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BSD.cafe "Barista", Founder and System Administrator, Unix enthusiast ( #FreeBSD, #OpenBSD, #NetBSD, #DragonflyBSD, and #Linux ), with a keen eye for everything happening in this world and the fascinating beings that populate it. I enjoy #music, #photography, and, of course, #technology.
I'll be sharing posts about my interests. I'll also boost the posts from https://mastodon.bsd.cafe/@announcements.

Also https://blendit.bsd.cafe/u/stefano

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stefano, to microsoft
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Big companies can't go down.
Big company services will never stop.
Big companies have THE CLOUD!

juc, to random Italian
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Non ce la possiamo fare.
Non è possibile. 😑


"Se hai richiesto la CIE o ne sei già in possesso, attiva subito le credenziali CIE (livello 1 e 2): "


"Attiva credenziali CIE
(livello 1 e 2)"


"Hai già registrato la tua Carta di Identità Elettronica (CIE) sulla App CieID?"

uh...no? Si può?
Vabbè c'è la scelta alternativa...però adesso m'ha messo curiosità, scarico l'app.

"Attiva credenziali CIE
(livello 1 e 2) sul sito web"


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@juc No, impossibile. Sinceramente, la burocrazia italiana fa vomitare, e non dico altro. E ogni volta che sento la parola "semplificazione", tremo: aggiungeranno pezzi per "semplificare" qualcosa.

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@juc Spesso hanno una visione estremamente limitata. Appena ci sono i soldi, il primo pensiero è fare un commissario e un comitato per gestirli (che ne succhieranno buona parte). Sono tutti ammanicati con la politica e poco tecnici. Poi scelgono le soluzioni più comode e meno di responsabilità per loro - poco importa se chiuse o costose, in barba a tutte le indicazioni AGID. Ma sembra che in Europa le cose siano così un po' dappertutto, dunque...

stefano, to random
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Last night I was feeling down, but I knew it would be temporary.
This morning I woke up remembering how, many years ago, I was bullied, penalized, and mocked because I didn't want to use the "mainstream" systems (Windows - I'll write more about this some future posts).
"Because everyone does it" has never worked for me and will continue not to. I always believe that every problem needs its own solution; there is no "one size fits all" magic. I never exclude anything, and I avoid fanaticism, but I will continue on my path, as I always have.

One of my characteristics, since I was a child, has always been this. I listen to everyone, respect everyone, but I make my own decisions and take the responsibility.

Like the great Mama Cass said, "Make your own kind of music" is my motto.


#PersonalGrowth #BeYourself #Individuality #MakeYourOwnKindOfMusic #SelfDiscovery #NonConformity #TechLife #Inspiration #MamaCass

stefano, to FreeBSD
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stefano, to random
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For this , I want to thank everyone who still wants to own their data. Those who aren't swayed by seemingly valid and effective technical solutions designed solely to entrap. To those who don't believe in the flashy pages created by web giants that promise better results than others and sometimes sabotage competitors to create this illusion. Or embrace and extinguish the competition.

When all our data and activities are chained to the servers and infrastructures of a few entities, what will we truly own?

stefano, to random
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New iTerm2 release for MacOS. Reading the changelog:

"- Using OpenAI's ChatGPT API, iTerm2 can now write
commands for you, interpret the output of
commands, and guide you towards a goal.

stefano, to earthquake
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I remember this day well in 2012. I turned off the light at 1:15 of the night on May 20th after reading a book on my Kindle. I felt a slight tremor. It was said that it wasn't a seismic zone, so I thought it was just the tail end of a distant quake. I looked for information on my phone but found nothing. At 4:03 in the morning, I woke up to a strong quake. I heard objects falling and glass breaking (which I later found out were from my neighbor's house), everything was shaking, and suddenly, I started hearing the sounds of buildings collapsing. I was 10 km from the epicenter but only found out hours later. I immediately turned on the light, but the power went out. When the power came back, all phone lines were down, but my trusty 1mbit/sec ADSL was working. I was alone at home. I went outside and, having experience with earthquakes, urged my neighbors (still in disbelief) to run to the end of the street, to a parking lot away from all buildings. Roof tiles could fall. Strong aftershocks followed in the minutes after. They would continue for months, and occasionally, you can still feel them.

