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DemocracyMattersALot, to kentucky avatar

Jim Comer thinks a room full of salaried people for days on end is free. Jim Comer is a fucking idiot. WTF, Kentucky?!?!

#JimComer #GOP #Kentucky #NoRepublicansEverAgain #VoteBlueUpAndDown #ComerPyle


shekinahcancook, avatar


Well, it's Kentucky, that's what. Not exactly in the nation's top...anything, academic-wise.

#RedStateHellhole #KySucks #Kentucky

shekinahcancook, avatar
shekinahcancook, (edited ) to kentucky avatar

Always looking for ways to make the poor more destitute than they already are, like good christo-fascists do, they have succeeded in making it easier to strip people of the pathetic and inadequate Ky Medicaid system that already provides little care and steals people's houses when they die.

Because the children of the poor should be punished too, by taking their generational wealth away as much as possible. And if your child is disabled or has no other resources and ends up homeless, they don't give a f^ck.

These people are vile and disgusting.

shekinahcancook, to kentucky avatar

Judge and venue shopping now perfectly legal in Kentucky. The corruption here is off the charts.

Thatmermaid_J, to random avatar

Omfg that burger and fries was so good

shekinahcancook, avatar


Argh! Stop doing that. We're having scrambled eggs.

shekinahcancook, to Ethics avatar

Think you can file an ethics compliant against a Ky legislator who is taking bribes and enacting biased bills? Well, you can file one, but they'll just chuck it into File 13.

(That's the trash can, for you youngsters out there.)

shekinahcancook, to kentucky avatar

The Ky GOP knows good and well the public wants more choices in elections, so they're making sure nobody gets any choice.

And, of course, they intend to purge anyone who might vote against them off the rolls.

#RedStateHellhole #Kentucky #KySucks #GOP #RankedChoiceVoting #Elections #VoterSuppression #ElectionInterference

shekinahcancook, to kentucky avatar

It is now illegal in Kentucky to expose the illegal treatment or processing of animals.

When exposing crime is punished, you are governed by criminals.

#Agriculture #Whistleblower #AnimalWelfare #Kentucky #KySucks #RedStateHellhole

shekinahcancook, to kentucky avatar

Anybody want to bet on which social services get cut to pay for this new #Kentucky bill? I'm willing to bet housing funds is one of them. This is just a way for the Ky GOP to line their private prison buddy's pockets, without addressing any actual societal need leading to homelessness.

Because, of course, the poor deserve to be punished for being poor. Their evil god hates the poor. And so do they.

#ChristoFascism #Homelessness #Encampments #PrivatePrisons #GOP #RedStateHellhole #KySucks

shekinahcancook, to workersrights avatar

Republicans Have Plans for Working People

By Rebecca Gordon, originally published by Tom Dispatch April 17, 2024

"...Project 2025 doesn’t launch the typical conservative attack on the very concept of such a wage. It does, however, go after overtime pay (generally time-and-a-half for more than 40 hours of work a week), by proposing that employers be allowed to average time worked over a longer period. This would supposedly be a boon for workers, granting them the “flexibility” to labor fewer than 40 hours one week and more than 40 the next, without an employer having to pay overtime compensation for that second week.

What such a change would actually do, of course, is give an employer the power to require overtime work during a crunch period while reducing hours at other times, thereby avoiding paying overtime often or at all..."

In case you were wondering if the GOP still supports destitution.

futurebird, to random avatar

Husband: There's a spider on my shirt can you get it?
I catch the tiny grain sized spider
Me: I'm feeding this to the girls!
Husband: Nooooo! That's horrible.
Me: But they love spiders the most...
Husband: You have to give it a chance put it outside.
Me: It's too cold it will die. Let me just feed-
Husband: 🥺
Me: OK fine. I'll put it on the bookshelf.

I leave the spider in an open tiny glass vial on its side on the shelf.

The spider is lazy. When I get home it's built a web in the jar.

shekinahcancook, avatar


Maybe it was just bored and hungry...

shekinahcancook, to conspiracy avatar

There truly is a conspiracy theory for just about everything. Is it aliens? Atlantis? Giants?

Just, why?

"Star Forts Are Military History, and the Base of Some Strange Conspiracy Theories - Examining why these ubiquitous, obsolete fortifications carry an air of mystery."

by Colin Dickey April 15, 2024

"...As massive structures meant to withstand direct hits from cannon fire, they’re formidable and not easily removed... What lies behind these structures, then, is a fully accessible but bizarrely complex archive of architecture and military history... We are doomed, it would seem, to be surrounded not just by structures that not only outlast us, but whose very nature eludes and confounds us.

...“the starforts that remain today, either intact or in ruins, were part of a far larger network of a lost civilisation [sic] that spanned pretty much—as far as we can tell—the entire Earth."

shekinahcancook, to nuclear avatar

The Famous Photo of Chernobyl’s Most Dangerous Radioactive Material Was a Selfie
The Elephant’s Foot would have killed anyone within a couple of minutes.

by David Goldenberg January 24, 2016 Updated: August 10, 2022

"... This picture first came to America in the late 1990s, after the newly independent Ukrainian government took over the plant and set up the Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology (spelling often gets changed as words go from Russian to English). Soon after, the center invited other governments to collaborate on nuclear safety projects. The U.S. Department of Energy tapped the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories (PNNL)—a bustling science center up in Richland, Washington—to help..."

