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X automatically changed 'Twitter' to 'X' in domain names, breaking legit URLs (mashable.com)

On Monday, it appears X attempted to encourage users to cease referring to it as Twitter and instead adopt the name X. Some https://twitter.com/t3dotgg/status/1777425000133468582 began https://twitter.com/___frye/status/1777432913497465082 that posts https://twitter.com/__justplaying/status/1777433986500853845 via X for iOS were...

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I noticed that recently every post on Proton’s blog has been an advertisement of their services.

They are hypocrites.

A few days ago they posted that corporations are bad because they collect fingerprints, profile users, etc., yet they are no better, as their mobile apps rely on Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) owned by Google to deliver notifications to their users.

In 2020 they wrote that they “may offer alternative push notification system”, but apparently shitting on corporations is easier than making actual changes. Four years ago.

Tarallo - selfhostable FOSS Trello alternative (feddit.it)

Hi! For the ones of you that use Trello, I made a simple to use and host alternative in PHP. It’s not a complete alternative like other projects, and I mainly made it to be able to host it on free PHP web servers while having control over data/attachments. It also support a basic importer for Trello JSON exports....

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Imagine not being able to upgrade your Linux because you have modified YOUR system to suit YOUR needs. Fuck them…

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Have you checked?

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UnifiedNlp has been abandoned. MicroG now has built-in MozillaNLP and DejaVuNLP.

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By default, none. You can install Google services, then your phone will use their proprietary NLP system.

You can also install microG (an application that pretends to be a Google service and connects to it, but sending minimal data, respecting your privacy) and then you will use MozillaNLP and DejaVuNLP at the same time.

MozillaNLP: you send a list of WiFi networks around you to Mozilla over the Internet, you get location data

DejaVuNLP: a local database built on your phone. When a GPS location signal is available, DejaVu fetches the list of WiFi networks and adds this list of networks corresponding to the given GPS coordinates to its database for later use

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Re-writing a 6-digit code is easier than tapping a USB device?

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And then, when someone (after years) comes across the post and sees that someone had the same problem, they can’t solve their problem because the comments were deleted. This is ridiculous.

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I’m the type of user who independently seeks information on internet forums before asking a question, because in 99% of cases, someone has already had the same problem as me.

I usually Google the phrase I’m looking for, adding the word “reddit” to it, and almost always get what I want. And I’ll continue to do so until the Lemmy knowledge base is sufficiently expanded to replace the Reddit knowledge base.

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It’s a shame Fortnite is top #1 and doesn’t support Linux… Even better! It’s just one checkbox for developers to make it work on Linux systems.

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Thank you merciful Google immeasurably for agreeing to delete data that you shouldn’t have collected anyway!

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It makes that it’s impossible to exit vim for even an experienced user, I guess

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Same 😄 Except I don’t have a Google acc

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