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Australian urban planning, public transport, politics, retrocomputing, and tech nerd. Recovering journo. Cat parent. Part-time miserable grump.

Cities for people, not cars! Tech for people, not investors!

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What cynical bastards!

"In a submission to the government’s review of copyright enforcement published this week, Google argued the government needs to consider whether copyright law has “the necessary flexibilities” to support the development of AI."


Australian prime minister labels Elon Musk ‘an arrogant billionaire who thinks he is above the law’ (www.theguardian.com)

Australia’s prime minister has labelled X’s owner, Elon Musk, an “arrogant billionaire who thinks he is above the law” as the rift deepens between Australia and the tech platform over the removal of videos of a violent stabbing in a Sydney church....

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@quicken @tardigrada Really great point.

If Albo really wanted to send a message to Musk, here's how he could do it:

  1. Ask all federal Labor MPs to stop posting on X, and start posting on Mastodon.

  2. Order all federal government departments and agencies to stop posting on X, and start posting on Mastodon.

  3. Bribe the states to do the same.

"Hi Queensland, guess what? We just found a billion dollars under the couch for a shiny new Olympic stadium. Hi Tasmania, likewise for your new AFL stadium. And look Victoria, here's a few billion for the airport rail link — we'll cover the cost difference to put the airport station underground.

"But only if you direct all your MPs, departments, and agencies to switch to Mastodon."

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@Ilandar @quoll You mean like the US government's Digital Millennium Copyright Act?


futurebird, to random
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Could we design a skyscraper & sewer system with the intent of creating ecological niches all through the building? Some of the work with green roofs touches on this... can your building handle rain like a forest, not produce fast run-off? Maybe even act as a water sink for less well designed nearby areas. You collect the runoff and get all the moss and plants your parking garage neighbor can't be bothered with.

Don't be mad about the bugs in the walls, design walls that attract the best bugs.

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@futurebird Here's a cautionary tale.

One Central Park in Sydney was an award-winning green development.

From Vogue in 2014:

"Sydney’s One Central Park complex says a lot about the possible future of our architecture: that buildings needn’t be a strain on the environment, that more high rise doesn’t have to mean less greenery, and that tall buildings may even be able to improve rather than diminish their surrounds. Designed by Atelier Jean Nouvel, One Central Park in Sydney’s Chippendale has been given 12 awards since its completion in December 2013: it took out the title of overall winner as well as taking out Sustainabilty Award at the international LEAF awards, and has just been awarded ‘Best Tall Building Worldwide’ by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in Chicago."


More from ArchitectureAU here: https://architectureau.com/articles/one-central-park/

Then, in 2022, the planter boxes literally fell off:

"2022 saw a planter box fall to the footpath below, with local Council calling for repairs to protect the public to take place immediately. Structural engineers have been assessing the safety of other planter boxes that adorn the biophilic building, with some boxes supported by ropes to mitigate risk, while 33 have been removed."


Oh, and it also turns out the planter boxes are flammable:

"Category A and B cladding – the two most flammable – were found on the doors, structures (Cat A) and planter boxes (Cat B) respectively, with the dispute currently before the courts after the Planning Department issued an urgent fire safety order in January in the wake of the cladding inspection."

More details here: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/a-planter-box-fell-off-broadway-s-green-building-that-was-just-the-start-of-its-problems-20231110-p5ej40.html

The building itself is beautiful — I used to work nearby and visited a number of times.

But beyond flammable planter boxes, the bigger problem with the building becomes apparent on street view.

That building on the right, covered in plants, is One Central Park.

It's on a congested six-lane stroad filled with cars and trucks.

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@CEOofmyhouse56 Tonight, I will try to avoid eating my partner's hamburger again 😂

ajsadauskas, to random
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There was no drone delivery future. There was never going to be a drone delivery future.

Just like there was never going to be self-driving Uber taxis. Or Amazon Go supermarkets on every corner. Or hyperloops. Or earth-to-earth space travel on SpaceX rockets. Or level-five full self driving Teslas.

Just like there will not be a general artificial intelligence ChatGPT in the next couple of years.

They were all scams designed to lure dollars from investors and generate good PR.

It was all bullshit. It was always bullshit.

Nothing more.


