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Programmer working at Google. Python core developer and general FOSS contributor. I also post some parenting content.

#python #programming #foss

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pganssle, to python
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Oops, someone made it so that you could lazy-load dateutil submodules over 4 years ago and I never cut a release including that.

That has now been rectified in python-dateutil version 2.9.0. Enjoy: https://pypi.org/project/python-dateutil/

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Also it turns out I set up release automation for dateutil over 3 years ago and completely forgot about it and only ever used it once. Thanks, past me!

Cutting this release has made me nostalgic for the days when I was a conscientious, responsive and organized maintainer 😛

y2mango, to random
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No leap year bug reported for Mango Baby today 🎉

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@y2mango You have jinxed it. Now you are going to get a report tomorrow that says, “Cannot report bugs on Feb 29” 😛

glyph, to random
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Proposed new jargon: “toothbrush botnet” to mean “unfounded public panic about an information security threat derived from incompetent journalism about hypothetical scenarios”

Example usage: “it turns out juice jacking was just a toothbrush botnet”

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@glyph Wait is juice jacking really a toothbrush botnet? I bought USB condoms for nothing?

I guess I always thought of it like plugging a random USB device into my computer. Actually a dangerous thing to do, but also if you spent all day plugging random USB drives you found or got at conferences into your device, the modal outcome is that nothing bad would happen to you.

mkennedy, to python
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Looks like I won’t be speaking at this year folks. That's 0/8 talks (accepted / submitted) over the years. You'd think just by the numbers one of them would have made it in. Oh well. Here are my 3 talks that were not accepted.

  • 20+ Cutting Edge Python Frameworks, Packages, and Tools You Should Know About
  • Python's Types: 5 Amazing Ways Python Type Hints Will Supercharge Your Code
  • HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript
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@mkennedy Do you ever make your proposals publicly available? I have never been on the PyCon committee, but I would be willing to take a look and give an opinion.

I usually get a talk in, though I don’t know how much of that is from being good at writing proposals and how much of it is other factors (choice of topic, track record as a speaker, position in the community, etc).

This is the proposal that I got accepted this year: https://gitlab.com/pganssle/proposals/-/blob/master/pytest-unittest/2023-pycon-us-pytest-unittest.md?ref_type=heads

It was rejected last year on favor of this one: https://gitlab.com/pganssle/proposals/-/blob/master/datetime/2023-pycon-us-working-with-timezones-redux.md?ref_type=heads

The year before that I gave this talk: https://gitlab.com/pganssle/proposals/-/blob/master/upstream_bugs/2020-pycon-upstream-bugs.md?ref_type=heads

(Originally scheduled for 2020)

henryiii, to random
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Using Charlie Marsh's UV (pip/venv replacement) as a nox backend drops the time taken to build docs from 22 seconds to 4.2 seconds!


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@henryiii This is honestly pretty shocking to me. I would have been confident that the bottleneck for pip was disk I/O and network latency, in which case rewriting in Rust would not really matter.

Is pip just slow now because of the resolver? Or is pip leaving a lot of performance on the table?

freemo, to random
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If there is one thing that I learned from TV is that you can survive a fall from any height so long as someone catches you at the bottom.

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@freemo That is actually a myth. I have played a lot of Minecraft recently and the actual rule is that if you fall into water you won’t be hurt at all, no matter how shallow the water.

If you are working at high heights, it is best to keep a bucket of water on you in case you fall.

brainwane, to random
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I dislike that language acquisition often involves saying aloud a lot of sample sentences that are not true.

My husband does not live in Osaka!

My aunt's book is not on the table!


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@brainwane The comprehensible input people apparently agree with you, since they think you basically don’t talk at all until you basically know the language 😛


hynek, to random
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I am once again reminded how much I hate reading paper books. My ebook reader is in a very prominent space on my home screen & there’s zero friction for me to read. So I read a lot.

When I read a paper book it takes me so much activation energy to take up the damned thing. Like I’ve been trying to read “Salt Fat Acid Heat.” for 2 years solid but I’m still fighting the preface.

One of the main reasons is light and me trying keep my flat dim in the evenings for better sleep. Maybe in summer…

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@hynek I don’t know how much I hate reading paper books because I don’t think I’ve read one in 12 years or so, but I was surprised at where this went. For me reading on a phone or tablet is not nearly as good as reading on a front-lit epaper device. Once the Kindle Paperwhite came out I was like, “Well, never need to read a physical book again I guess!”

pganssle, to esperanto
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One thing I really like about is the infix -iĝ- which refers to becoming, it basically makes words intransitive, like:

So ruĝa = red, ruĝiĝi = to blush
naski = to give birth, naskiĝi = to be born
edzi = to marry, edziĝi = to get married

There is a similar (maybe annoyingly so) infix for “to make/cause”, -ig-, which makes them transitive:

morti = to die, mortigi = to kill
riĉa = rich, riĉigi = to become rich, riĉigi = to enrich

Those and the question marker “ĉu” are features I often wish I had in other languages.

