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Good morning and Happy Wednesday!

Today is my official "Mastoversary." Now this account I made in November 2022, but my first Mastodon account as made today two years ago on Dot Social.

In these two years, my social media experience has been better. I've had more direct conversations with folks about so many things. Learned about more new music. Kept connected about politics, without as much of the...wild anger, bitterness, and screaming angrily into the void.

I am glad to be here with y'all.

Here's to the Fediverse.

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In the official Mastodon web client, under Preferences > Other > PUBLIC TIMELINES > Filter languages I selected only English and Italian. So why do I get toots also in other languages in my timelines?

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On the occasion of the Armenian #Genocide remembrance day, let us not forget that #Ukraine, #Russia, #Israel, #Turkey, Pakistan, Georgia, the #UK, #Canada and #USA / the #US are ALL guilty of helping Azerbaijan commit genocide against Nagorno-Karabakh's Armenian Christians in 2020-2023.

Israeli, Turkish and Ukrainian weapons were delivered to Azerbaijan via Georgia. Moscow greenlighted it to punish Armenia, and the West made sure its Israeli and Turkish allies got away with it.

#news #politics

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Please tell me, fellow people of #Mastodon, how could I sympathize with the US/West and #Ukraine against #Russia when all of these nations have the blood of innocent Armenians, Yemenis and Palestinians on their hands? How could I lie to myself or suppress my own inner conscience? How could I forget that BOTH Russia and the US/West/EU (including Ukraine) helped Azerbaijan commit genocide against Karabakh's Armenians, helped Saudi Arabia commit genocide in Yemen, etc?

#Israel #Palestine #politics

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I wish I had the cognitive dissonance that many liberals sadly seem to have on #Mastodon and other social media apps. I wish I were able to blindly support the US/West/EU and #Ukraine against #Russia, and just pretend that none of these nations played a role in Azerbaijan's genocide of Armenians, or #Israel's genocide of #Palestine, or Saudi Arabia's genocide of Yemenis, etc. But how could I live a life of lies? How do you do it? I applaud you and envy you. You are anxiety-free.

#news #politics

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Het is heel goed dat de Nederlandse rijksoverheid haar eigen mastodon instance heeft, hiermee maken we ons minder afhankelijk van bigtech als het gaat om social media en communicatie. Maar het aantal accounts van overheidsorganisaties mag nog wel wat toenemen.

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Leute, folgt doch mal dem @danielholbe. Der verklickert grad seinem , dass er ins wechselt und dass sie auf der Verlagsseite doch bitte das -Logo für seinen -Kanal verwenden sollen. Ich finde das grad sooo super. 📚🎉

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Newsletter platform — a popular rival to the reigning — has confirmed it is joining the later this year

> This means Ghost is joining the likes of , Instagram Threads, Wordpress, Flipboard, and others, in the "federated universe", containing decentralized social networks. Ghost's founder John O’Nolan explained in a post on Threads that users have been requesting federation,

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The Balkan web community is still pretty active on Twitter. Some of them tried to go to Bluesky, but it didn't work.

On the other hand, 90% of the community would be banned on Fediverse because of their retrograde, right-wing stances.

And it should stay that way.

#Balkan #Twitter #SocialMedia #Bluesky #Mastodon

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That was a first, today I met someone who said: “I know you from

👋 @CH_Idiotikon

I think transition from Twitter is now complete

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and Happy Hump!

How is your week going?
Have you been able to met your coffee quotas daily?

The for today could be considered even an exercise (no sweating, don't worry): try to say "thank you" one more time today for one thing of your choice.

Having said that, stay caffeinated and stay stafe out there, here's your daily ☕ coffee and daily open arms hug 🫂

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#GutenMorgen #Mastodon und #Fediverse,

zum Start des Tages eine Runde #Kaffee für alle!

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suddenly remembers the countless number of articles I've bookmarked on Mastodon sitting unread 😳😆 :blobcatlaugh:

noellemitchell, to mastodon avatar

I see is trending on . Every day is Book Day to me lol 😂 :blobcatread:

SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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Hey @Finanzwende
bekommt ihr eigentlich mit, wie groß ihr auf gefeiert werdet für den Neuzugang ? 🥳
Vielleicht ein Ansporn hier noch aktiver zu werden? Fans gibt es jedenfalls reichlich für eure hervorragende Arbeit😍

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My #PhD colleague at the #ANU School of #Cybernetics, @Amirasadi, has a session up for voting at #SXSW in #Sydney about the practical implications of #AI in #HealthCare - benefits, risks, dangers - and how to enhance health without causing harm.

If you're inclined, I'd really appreciate your help in voting for his session!

(Requires login, but we all know how to use plus addressing)

Thank you in advance everyone, really appreciate it, #Mastodon family ❤️

SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
SocraticEthics, to Ukraine avatar
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My first impressions with the , and . I am still feeling my way around the environment. I am not thrilled about having so many accounts all over the place and it doesn’t seem like they are all connected. I would eventually like to see a seamless connection between my Flipboard magazines, my Flipboard account, my mastodon account and my threads account. I would like to get to a place where I can communicate with my followers and build meaningful

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@WealthUp that being said I will keep experimenting to see where this takes me #fediverse #mastodon #threads #flipboard

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