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Seventy years after the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional, school segregation persists throughout the country. However, community schools approach offers a chance to reduce the racial achievement gap.

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Help the FSF in its campaign to end DRM in education, whether that be DRM-free music, textbooks, or elsewhere. Invest in a free future by donating to the FSF today and help us reach our goal of collecting $425,000. #LearnLibre #DRMFree #EndDRM #Education

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School Districts Sent Kids to a For-Profit Out-of-State Facility That Isn’t Vetted or Monitored

A state was meant to help by allowing the use of public money to fund students’ tuition at special education boarding around the country.

But in solving one problem, lawmakers created another.

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70 yrs after delivered its landmark decision outlawing school segregation, ranks as perhaps the court’s most venerated decision….
Most everything else related to the decision…is complex.
Nearly 7/10 Americans say more should be done to integrate schools…a figure that has steadily climbed from 30% in 1973….But a deeper look into the views of both Black & White people shows skepticism about the success of ….

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In its unanimous decision in #Brown, #SCOTUS ruled segregated schools were #unconstitutional & “inherently unequal,” combining 5 cases in which #Black students & their schools had far fewer resources than their #White peers — longer commutes, lower-quality classes, overcrowding, fewer opportunities & less money. Yet 1/3 Black Americans now say integration has failed to improve the #education of Black students….

#law #Inequity #SystemicRacism #GeographicInequity #EconomicInequity

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…The decision focused on the value of mixing children of different races. But for many activists —then & now— the case is about a path to & educational . Those legal battles cont. Today’s complex views about & integration come amid persistent that has risen in recent decades,changes in the landscape & complicated dynamics of & in today.

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FusionDirectory a un nouveau site web 🍾🍾🍾 on se projette dans les 10 prochaines années avec un look plus moderne qui met en avant notre expertise, nos services autour de la gestion des identités

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Since the war on Gaza began, all of the enclave’s schools have closed, leaving hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children without formal schooling or a safe place to stay.

For children already traumatised by war, losing out on education during key years of their development is another devastating blow.

Children play in a charred van in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on May 12, 2024 [AFP]


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"But after taking office and examining hundreds of pages of curriculum, Gore was shocked by what she found — and didn’t find."

"The pervasive indoctrination she had railed against simply did not exist. Children were not being sexualized, and she could find no examples of critical race theory, an advanced academic concept that examines systemic racism."

#school #indoctrination #gop #education #USpol #FLpol #politics

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70 years ago, the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education led to the desegregation of schools. However this also led to thousands of Black teachers losing their jobs. "Prior to 1954, there were about 82,000 Black teachers in the United States," write a team of academics for @TheConversationUS. "A decade later, with hundreds of segregated schools closing, more than 38,000 Black teachers had been fired by white school leaders." Read more about the importance of Black teachers and why 70 years after Brown, school educators are still mostly white.

@histodons @blackmastodon

For more stories like this, follow @ConversationUS's Politics and Society Magazine, @politics.

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Biden oversees jobs bloodbath in public education

#biden #education

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“Since the beginning of #Israel’s war on #Gaza, academics in fields including #politics, #sociology, Japanese #literature, public #health, Latin American and Caribbean studies, Middle East and African studies, #mathematics, #education, and more have been fired, suspended, or removed from the classroom for pro-#Palestine, anti-Israel speech.”

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An arrested University of professor makes the connection between paying for repression of and starving public with austerity:

“These police officers out here today: that’s thousands of student scholarships. Thousands of students could’ve been able to go to school and have books and have housing”


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A truly free education means DRM-free. Together, we can build a future in which everyone will be able to learn in freedom and will know their rights as a user. Donate to the FSF to help bring free software to every learning environment around the world. #LearnLibre #EndDRM #DRMFree #Education

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Oh look. has just returned via the backdoor, which is how a lot of unpleasantness takes root in the these days.

"...Government sources told BBC News about plans to ban sex education for under-nines in [], as well as teaching about gender identity, on Wednesday.

"Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the new guidance would ensure children were not 'exposed to disturbing content'..."

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Courtney Gore, the co-host of a right-wing online talk show, won a seat on a Texas school board on the basis that she would undo leftist indoctrination and get rid of educational materials with inappropriate messages about sexuality and race. Then she took office and actually read the curriculum, finding that the subject matter simply taught children “how to be a good friend, a good human.” The Texas Tribune talked to her about why she ran for office, what she thinks is behind the push to take over school boards, and the backlash she's faced since speaking out against the ultra-right element of the Republican party.

#Schools #BookBans @bookstodon #Education #Teaching #Texas #Parenting #Children #SchoolVouchers

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Students are right to be distressed over the suffering of Palestinians. But are they applying cognitive empathy to understand the other side, too?

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Since hegemons declared the pandemic "over" early in the pandemic, I have seen article after article complaining that students aren't doing well and intimating it's because "lowering standards" during the pandemic harmed them.

Holy crap, what a load of ableist cow chips. #Ableism #HigherEd #Education

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#College professors are facing the same challenges we see at the secondary level: students who struggle with #reading, writing, and completing homework. It explores the reasons behind these trends, dives into relevant research, and showcases how some professors are adapting their teaching methods in response.

The article is free, but you may have to create an account to read it.

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She Campaigned for a #Texas School Board Seat as a #GOP Hard-Liner. Now She’s Rejecting Her Party’s Extremism.

Courtney Gore, a Granbury ISD school board member, has disavowed the far-right platform she campaigned on after finding no evidence that #students were being indoctrinated by the district’s curriculum. Her defiance has brought her backlash.

New, from @JeremySchwartz

#Dallas #Education #School #News #Republicans #SchoolBoard #Teachers #Books #Libraries

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Help the FSF in its campaign to end DRM in education, whether that be DRM-free music, textbooks, or elsewhere. Invest in a free future by donating to the FSF today and help us reach our goal of collecting $425,000. #LearnLibre #DRMFree #EndDRM #Education

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“It’s all about destroying the trust with the citizens to the point where they would tolerate something like doing away with public schools.”

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Oops I got another book.

"Affect and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism: Pedagogies for the Renewal of Democratic Education, suggests ideas about affective pedagogies for educators to use (along with recognizing the risks involved) to renew democratic education"

By Michalinos Zembylas, 2021

#Fascism #Biopower #biopolitics #philosophy #book

ttpphd, avatar

This book has lots of interesting ideas that are helping me refine my thinking of political change, moral panic, citizenship in a democracy, and empathy or compassion as a political emotion (souring into pity).

Gonna think about how to translate this to plainer English...

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