revkin, to mastodon avatar

Still finding it hard to make a regular stop in my social media interactions. I'll keep trying to find the utility; I sense it's improving a bit. Here's my discussion of the fine PBS series A Brief History of the Future.

shekinahcancook, avatar

@FinchHaven @revkin

Many of us don't watch YouTube if we can avoid it, so if that's all they've got, well, hard pass.

hauntedhideaway, to random avatar

It's after lunch. This means I am super cold for no reason what so ever. Time to turn the space heater on. In mid-April.

shekinahcancook, avatar


My Tuesday on-site client is in an upstairs office of an old, old building. Today the A/C would not come on no matter who fiddled with it. Tried changing the thermostat battery, everything we could think of. And of course now there are no operable windows. So we were melting.

lonestarplate, to austin avatar

In Austin, apartment complexes with fire suppression sprinklers are not required to build a window in every bedroom. Natural light is key to human health.


shekinahcancook, avatar


It is ridiculous to presume sprinkler systems are adequate, that water will not fail, and that no one will need to escape from a bedroom. Whoever voted to approve that ordinance should be held personally liable for the costs of remediation.

shekinahcancook, to random avatar

Funny how over-criminalization is only a thing when it affects white republican insurrectionists.

This is, of course, just a back-door way of the insurrectionist supreme court to eliminate or downgrade the charges against trump.

I'm sure nothing will change in regards to charges against people of color or progressive protests.

BryanGreyson, to random avatar

Mhh, Proton Calendar still seems to not have an "import birthdays" and "import holidays" function, meh. 😢

shekinahcancook, avatar


You can import any standard format calendar dataset. In addition to holidays, I have moon phases, astronomical events (meteor showers etc), and daily study linked to my Proton calendar. I'm not sure about birthdays. I just added my list manually when I first got it.

2d, to trans avatar

Is anyone down to start a transgender religion so that we can finally start having some rights and freedoms in this godforsaken country

I’m just spitballing here but maybe this could help us create a stronger community as well as give us legal foundation for things like HRT that would be more difficult to fight in court.

also i really want my own Wikipedia page and i think becoming trans god is the perfect way to do that

shekinahcancook, avatar


The IRS definition of a religion for nonprofit purposes includes having a fixed charter, texts, or documented set of beliefs; a broadly accepted schedule of holy days and regular meetings, and a study and ordination process for officients.

So it can be done.... I'd pick a gender bending god or mythological being that already exists in some culture's literature and go from there. That way there's a historical basis. Your application has a nonzero chance of being assigned to a reviewer who is right wing or christian. Having a historical basis is the way to sidestep a possible rejection.

futurebird, to random avatar

The way the supreme court is acting the chances of me living on the lamb in two years publishing illegal political 'zines on old ditto machines in people's basements is increasing far too quickly.

I like teaching math and having a mailing address and phone number.


shekinahcancook, avatar

@futurebird @cpm

Anything that can bypass the mainstream channels is good. Ham radios are also an option, as well as pirate radio broadcasts. Now might be a good time to start getting equipment and learning those skills.

TexasObserver, to Texas avatar

Previously: As #drought rages across #Texas, a high-tech chemical company has purchased the last available #water in the Nueces River to make hydrogen and ammonia for export.

#ClimateChange #environment #news #politics #SouthTexas #USpol #pollution

shekinahcancook, avatar


Shouldn't be a problem, since the govt of texas does not believe in climate collapse, right?

arstechnica, to random avatar

ISPs can charge extra for fast gaming under FCC’s Internet rules, critics say

FCC plan rejected request to ban what agency calls "positive" discrimination.

shekinahcancook, avatar


Time to bring back LAN parties?

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random avatar

1/… I'll ask a favor of you.

This trial hasn't even started yet, not one witness. Yet...

I'm getting Doomers galore in my feed.

A Trumpy helped convict him in an earlier trial.

The prosecutors are vetting the jurors carefully.

I am not Dooming. Not yet.

Can we wait for the trial to be in full swing before predicting the worst possible outcome? Or do people thrive on constant pessimism? I just don't.

Thanks so much for listening. Let's try to be hopeful.


shekinahcancook, avatar

@benroyce @GottaLaff

That's easier said than done when everything going on has turned your whole being into a raging river of lava. Just saying. 🌋​🌋​🌋​

arisummerland, to random avatar

Being awoken at 5:39 AM to a tornado warning wasn't quite how I thought this Tuesday would begin... I am glad that my weather radio works!

I got the thunder shirts onto the dogs and got the chickens up early. Miles decided that he was going to bark at the thunder all morning, though. That's his thing now. Bark at it, and maybe it will go away.

I don't think anyone else in the path of the storm had damage. There was a twister on the ground in a county further south around 4AM-something, though.

My local NPR station now has a policy of being on the air constantly when there is an actual warning within their listening area. I think this policy changed after the 2019 tornado. It's a good policy change.

Being up and about that early allowed me to get my cat to the vet for surgery, run some errands, refill the big water jugs, and do all sorts of adult achieving things this morning. Now I'm back in bed for a bit to rest.

I do feel as though my storm PTSD is lessening a little bit. But I think part of that was having early warning, having lots of information, and having a good radar app. I could tell by looking at the radar that we were not going to be hit by the belly or a significant arm of the storm.

This time.

shekinahcancook, avatar

@arisummerland @peribotsarah

That sounds terrifying!

cookie_mumbles, to random avatar

We’re out of original sin, only store brand I’m afraid

shekinahcancook, avatar


What? No organic? No preservative free? No non-GMO? This is an outrage.

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