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Longer hair than you.
Got the ⏻ symbol into #Unicode.
Open Standards / Source / Data geek.
Known as https://mastodon.social/@Edent on most social platforms.
Did an MSc in using the Metaverse for analytics.
Bit obsessed with #SolarPower but not quite a #SolarPunk.

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Edent, to random
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@example Testing CC

Edent, to random
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Without a doubt, this is the best Saturday night TV

liaizon, to fediverse
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hey @Edent, this seems like a place it would be great to have you chime in with your unicode username server prof of concept. I would mention it myself in the issues but maybe better for you to?

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@liaizon thanks - I've left a note.

Edent, to CSS
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🆕 blog! “You can't photocopy this blogpost (abusing EURion in CSS)”

Do you know about the EURion constellation? It is a pattern which is embedded into some modern banknotes and has a curious property. Most modern photocopiers will, if they detect the pattern, refuse to make a copy. Try it for yourself - stick a €20 note into your nearest Xerox machine and try to print […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/03/you-cant-photocopy-this-blogpost-abusing-eurion-in-css/

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@danieldurrans haha! I'll have to try it more banknote sized 🙂

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@danieldurrans Polizei! Polizei!

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@danieldurrans The FBI are on their way!

Edent, to random
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I know everyone hates © lengths,
but I think this Glasgow Wonka-inspired debacle highlights why people and organisations are so fiercely protective of their intellectual property.

Sure, your teenaged fan-fiction probably isn't going to do lasting damage to a beloved story. But global headlines about a shitty "experience" which references a name-brand probably will.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is 60 years old. It isn't exactly Dickens or Shakespeare.

Edent, to random
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Emoji Alchemy!

❄ + ⛄ = ☃
🌧️ + ☂ = ☔
🌦️ + 🌱 = 🌳
🔥 + 💧 = ♨️
🚰 + 🦠 = 🚱
🐟 + 🍚 = 🍣
🥕 + 🥬 + 🥒 + 🍅 = 🥗
🔒 + 🔑 = 🔓
🌌 + 🔭 = ☄️
🧔 + 💈 = 👨
🚬 + 🚫 = 🚭
🧬 + 🧫 + 🧪 = ☣️
🦘 + 🐨 = 🇦🇺
🥝 + 🧝 + 🐉 = 🇳🇿
🐄 + 🔪 + 🧀 = 🍔
🌽 + 🔥 + 🧂 = 🍿
👩 + 🎬 + 🎥 + 🎞️ = 📽️
🖌️ + 🎨 = 🖼️

Please reply with your own combinations.

Edent, to random
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Watched last night. What an absolutely stunning movie.

Gorgeous and deeply unsettliy. Every single frame - even the closing credits - was perfectly designed.

An utterly disturbing premise executed with supreme skill.

Easy to see why it is winning all the awards - and rightly so.

joeycastillo, to random
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“of little use”

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@joeycastillo I bet it can't even play MIDI tunes!

Edent, to random
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🆕 blog! “Movie Review: MAS*H”

After watching the First few series of the TV show "MAS*H", I thought I'd give the original movie a go. It isn't very good. Even if you ignore the rampant racism - and there is a lot of racism - you still have to content with the brutal misogyny - and it is toe-curlingly grim. […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/03/movie-review-mash/

sophie, to random
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I'm on a mission to enjoy aubergines. Please share your favourite aubergine (eggplant, if you must) recipes, the less slimy the better pls thanks

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@sophie Here's what I do - which is fairly simple.

Slice thinly, coat with large grain salt to dry out, press with heavy object, wipe salt off after 30-60 mins, fry or bake.

Edent, to random
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Testing an MP3 upload.
This is CC-BY from https://freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/sounds/725441/

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@popey any feed is a podcast if you listen hard enough.

robb, to random
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@Edent this felt very ominous when it popped up on my computer

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@robb haha! Well, at least my follow code works 🙂

bloor, to random
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So George Galloway won the Rochdale byelection?

Thing I'm not sure about:

Does he still have to stand for re-election when a general election comes? Or does the length of time in post mean his constituency doesn't get another vote?

Theoretically he could insta-lose in May or November?

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@bloor When Parliament is dissolved, all constituencies are re-balloted.
So, theoretically, the PM could call an election General Election today and Galloway wouldn't even have time to be sworn in before having to stand again.

Edent, to fediverse
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A question for scholars.
Why do some activities have a published timestamp and not others?

Creates and Announces have "published" properties.

Likes, Follows, Undos, and Deletes don't seem to have them.

Anyone know why that is?

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@christianp Not sure I understand that. You don't need a timestamp to be able to link to something.

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@maddyunderstars thanks. I guess I'm trying to understand why developers wouldn't choose to include it.

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@christianp I guess that makes sense.

Although I suppose a delay might cause an undo to arrive before the follow. But that's unlikely to cause serious harm.


jukesie, to random
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[blogpost] Old Man Yells at Cloud: Digital Gov edition

An opinionated whinge-fest from an old-timer with no new ideas 😆


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@jukesie @pikesley @Floppy
The irony being, if they'd listened in the first place then their data would be ready to be used in Machine Learning systems.

Edent, to android
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Does anyone know of a modern phone which allows call recording without root?

I'm currently on an aging 5T running and can record calls just fine - a button in the dialler lets me record straight from the line. I don't need to put it on speaker and record via the microphone.

(Looking for 1st hand experience, not search results. No need to reply to discuss the legality of call recording. I need root-less for online banking etc.)

Edent, (edited )
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As per all your very fine suggestions, I've gone with the Pixel Pro 8.

Cheapest place is Amazon for £800 - which includes free Pixel Buds - https://amzn.to/3TjjscQ

Plan for next week is to install @GrapheneOS on it.

If you have any tips, tricks, hints, or advice - please let me know 🙂

knotnicky, to random
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Excitingly just booked our tickets for @emf so that’s fun. Who will I see there!?

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@knotnicky Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Edent, to random
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🆕 blog! “Giving the finger to MFA - a review of the Z1 Encrypter Ring from Cybernetic”

I have mixed feelings about Multi-Factor Authentication. I get why it is necessary to rely on something which isn't a password but - let's be honest here - it is a pain juggling between SMS, TOTP apps, proprietary apps, and mag…

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/02/giving-the-finger-to-mfa-a-review-of-the-z1-encrypter-ring-from-cybernetic/

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@NHBoehm leave it as a comment on the post and I'll publish it.

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