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You sound like the devil trying to trick me out of my souls posession.


A massage - back, shoulders and neck


I’d fall off my displaced chair and have my left kneecap stuck in the drawers. I guess I’d die if that merge of my knee with the drawer would result in fusion.


Forgetting time, space and everything else while I write code.

Not that I’ve almost set the kitchen on fire before by forgetting the pizza in the oven while writing “this one little function”.


It doesn’t really matter for me what it is, as long as it is a project I’m working on xD

I think at the time I was migrating a discord bot I to use PostgreSQL - or setting up auto backups for it.


Try Invidious, FreeTube, NewPipe,… All allow you to watch regular youtube content without ads. You can also create instance local accounts to “create playlists” and “subscribe” to people.


I can’t answer that since I don’t have any cast-enabled devices.



  • Used as Clock, Timer, Step Counter and Flashlight
  • Used standalone (bluetooth off)
  • 21d+ of battery
  • Firmware is GPLv3
voxel, (edited ) to Youtube avatar

is making the watching experience worse on and Microsoft Edge.

I didn't believe it the first time I heard abt it, since it sounded more like a conspiracy theory than a actual thing, but it's true. Google does add 5s timeout specifically to Firefox and Edge users when they try to watch a video on YT. If you want to know more about it, Mental Outlaw make a very good video abt it (Link: ). I think Google did this, to get people moving to Chrome since the majority will think this is a browser issue, nobody would expect YouTube to purposely doing this. In the attached Screenshot you can see that YouTube checks the user agent of browsers to see if it's Edge, Firefox or not. You can bypass this by changing your User agent to chrome.

Edit: Due a lot of people saying a lot of different things abt it, I want to say that I'm not 100% sure abt how exactly this works, there is a inbuild delay by Google, but who is actually affected, there are a lot of different opinions abt it. I wasn't able to verify this myself in LibreWolf, but this could be the case due my intensive hardening I did and this is just a result of what I found in the code and what Mental Outlaw and others shared across social media, if you got different or additional infos abt this feel free to comment and I suggest everyone ti also check the comment section.



FreeTube has built in SponsorBlock, you can tell it to automatically and seamlessly skip sections of videos, such as sponsors, self ads, intros, outros,…

No-KYC "Auto" Prepaid Cards are now available on Stealths (

Hi Monero community! Three months ago, we launched our service with automated virtual cards. It was a successful launch but we needed to close our VCC service for new orders after the first month due to issues with the provider. After 2 months of manual-only delivery, we’re happy to announce that prepaid cards are automated...


I love that you have EU options ^^

Just to make sure I understood how this works:

  • Buy Preloaded Master/Visa Card with Monero
  • Get Card details (what about name etc.?)
  • Buy stuff (online) until card is empty

Can the card be refilled, or are the last few cents wasted?


Thanks you for the answer.


You’re playing Devils Advocate, and you probaly know it xD

Anyway, I prefer NixOS for it’s declarativity, reproducibility and immutability.

Example: You want nginx with acme setup? Just tell it to, and NixOS will figure out the steps to reach the desired state.


Note to self: Write a fictional story featuring me at some point.

What's an alternative to Spotify that doesn't play you the same fucking songs over and over?

I am in an intense love-hate relationship with Spotify. It makes good mixes for me, I have found a lot of great bands that way. BUT IT KEEPS REGURGITATING THE SAME SONGS IN THERE. I know about Song Radios and Artist Radios, so please don’t recommend those. Smart Shuttle doesn’t cut it, either....


That’s the setup!

Though I prefer the mix of flac/opus.

There are scripts for yt-dlp out there that allow you to automatically download an entire artists discography (yt), which I recommend if it’s legal in your country.


What is the overall goal of this build?

There’s no overall goal to the project. It’s just the result of me tinkering with my systems from time to time (I’m allocating a bit less than three hours each day to coding on personal projects to improve my skills, some of that time flows into my nixos config).

I am very new to nixOS and am interested in it. Specifically for ansible scripts to build out easily replicateable docker hosts for lab.

I’ve extensively used docker/compose before I switched my systems to NixOS, since then I’ve barely touched it.

The thing with Ansible and Docker is that you mostly define the steps you want your systems to automatically go through to reach a specific state.

Nix[^1] approaches the problem the other way around. You define the state you want to have, and Nix solves for the steps that need to be taken to reach that state.

If you want to try your hands at that concept, I recommend installing just Nix on one of your test machines and trying out development shells/devshellswith it.

For example the SwayFXrepo contains a flake.nix providing a devShell. This allows everyone working on the project to just run nix develop in the cloned repo, or nix develop github:WillPower3309/swayfx without cloning the repo to enter the development environment.

This can be combined with tools like direnvto automatically setup development environments, based on the current directory.

If you want a more encompassing example of what Nix can provide, take a look at:

  • This presentation by Matthew Croughan on Nix-Flakes and Dockerfiles.

[^1]: The “package manager” that NixOS is build around. Though I think of it more as a “build system” - not to be confused with Nix, the language the build “scripts” are written in.

I have also considered it for switching my primary desktop and laptops as being able to have the same OS with everything the way I like it is also intriguing.

While I personally think NixOS is one of the most potent software in existence, and a computer without feels less capable for me, I do not recommend it easily.

Just take a look at hlissner’s FAQon his system config (which I greatly agree with).

That said, I initially tried NixOS on my PC and pushed the config to a git-forge. I then installed the base NixOS ISO on my laptop and told it to build the config from git. And that worked flawlessly.

In leaving the PC unattended for about 20mins, it went from a full Gnome desktop to my Sway setup.

That’s the point when I was sold.

Sorry for theate response. P.S. I love your wallpaper.

Don’t worry about the late reponse ^^

The wallpaper can be build with nix build sourcehut:~sntx/nix-bg#abstract-liquid btw.

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