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Open Source Software Is Not A Democracy

vyr, to linux avatar

i have been asked to explain #Linux: it's a fork of #Google #Android intended for virtualized use on #Apple #macOS and #Microsoft #Windows desktops, although lately it's seen some uptake in datacenter applications

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I find it somewhat annoying and concerning that an essential tool like is broken on 24.04 since the end of February and there still is no update in sight.

Faintdreams, to linux avatar

hello! I need a Linux Text to Speech program to help me proofread (proof hear?) some fiction writing.

I'm rockin Debian KDE with Plasma.

Thanks in Advance for recommendations.

pixel, to linux avatar

hey users on the fediverse, is there a way to tile windows on KDE Plasma 6? I've seen some stuff about Bismuth but it doesn't look like it's functional anymore, is there anything similar?

ultima12, to MaxMSP German

Hi, I am a sound designer and engineer.

I like programming sounds with , and hardware synths, DAW's, etc. But tools don't matter in the end as you probably know, aesthetics do -- and reverb algorithms. Do you know any?

I spent too much time with and . I reaaaally don't like commercial ads. After all, is the internet post-modern?

My favorite emoticon is the smiling face with tear.

I toyed around with gabber:

jnv, to apple avatar

Found this article about leaving Apple. Hopefully there are enough tips here to help if you're stuck moving away from Apple software.

jpaskaruk, to linux avatar

If you are attempting to try out a desktop for the first time because you've had enough of Microsoft's shit but are feeling a need to scream in order to express just how frustratingly weird and annoying this operating system is...

I'm here for you. I promise to do my best to both validate your emotions and guide you towards the knowledge you need to be free.

happyborg, to linux avatar

Another person emulating LLMs today when talking about .

Apparently he's still using 7 because Linux is so buggy.


governa, to linux avatar

How to Append Text to a File in (Without Text Editors)

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cubeofcheese, to linux avatar

I feel like should try to become the most accessible operating system. The open source nature of it seems like it would be better at catering to the needs of communities with disabilities, and yet it doesn't appear to be competitive in

berniethewordsmith, to linux avatar

Alright. Another question. For a hard drive that doesn't have system files and it is used mostly for saving multimedia content, what would be the best file system so it can be read and written by Linux and Windows in a clean manner?

santiago, to linux avatar

Small detail about #LocOS you will notice only from a remote session. One core has very high usage for a simple screensaver.

It seems it’s not properly going to sleep afterwards. Maybe some ACPI issue or maybe because it has auto login and no auto lock. It’s a machine intentionally in free access.

For now I just set the saver as just blank.

#Linux #XFCE

RL_Dane, to linux avatar

Wow, the @PINE64 #PinebookPro turns five in late July.

My own unit turned three quite recently.

I wonder if there's a #Pinebook 3 in the works 😁

#laptops #ARM #aarch64 #Linux

midzer, to linux avatar

I never realized working (not gaming) on a computer can be fun.

Until I discovered .

mort, to linux avatar

The count of the is not looking good these days compared to any other is it. Maybe time to switch to or some other system which doesn't claim to find hundreds of significant vulnerabilities every day

Junicast, to linux German avatar

Why is it that in modern OSes we have to stick with the original format when saviing files with the OS dialogue?
Isn't it an easy task to convert say a JPEG to PNG? I'm a user btw.

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whatsgoingdom, to linux German avatar

Sollte ich jemals selber an einer #Linux distro arbeiten, würde ich popOS! Als Basis nehmen und meine distro "Ärsche" nennen


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jonobie, to random avatar

I used to be thrilled every time launched and was like "Do you want to install the update"? Yes! Free! Awesome! Works better!

...Now that they're owned by Canva, I have this fear that every update might be The One that starts the enshittification.

RockyC, avatar

@IchoTolot @jonobie The only reasons I keep around are for and .

The Affinity suite under / Wine is still plagued with issues, unfortunately, so it’s dual-boot for me.

Software development isn’t cheap, and I imagine that there just aren’t enough Linux users to justify the expense of a port. I would gladly pay for a version, but that’s just me.

GossiTheDog, to random avatar

For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft have decided to bake essentially an infostealer into base Windows OS and enable by default.

From the Microsoft FAQ: “Note that Recall does not perform content moderation. It will not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers."

Info is stored locally - but rather than something like Redline stealing your local browser password vault, now they can just steal the last 3 months of everything you’ve typed and viewed in one database.


Grant_M, avatar

@GossiTheDog The best current transitional experience for new users (imo) is . And as a bonus it runs excellent on older hardware as well. (A PSA for curious Windows users)

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