There were many collapses in the area. Together with a neighbor (a surveyor), we inspected the building and found no visible problems. It was a recent building, only a few years old. I went back inside to have breakfast around 5, much to the surprise of my neighbors who were urging me to leave. I turned on TV and news were still uncertain. They were just talking about a very strong earthquake in the norther part of Bologna). There were strong tremors all day long. It was a strange day. My friends wanted me to go to their place, far away. I decided to stay. My neighbors wanted me to go with them to the shopping center parking lot to sleep in the car. I stayed home. Some neighbors slept in tents in their gardens for months out of fear. That night, I just slept dressed on the couch.

There are many other details of that day that will stay in my mind forever.

#Earthquake #EmiliaRomagna #Memories #NaturalDisaster #Community #Survival #ADayToRemember #2012Quake #SeismicActivity

stefano, to Plants
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With just a little water and the right spot, it continues to reward us with its stunning blooms even after more than 70 years.

#Plants #Cactus #Bloom #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag

jhx, to xfce
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Small rant:

I use three monitors at work and now use two at home... which in itself is great.
But there is something that nags me.
When dealing with a multi monitor setup I tend to switch my focus too often between monitors. I ask myself if that is the way to go.
Thinking about rather using one and handling all the windows in different #Xfce workspaces - since switching is easy via keyboard.
Maybe this is just me... but I kinda feel a little disorganized - if that makes sense.

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@jcamos @jhx I've tried using multiple monitors many times and I don't feel comfortable. I'm old school, using multiple windows and workspaces.

stefano, to photography
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The silence of the countryside, broken only by the songs of birds and the whisper of the wind through the trees, is the perfect setting for a

stefano, to animals
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Ah, I love being in the tall grass on a sunny

stefano, to photography
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One of my favourite "windows", one of my favourite views

grunfink, to fediverse
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I'm glad to announce the release of version 2.53 of , the simple, minimalistic instance server written in C. It includes the following changes:

New user feature to search by post content (using regular expressions) or tag.

Added some (partial) support for Event object types.

Minor fixes: Allow unboosting your own posts (contributed by khm), CSS fixes for the Dillo browser (contributed by kvibber).


If you find useful, please consider buying grunfink a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/grunfink

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@grunfink Great! Thank you!

stefano, to ai
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After watching OpenAI's presentation and, even more, an excerpt from Google's presentation yesterday, I asked myself: is this AI, according to the big tech companies (especially Google - for OpenAI it's their core business, so I understand their perspective), truly what users want and need, or is it just another method to lock people into using their technologies, which are not easily self-hostable?

I'm not arguing for or against it, but I noticed that (almost) the entire Google I/O yesterday was focused on this...

stefano, to KindActions
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For today's , I want to thank the people who still know how to listen to others. Those who don't always put themselves at the center of the universe, but can also understand others. Those who strive to be well and make others well, not constantly fighting to prevail, dominate, outdo, or crush.
My gratitude today goes to these increasingly rare individuals.

stefano, to history
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stefano, to random
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I think that someone, at Microsoft, loves coffee:

Received: from DU6PEPF0000A7E3.eurprd02.prod.outlook.com
(2603:10a6:8:1:cafe::bc) by...

stefano, to linux
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stefano, to IT
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Putting today's events on the scale, it seems balanced:

Client 1: "The setup you provided on FreeBSD and dedicated hosting outperforms an expensive public Cloud. I'm very satisfied!"

Client 2: "To simplify DevOps, I want to use low-cost, low-quality external service and decommission our servers. Infrastructure costs are too high." (Four physical servers on a low-cost provider with consultancy for management).

And it's only Monday.

stefano, to random
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I've decided it's time to push forward with BSD Mail. I won't have time soon to set up e-commerce, automated payments, etc., so I'll launch a website where I'll explain services and technical details, prices (which I still need to define), and we'll manage things manually for now.
I don't expect overwhelming numbers, so the rest will come later.
Ultimately, what matters is making everything work well.

jhx, to random
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I love retro games, especially SNES/NES/N64 and GB games.
Modern games, except for some titles, do not fascinate me at all anymore.
This lead to being able to run machines that are in the "older" realm. Not having a dedicated graphics card can be a blessing for sure. Energy costs drastically go down and one can run quiet systems.
Besides, playing retro games is not taxing at all to the system - any system will do fine.
I miss the great stories older games told... nostalgia hits again.

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@jhx Some of my favourite retro-games have been re-implemented, like OpenTTD, Theme Hospital, etc.
But I'd also say Theme Park, The Sims and let's not forget Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Maniac Mansion, etc.
Yes, too many of them!

stefano, to linux
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Linux Day?

stefano, to Eurovision
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I was just a kid, but remember this Eurovision performance.
40 years ago.


stefano, to random
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Too late for a , too early for a

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