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It's not so. Much that ms teams is bad. It's more like it doesn't want to acknowledge that other team messaging software exists even if it is a direct response to slack

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AI is vaporware. That's all it is, it's idiotic for basically every single final user use-case. We've had some for or another of AI for years, and it works EXTREMELY well when we restrict the lanes on how to use it. But the way we want to use it as general purpose when it's not there at all is nothing. It forces the user to "grade" AI's "homework" and that's bs


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I fucking hate news letters and just because ben from questing beast and the people from mothership (who seem like pretty nice people) say you should have one doesn't mean you should have one, or that it should be ok for you to handle strangers' emails

Why can't we rely on freaking . This is what RSS is for!!

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Tratando de pasar Rondo of Blood sin continues, o sea no va a pasar pero está chido jajaja


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I don't know how to feel about being acquired by

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Ohhhh I hand't realized that in the appendices for there's rules for Kindred-Class

I honestly like that way more than choosing class and kindred

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Ok intentanding ya el Stage 7 de Rondo of Blood


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I bought a small humidifer for my office, and damn it makes a difference. Why didn't anybody tell me about this?

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    @rooster I think I'm getting bangs

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    Been playing Symphony of the Night with a friend, it's his first time and I remember all of it just as it is happening xD so it's like I only remember the game from a game faqs guide I read

    Anyway. I watched a speed run record, 15:38, and there's so many bugs I had no idea were possible.

    But once I saw the person trigger the bugs I knew exactly was their beta was, and they did exactly as I expected. So I feel like I know this game way better than I give myself credit xD

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    The only sad part is that I'm playing it because I wanted to play Rondo. And he mentioned he hadn't played sotn but he loves metroidvanias, so I had to stop and play sotn instead.

    The amount of times I've skipped playing Rondo for sotn is heart breaking. Specially since RONDO OF BLOOD HAS THE BEST CASTLEVANIA MUSIC

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    I don't know if I've talked about Dicier. I think it's maybe my favorite independent and project

    It's a typeface, that's die cards and dominoes

    That means that you can type notation and you'll get a die

    For example if you type 4_ON_D12 you will get a roughly a pentagon with a 4 inside, suggesting a d12 that's rolled a 4

    it also means you can write dice as dice, but it will be super screen reader accesible

    It's also got a ton of stylistic sets


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    This Thunderbolt show is pretty good. Of course anything with this kind of soundtrack is going to win me over

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    Last night I finished my quarterly game of #TheMechaHack. It was so much fun! Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble not just getting a group but reaching quorum each session. For the final month I ran for two people, so I dropped a couple rules so that the game was easier to work with less pilot skills

    We played 7 out of 12 sessions planned

    Still this game is one I wholeheartedly recommend. It understands #Mecha as medium instead of forcing a genre on you. It's great ride

    #osr #ttrpg

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    @Tim_Eagon it's so good! And maleable

    I'm actually running it again, and seemingly I will have a full group

    But for this second series I'm switching the focus to a different faction and the tone from militaristic to more of a lost golden era one

    And after this series I'll run Aether Nexus, which is sort of an upcoming sequel to the Mecha Hack

    I really loved this game, and the setting it helped me, an the group, build

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    @Tim_Eagon also, if you haven't read Apocalypse Frame that's a good one as well

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    @Tim_Eagon I backed the digital version because shipping always comes back to bite me. It's good but it has a stronger setting so you might like that or not

    As I understand it it integrates The Mecha Hack rules with the rules from the mission manual

    And there are two big changes but that you can probably integrate

    • armour is now a die in the dice chain. so you roll and that's how much damage you ignore
    • you don't have a reactor die. Instead as a unit you have a Nexus die
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    LeviKornelsen, to random
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    If you are, by some happenstance, at all interested in Lamentations of the Flame Princess and unaware of the surrounding politics, this video title should clear that up for you instantly.

    51 minutes, man. Whoo.

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    @LeviKornelsen I copied the youtube transcript just for like idk

    this is a really weird little dude, whose words do not match at all the supposed posture he has

    And the thesis of the video is barely what's been addressed on the body of the video

    I'm particularly confused by a phrase he uses near the end " we're so constricted about how we're supposed to imagine and even talk" and his inability to imagine people using language and narrative in different ways than him


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    You know what? Let's get bought by a VC fund, buy every publisher and studio under the sun, dismantle companies with years of legacy in an attempt to consolidate and make leaner their process. And just as everything is working out well and our sales are as good as they could be... Let's lay off as many people as possible, maybe more! How's that for a laugh?

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    It often saddens me to think of the way "Epic Card Game" was abandoned, I loved it

    It's a card game in the spirit of but there's no "chase" you buy (rather bought) busters and knew what cards were in the pack

    that meant all strategies where available to everyone. And playing formats like draft was very easy and accessible

    The game itself was a production of Wise Wizards Games, a card game company built by former elite players

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    Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is required reading tbh

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    How common is it that when playing 4k in not the most recent TVs the image gets distorted? Are we back to 2003?

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