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These are just two of the affixes, by the way. I really liked the whole system of them, it makes it pretty easy to quickly build a big vocabulary, and it’s very expressive: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Esperanto/Appendix/Table_of_affixes

-ul = person characterized by (juna = young, junulo = a youth)
-ej = place characterized by (lerni = to learn, lernejo = school)
-ilo = instrument (skribi = write, skribilo = writing implement)

They can also be used by themselves, like:

iĝi = to become
ulo = dude, chap
ilo = tool

pganssle, to random
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We are far too informal these days, which is why I’m taking a bold stand against the rampant use of Nicholasnames.

Thank you for coming to my THEODORE Talk.

webology, to random
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❓ Since RSS 2.0 is the default in Django these days, is there any reason to include an ATOM 1 feed?

I had two reports from two different Discord channels that don't seem to like my RSS 2 feed despite it validating with numerous check and monitor tools.

Anyone have experience with this?


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@webology @cnx noticed that my Atom feed was broken and he seems like a discerning consumer of technologies, so he might have opinions…

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@cnx @webology Oh, weird. I don’t think I configured that feed content thing at all, so that must be the default of whatever SSG I’m using for the blog…

pganssle, to random
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There’s a website I use all the time where the log-in mechanism involves sending a code to my e-mail address.

Anyone know of a simple way to write a script that retrieves that code? I can set up a custom e-mail address on any free provider and have all these “log-in” e-mails automatically forwarded to that. Is the best way to use something like imaplib?

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The other thought I had was that I’d set up a local e-mail provider. Normally I’d be afraid of getting on an e-mail blackhole list or something, but presumably deliverability is less of an issue if you never send anything?

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@LouisIngenthron Any pointer to how to do this?

webology, to random
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People don’t understand planned obsolescence. https://bsd.network/@sjmulder/111807278606787147

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@webology I don’t really think the phenomenon described there s planned obsolescence, it’s more like a hydraulic principle. Hardware gets better and suddenly there’s a lot more room to trade off performance for developer time / functionality, etc.

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@webology The popularity of Python is in some sense a side-effect of this, since in a lot of cases it is a lot slower than compiled languages, but companies adopt it anyway because compute is less expensive than developer time.

pganssle, to random
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“Hey look, they have video games for the Switch here; maybe we can try something other than Minecraft?”
My 6 y/o: “Cool! Is everything square in this one, too?”

(I think it was a deal-breaker if the answer was “no”)

gpshead, to SEC
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The U.S. SEC's twitter account “did not have two-factor authentication enabled”. In 2024. For reals.

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@gpshead Interesting, I was not surprised by this because last time I checked, Twitter was only supporting SMS 2FA(and IIRC Twitter once used those numbers for advertising), which I assume is incompatible or massively inconvenient for an org account, but it seems like they have improved the situation a lot since then.

webology, to random
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🎧 I'm trying to figure out the least annoying way to load an audiobook onto my phone so I can listen to @pluralistic's
Enshittification audiobook as one does on a Saturday morning.

📚 I'm on a Mac, and I thought that was the Books app, but it's not showing up on my iPhone. Excellent start and an example of enshittification.


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@webology @pluralistic Probably not the easiest way to do it if you just want one audiobook, but I put audiobooks on my phone by turning them into podcasts: https://github.com/pganssle/audio-feeder/

Here is a docker-compose configuration: https://github.com/pganssle/audio_feeder_docker

@pganssle@qoto.org avatar

@webology @pluralistic There are some complications if you just serve it locally like I do, particularly with iPhones, because almost all iOS podcast players are apparently awful, and everything except Apple podcasts apparently needs to serve the audio from their own servers for some reason or something like that, but if you make it Internet-facing you won’t have any problems I think.

pganssle, to random
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My 2-year old was mashing keys on my keyboard and somehow summoned an emoji picker (something I’ve been meaning to configure for ages), and I can’t figure out what he did…

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@brettcannon Yeah, Arch using Cinnamon. Doesn’t seem as useful as I had hoped anyway because it seems like you need to select the emoji with a mouse anyway?

I am falling back to my previous plan to reactivate ibus to try its emoji picker (I already have it installed from when I used to write a lot more Japanese text, but I switched to uim ages ago for reasons I can’t now recall and also now I am not 100% sure how to switch back 😛

tonybaloney, to random
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Finger is now colors it shouldn’t be (sprain or break) so I’ve strapped it to a buddy. On the plus side, My swimming/paddling stroke will only be partially impacted for a week or so with a claw hand

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@brettcannon @tonybaloney I don’t know about you guys, but for me in my early 20s it was like, “Oh giant metal spike pierced several vital organs; the doctor said it would take a month to heal but I was pretty much fine on week 3.”

Now it’s like, “I stood up in a weird way and now my right arm tingles whenever I turn left. The doctor said I should give it 6 months but I’ll be happy if the tingling is less noticable in 2 years…”

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