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An Ottawa-based Ross who is inspired by people who have interests and pursue them.

Physics degreed, engineering careered. Enthusiastic about makerism, science, food, culture and art/design. Inordinately fond of breadmaking and chair design.

Trivialities, ephemera and daily activities.
#Ottawa #Canada #maker

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ottaross, to sourdough
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Two batches of going this morning.

I've been having probs finding time to progress, so have often had a starter ramping up on the counter for several days. I constantly expect today I'll get it going.

This week I even had to break down and buy bread for the first time in years. That gave me the kick in the butt to get something going after breakfast.

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starter stuff you might know already:

A starter isn't just a yeast. It is a cocktail of a bunch of yeasts, something like:

50 % variety A
20% variety B
15% variety C
5% variety D
2% variety E
…then a bunch of others.

PLUS a bunch of bacteria
20% variety m
15% variety n
etc for o,p,q,r,s,t,u

If you have a starter for a long time, the ABCDEF + mnopqrstu cocktail churns along and probably evolves.

It's likely that your dominant yeast could change over the years…

ottaross, (edited )
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A few weeks ago a fraction of one of my starters ("Stewart") was rather neglected for a couple of weeks of irregular counter-top feedings due to schedule and I noticed it was behaving a bit differently. (You get to know your sourdough family over the years, and Stewart is about 10yrs old.)

I suspect this was a change, so I've saved that splinter faction, and am trying a loaf from it today.

Might need to rename the spin-off starter.

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A tip you may not have considered…

You should feed your starter the same thing (ie same flour) each time, to preserve the makeup of that cocktail.

But you can turn that around too: If you have several starters, mix a bit of each together and feed that w something else. It's a good way to breed say a rye starter.

Fed w rye flour over several feedings the bacteria and yeasts will re-balance on the new feedstock and optimize. You've now got a sour-rye starter.

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I like the term 'faction' for a sourdough starter spin-off, like a little bowl full of revolutionaries waiting to take over your kitchen.

Maybe I should name my new starter faction "Front for the Liberation of the Bread"

…or should that be the "Bread Liberation Front?"

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@YurkshireLad All the oppression of the proletariat makes them very sour indeed.

annaleen, to random
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fuck migraines that is all

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@annaleen seems like a bad week for them – certainly for me. I blame planetary alignments or something.

ottaross, to homeassistant
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Some techy stuff that'll hit all the hashtags…

As a bit of a project, I noticed my old is quite near my 3D printer (basement) and it just runs a server. It has more capacity than that, so I attached an old usb camera, loaded and wrote some to take a pic of the printer and stuff it into both a web page and a home assistant dashboard.

Some innovation though…

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…I don't have to turn it on when doing a 3D print job nor off afterwards. I just have it look at the pixels in the resulting pic and if it's mostly dark, it just discards it.

When I turn on the light and set up a print, the script starts keeping the now bright periodic pics and I can keep tabs on the print progress. It clears out older pics, keeping only the last few. A crontab does the timing.

Rather simple and shouldn't load the old RPi too much.

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@paarth oh yes, know about it already, but wanted to craft something of my own. :)

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Regarding Octoprint - it's an attractive all-singing/all-dancing controller for 3D printers I've long hoped to deploy someday. My little self-crafted project however is a light-weight solution on a very old RPi, with no printer connections needed.

My older (Monoprice) 3dprinters need in-person setup & operation too, so a remote controller isn't really practical anyway.

At home I also need any excuse to stand up I can find, so the walk to my printer is helpful to keep my blood moving. :)

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@justinto It seems like a good plan.

At a recent big-corp job I quickly made a rule that I couldn't use the coffee station on my own floor and had to go up two floors for coffee refills, and down two floors for bathroom use. That was helpful.

A bonus was that they had a fancy auto-espresso machine on the upper floors. :)

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@3DPrintingDad It sounds quite useful on a number of fronts. Will exploit that someday for sure, probably with a newer model of printer, and a definitely a newer RPi.

I suspect the support for the older Monoprice models isn't too great. Haven't looked for a while, but last I checked there wasn't much there.

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@dis Ah! Good to know, that does sound interesting.

rasterweb, to random
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If you run out of thermal paper for your toy camera you can just use a receipt from your recent trip to the store.

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@rasterweb ah! That's a great idea! Makes a very creative collage effect. I like it.

YurkshireLad, to tesla
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I know many people like the Cybertruck, but…..

You can’t wash it in direct sunlight and it has a “car wash mode”??


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@YurkshireLad one wonders if you have to go into carwash mode if it starts raining. Maybe getting rained on voids the warranty too. lol

ottaross, to random
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Attack all the things!

One of our cats ( heavily phototagged as ) is in puffy-tail mode since breakfast.

He's ambushing everything and pouncing everwhere all morning with frequent vocalizations of: "brrrp bloop murp moop."

Must be spring.

ottaross, to random
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Checks @istrumpinprisonyet
and back to work.

Could use another bot for "is $DJT a penny stock yet?" which is a rather fun thing to monitor.

bryanhansel, to photography
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"Those who have never seen Superior get an inadequate, even inaccurate idea, by hearing it spoken of as a 'lake,' and to those who have sailed over its vast extent the word sounds positively ludicrous. Though its waters are fresh and crystal, Superior is a sea. It breeds storms, and rain and fogs, like the sea. It is cold in mid-summer as the Atlantic. It is wild, masterful, and dreaded as the Black Sea." - Rev. George Grant, Ocean to Ocean, 1872

#photography #LakeSuperior #minnesota

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@bryanhansel The legend lives on from the Anishnabe on down…

@ottaross@mastodon.social avatar

@Starry1086 @bryanhansel yes, it's an evocative one. Sticks with you. :)

ottaross, to random
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Is it #petpeeve time?
checks watch
Oh, my watch says it's always pet-peeve time. Perfect.

When someone posts question to a discussion board (eg #stackExchange) like:

Q: "How can I fritz a doodad with C++"

and the replies are…

A: "Why not just use JibbleFritz?"

Instead of saying "You can do that with a tool called JibbleFritz, here's a link"

Anyway - that's it, that's the toot.

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@LillyHerself Yes! I'm always hovering on the edge of replying with "Which continent?"


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@qui_oui it's a weird insecure way of both proposing an answer and making a vague swipe at the person who posed the question. Ugh.

ottaross, (edited )
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@WTL I'm glad the community generally ignores that first one.

See also "please post a full listing of all your code" and "what exactly are you trying to do?" and then other helpful people below provide useful complete answers. lol

libreoffice, to foss
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Look! A #LibreOffice feature you may not know about 😉 When exporting a #PDF the "Hybrid PDF" option embeds the original file. Then anyone with a PDF reader can view the file – and LibreOffice users can edit it too: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Faq/Writer/PDF_Hybrid#What_is_a_hybrid_PDF_file? #foss #OpenSource

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@libreoffice yikes. Hope that's off by default.

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