SWEETEST old man loved his bathtime snuggles!"

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Roxy is the prettiest girl who was found as a stray and stayed with her finder as a foster for several months. She was injured when she was found and spent her time in foster recuperating and being a very good girl. She could be trusted to be left home alone, walks well on leash, likes hiking, loves toys, enjoys car rides, and is an affectionate girl who loves to be near her people.


IveyJanette, to random
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Kent State.

Let's see if he runs to mommy when the protesters bum-rush his speech.

#BlackMastodon https://fox8.com/news/controversial-speaker-at-kent-state-sparks-protests/

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Fuck him up.

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OK, I'm suddenly not clear how to give someone my Mastodon address when they are not on Mastodon.

Edit: Thanks, got it.


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Oh thanks, I just spaced out for a minute. I was trying @billyjoebowers

and it would give an error.

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No, it just does when I try to post it here, but putting the whole address in the browser gave an error.

kimlockhartga, to random
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How often do you all get a new phone? I just updated my smartphone after I had the last one for ten years.

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Uh, I got a really old used one 2 or 3 years ago, and then someone gave me their old one last year. That's my entire smart phone history.

It's more than adequate.

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AI music, like a lot of tech these days, makes me ask the question "What problem is this trying to solve?"

Do techbros think there is a shortage of music? There are endless cheap, free, license free music tracks available for everyone.

What makes this worth spending all these resources on?

KydiaMusic, to random
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I have heard some “decent” (meaning, believable) AI-generated songs, but most of them are cringe in some way.
And none rise to the level of art, because art is about human emotion and experience. At best, it’s mediocre pablum, a synthesized average meant to mimic what’s “typical” in whatever genre. It’s bland content, even when it could pass as human (content, not art).
It’s sad/funny how “prompt engineers” are sharing it as if it’s something to be proud of, tho.


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I've said one of the depressing realizations I've had in the last few years is how many people will be 100% happy with machine generated content, not matter how crappy it is.

If people can say "I like dolphins and spaceships" and can have a computer generate them stories/movies/songs about dolphins and spaceships they will be totally satisfied.

DemocracySpot, to random
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🎧 Mood.

"Digging Your Scene"
#TheBlowMonkey (1986)

🎬 Andy Morahan directed the clip.

#EddieFM #Music #UK


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One of the greatest pop songs ever.

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We should keep calling out Republicans for working for Russia, but they're not going to stop, they're just going to admit it and challenge us to do anything about it.

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I don't know why after all this time people keep insisting Elon Musk and Donald Trump, who are the same person for all practical purposes, are either making genius moves or spectacular mistakes.

They are both doing what they're told to do, and the reason is propaganda, always, not what they say it is.

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it's ridiculous to me the amount of queries being blocked by pihole. 23% of my dns queries are being shitcanned by the most simple of lists, plus the domains I hellbanned by watching my TV's dns queries for an hour while I messed around with things to try to turn off all of its ads and such.

23% of my dns traffic is ads and tracking and telemetry garbage.

I also use browser based ad blocking so that's probably doing a lot of heavy lifting on its own.


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My mom was just complaining about her TV and I told her how I had my old one fixed when it broke, partially because the new ones are so full of garbage, and I don't have the TV directly connected to the internet.

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I don't know how people can follow jury selection processes. I don't need to think even less of people at this point.

I was in one in court once and it made me very much dislike the other people there.

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Most of them were kind of laughingly condescending too and I think it was also pissing off the lawyers.

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This is going to work exactly the opposite of the way Elon thinks it will: The bots will pay and the regular users will not.


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I don't believe he thinks that, they know exactly what will happen.

18+ jlroberson, to random
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Anyone who would wear this beautiful baby's fur deserves to burn in Hell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIWjE1HmQEQ

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That might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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