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@nini I'm sure some of those things will eventually happen, in some form, in the future.

But at the same time, the tech bros made out like their companies were going to deliver these things in the next couple of years, knowing full well that was not the case.

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@CEOofmyhouse56 @Duenan Fun pack of mini Mars bars?

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@CEOofmyhouse56 Also, a good sauv blanc.

That's not necessarily for the biscuit day — you have kids, you deserve it 😊

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@Seagoon_ @CEOofmyhouse56 And more often than not, the answer is lame.

"You'll never believe what this '90s heartthrob looks like now!"

It looks like him, but 30 years older.

And I would believe it, because he was famous 30 years ago.

"You'll never believe what the kids of this celebrity are doing now!"

Going to uni.

Because they're in their early 20s.

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@CEOofmyhouse56 So...

My partner and I were feeling lazy and we got Maccas.

And I kinda, accidentally, ate her burger.

I'm getting the silent treatment now 😞

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@CEOofmyhouse56 Yes 🤭

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@CEOofmyhouse56 It's okay, I have a hidden stash of chocolate for times like this...

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@airwhale @CEOofmyhouse56 Just as a precaution, at lunchtime I stopped by Maccas to get a replacement burger.

"I was only pretending to be mad at you," she now says 😊

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Where to now for North?

Smashed by a fairly ordinary Hawthorn side, with some big injuries including Day, Lewis, Jiath, Wingard, and Breust.

The big question: Is the issue North's list? Or has the game gone past Clarko as a coach?

"Meanwhile, North Melbourne coach Alastair Clarkson concedes his side is still a long way off the pace after forecasting the match would be an indicator of where his rebuilding outfit sits in its development.

"He was left in no doubt and North has now lost 26 of 27 games since success in Clarkson's first two outings at the helm early last year."



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@yo_eddy @afl And then a truckload of really talented footballers around that core.

Cyril, Burgoyne, Brian Lake, Luke Breust, Jack Gunston, Ben McEvoy, Paul Puopolo, Josh Gibson.

Also, he already had a group of very talented older players to work with when he got there.

Peter Everitt, Shane Crawford, Trent Croad, Nick Holland, Mark Williams, Richie Vandenberg...

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@kiranc @afl In fairness, Carlton arguably had a stronger list than North do now...

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@CEOofmyhouse56 I take it you're a North supporter?

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@CEOofmyhouse56 If it's any consolation, I barrack for the Hawks, and we're in a very similar spot in terms of being a rebuilding team...

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@Eagle @Gibsonisafluffybutt Our babies are like that too. As soon as either my partner or I open the fridge, they're in the kitchen too.

Just the other day, one of our cats was sleeping outside on a chair on our balcony. And no lie, within seconds of that fridge door opening, he was at my feet.

He sprinted so fast that not even Usain Bolt could have beat him!

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@just_kitten @Seagoon_ Ugh! That's a massive red flag. You definitely did the right thing getting out of there!

I had a past boss who was constantly taking digs at people behind their backs. Usually past employees.

Somehow, all these ex-employees were grossly incompetent and useless. They stuffed things up.

Never did he acknowledge any blame on his part. Not even, at the very least, for repeatedly hiring the wrong people for the job.


Sure enough, soon after a major client left. It was largely, ultimately, his fault.

And he refused to take any responsibility, blaming everyone except for himself.

Another time, soon after, he gave one of my colleagues an explicit instruction. She carried it out as he instructed. Then he told her off, claiming that he never said that.

(There were multiple witnesses who heard him say it.)

This became a pattern.

It sounds like your boss might be similar. And you did the right thing by leaving.

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@Lats @just_kitten @Seagoon_ For a moment there, I saw the author and thought it was the other John Clarke 😂

Which would have been utterly amazing!

That said, it still looks like a very insightful book...

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@Nath @Gibsonisafluffybutt It also depends on where in Melbourne.

There's plenty of arts, culture, live music, bars, sport, festivals, etc., in the CBD and inner suburbs. Between the trams and trains, inner suburban public transport is reasonable (better than most US cities, worse than many in Europe and Asia).

But then you get to the middle and outer ring suburbs — places like Knox or out Casey way — and it's a cultural wasteland.

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