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Republican Operatives Swoop in to Help Cornel West This Election (newrepublic.com)

”This helps take away votes from Joe Biden,” the activist told one person at the rally, according to a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) by a Washington Post reporter. “We’re helping the Trump team who’s trying to get him on there,” added a woman by his side.

OlinOfTheHillPeople, (edited )


Aaron Bean of Florida

Andy Biggs of Arizona

Dan Bishop of North Carolina

Lauren Boebert of Colorado

Mike Bost of Illinois

Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma

Tim Burchett of Tennessee

Ben Cline of Virginia

Michael Cloud of Texas

Mike Collins of Georgia

James Comer of Kentucky

Eli Crane of Arizona

Byron Donalds of Florida

Michelle Fischbach of Minnesota

Russell Fry of South Carolina

Matt Gaetz of Florida

Bob Good of Virginia

Paul Gosar of Arizona

Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia

Harriet Hageman of Wyoming

Andy Harris of Maryland

Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee

Kevin Hern of Oklahoma

French Hill of Arkansas

Wesley Hunt of Texas

John Joyce of Pennsylvania

Debbie Lesko of Arizona

Anna Paulina Luna of Florida

Thomas Massie of Kentucky

Brian Mast of Florida

Mary Miller of Illinois

Cory Mills of Florida

Alex Mooney of West Virginia

Barry Moore of Alabama

Ralph Norman of South Carolina

Andy Ogles of Tennessee

Scott Perry of Pennsylvania

Bill Posey of Florida

Matt Rosendale of Montana

Chip Roy of Texas

Keith Self of Texas

Jason Smith of Missouri

Greg Steube of Florida

Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin

William Timmons of South Carolina

Michael Waltz of Florida

Democrats: …


Marge, with today’s gasoline prices, we can’t afford not to buy a pony.


There are a lot of very red rural farmland and small towns who are angry at Seattle for having such an influence on them paying for their infrastructure.


What kind of tools do you use for something like this?

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