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Hi there 👋

Yet another UNIX lover :linux: :freebsd: :openbsd:
Sometimes also using Windows :windows:

Stay Open! 😎
...and have fun along the way of course! 😉

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jhx, to debian
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Small article about with and /
can sure be fun sometimes 😎 (Or I should rather say using a device under )


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Hope it helps 😉

jhx, to linux
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Awesome app to listen to some background noise including rain, wind, coffee shop, city sounds, etc. 👍

I always love to have some background sounds/noises on when working/learning.


jhx, to homelab
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Another great resource for all the / people out there 😎


jhx, to linux
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I always miss my / workflow when I boot into to do some work.
I have a couple of keyboard shortcuts on which makes working a lot easier. Also, rofi... enough said.
sometimes feels really clunky to handle.
Well, life I suppose 😂

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Very true!
Windows management on Windows is not bad... but not fast either... feels really clunky tbh!
I have my workflow here 😎
A tiling wm makes a lot of sense when the given workflow is mostly terminal based.

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Thanks for the hint, didn't knew about Powerrun before 😉

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That is what I do for the most part! 😎

jhx, to linux
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In case anyone else ever has some fun with and / on :linux:

By default the FORWARD table drops all packages...
To get vm's back on the net simply leverage to make the packets flow again:

$ sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i br0 -o br0 -j ACCEPT

You can install iptables-persistent to save the current ruleset so it is applied every time you restart the system. 😉

Did that on my workstation... I always fall for it. 😂

jhx, to windows
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Nice curated overview of used functions used in - for all those interested in reversing. After all, one most know the other side as well, so the good guys can counter it to some effect 😎


jhx, to homelab
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Great list of services for all the / folks out there 😎


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Exim can be quite the fun as well 😂

jhx, to sysadmin
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jhx, to windows
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Haven't yet tested this... but melting your screen seems fun 😂



jhx, to Shelly
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Fun in the morning....
My two plugs just went out - server rack and desktop.
I don't have a clue why they failed, let alone both at the same time.
The only thing that comes to mind is that there was a firmware upgrade....
fun for sure 😂

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Yeah, that really took me out of the loop this morning. They are for now unplugged.

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Good thing I got a week off from work.
But yeah... mondays really suck most of the time 😂

jhx, to xfce
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never let me down. The stability and usability really is from another world.
You can throw any workflow at it and it will not stutter, hang or crash.
Just the right thing for any Sysadmin doing work. 🙂

Combine this with or any and you got a match made in heaven 😎

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Agree with that fully.
It just works, no matter when.
I like my DE to not change - it has to work simply.
Been using it for a long time as well.

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I like to compare to a old mountain - it will not go away and stay the way it is 😉
Sid is a fine choice for running newer software - it is unstable not unusable after all 😉
I'm a stable guy 😎

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@array @jloc0
Good ol' and 😎

jhx, to homelab
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Time for some fun today 😎

jhx, to random
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A good one as well for certificate details using 😎

curl --insecure -vvI https://kernel.org 2>&1 | awk 'BEGIN { cert=0 } /^* SSL connection/ { cer
t=1 } /^*/ { if (cert) print }'

jhx, (edited ) to linux
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What's you choice on the server side? 😎

Given the following derivatives/distributions.

Eager to see what people prefer/run at work or at home. 🙂

jhx, to security
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Thinking about going deeper into soon.
I'm quite interested in malware and development side of it. Reversing not so much... but one can never say no 😉

Looking through at the moment finding some nice little projects to learn with.

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Did not know about it. Thanks for the hint! 😉

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