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tailsy, to random

I've been playing Magic drafts semi-regularly since 2/8, when I went to a pre-release event for the new set. Since that time, I've steadily lost confidence in myself and my ability to make good decisions. I'm starting to dislike myself a lot. This is why I quit the game in the first place.

Knowing this, I kept at it to see if I could work through some of these issues; they come up in other areas of life, too. So far they seem insurmountable–I may be at my cognitive limit. That really scares me.


I do want to be clear about one point: this isn't about losing a game in a general sense. Variance is a real thing–I don't expect to win. When I review game logs after the fact to see how I can improve, I notice decisions I made that don't make sense given the information I have: I didn't notice, couldn't pay attention, or did the math wrong.

I don't think that I'm stupid (except in my darkest moments, maybe), but if I can't focus and make good decisions, what is the practical difference there?

tango, to random
@tango@redwombat.social avatar

Twister is getting a sequel almost 30 years later…


@tango The movie and not the board game, right? Right?

tailsy, to random

We have reached December in Pandemic Legacy: Season One, which means we have one or two games remaining in this campaign. We started playing it in 2016.

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

Okay, who's had the footlong cookie and pretzel at Subway?


@RickiTarr Wait, would you please clarify if this is:

  • a cookie that is one foot long, or
  • a foot-long Subway sandwich with cookies and pretzels instead of meat, or
  • a foot-long Subway sandwich that has cookies instead of meat, but served on a pretzel bun
keirFox, to random
@keirFox@furry.engineer avatar

Okay, this might be completely useless but let’s see if I can figure something out. I would like to see if I can at least hear other nodes out there.


@keirFox Nothing this cute can be completely useless!

(This also works as a daily self-affirmation mantra.)

RetroUnderBelly, to VintageOSes

We finished Bureau 13! The most anti-climatic ending I've seen so far. But, oh well. It was a cool game. Lots of replay-ability in it, as you can choose different character combinations. We slayed demons, removed chips off of people's necks, and killed a virtual reality AI monster. Our 13th game completed live! Farewell Bureau 13!

Ending of Bureau 13 MS-DOS game with gamer on the left, and game on the right. Displaying Box Art on the bottom right corner.


@RetroUnderBelly I remember finishing this one and got an ending where the character says something like, "This will make an interesting case for my files." That was it. 💀

DuskDargent, to random

Just got off a train at Metro Center and both trains downstairs were announcing their next destination in sync.

So all I heard was “The next stop is…McPhederal Squarangle.”


@DuskDargent Be careful: could be a glitch in the Matrix...

vga256, to retrogaming
@vga256@dialup.cafe avatar

i am playing déjà vu for the first time and i seriously think i missed out on a crucial childhood experience 🤣


@vga256 This game is great! I played the NES port of it, which also has a great soundtrack.


@vga256 It was in color, yes! All the art was redone at lower resolution and in color, but all the scenes match the Mac version. It also changed the interface to remove floating windows and position all the commands at the bottom of the screen.

The other ICOM Simulation games for the platform are Shadowgate and The Uninvited, which use a similar UI but different theme and setting.

GrahfMetal has made some fan games in a similar style (Infested, Spectacle): https://grahfmetal.itch.io/

Vyothric, to random
@Vyothric@mastodon.social avatar

I was going to replay this last year but forgot about it, so let's try that again.


@Vyothric I love the OST for that game. 🎵 (I wish we could get a more faithful arcade port someday, but maybe emulation can handle it...)

tailsy, to mtg

I'm going to play in a Magic Prerelease event on Thursday for the new set, "Murders at Karlov Manor." I love detective fiction and the theme pulled me in! (I laughed out loud at "Case of the Gateway Express.")

It's been years since I've played at all, so I'm a bit nervous... but I've reviewed the mechanics and I think the sealed deck format will help me avoid any drafting mistakes.

If you went to an MKM Prerelease, any advice? What surprised you about the format?

#mtg #magicthegathering

tailsy, to random

We should probably think twice before sharing personal data with sites named things like "Spoutible." I'm not giving any useful (meaning "accurate" or "true") information to "ThirsteeShare" or "AttentionSlut" or whatever.

Please don't share information you can't afford to lose with web companies. It will get out.


(I'm still stunned that anyone used 23andMe in the first place!)

tailsy, to random

I enjoyed this video about harmonization by Anne-Kathrin Dern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=366HnYtpZKo

To summarize, a useful method for composers is to think about harmonizing each note of your melody by asking, "is this the root, third, or fifth of a major or minor chord?" This itself is limiting, so you can also extend it by treating the melody note as the 9th, 11th, 13th, b9, etc.

The video plays an example of harmonizing the note C with all options in this strategy. Listen to the different colors. 🎵

tilton, to random
@tilton@raccoon.zone avatar

I’m now the proud owner of a Pixel 7a running GrapheneOS. Install was a breeze using their WebUSB dingus, and I have Google Play sandboxed, and using a burner Google account. I really like it so far! It’s still just a secondary phone on a cheap Mint Mobile plan, but it may replace my aging iPhone 11 at some point.


@tilton Nice! I've also considered this setup, so I'm curious to see how this works for you. 😁

tailsy, to random

I get the impression from social media (not a great place for impressions, to be fair) that retrogaming is 10% playing old games and 90% "hey, look what I have!"

This bums me out: I really don't need a hobby that values positional goods above experiences. I understand the feeling of "now that I'm an adult I can buy all the things I missed out on when I was a kid," but it's much harder to buy the experiences you missed out on when you were a kid–especially if you don't play the games.

tailsy, to random

South Korea has introduced a visa to support digital nomads: https://www.msn.com/en-in/travel/news/south-korea-introduces-digital-nomad-visa-that-will-permit-foreigners-to-stay-there-for-2-years/ar-AA1mlEtY

C'mon Japan, you know you want to!

tailsy, to random

Twice so far this month I've wondered what it would take to apply to/register for something, only to discover when I look into it that the application deadline is the very next day. 😅

(In neither case was one day enough time to actually apply/register for the thing.)

tailsy, to random

I forgot how much body horror there is in the first part of “The Matrix,” and I wasn’t ready for it on the big screen! Still a fun watch. It had been many, many years since I last saw it, even though it was one of those DVDs that everyone owned in the 2000s.

geffrey, to productivity
@geffrey@pkm.social avatar

Ways to organise stuff in a physical notebook?

#NoteTaking #productivity #ProductivityTools


@geffrey This is a tough one, because in a bound notebook you can't reorder the pages. This often means creating sections (buckets) for notes to go into, which means thinking up-front about how to size those sections, and you often don't have enough information to make those decisions in a meaningful way.

Some notebooks are like mini-binders where pages can be added and reorganized. Carrying multiple thin notebooks works. Using a stack of index cards and a binder clip also works.


@geffrey I suspect the inflexibility of bound notebooks means you have to think carefully about access patterns. For example, if there are bits of information that you expect to reference repeatedly, you might use sticky bookmarks, or copy the relevant information into a different section in the notebook.

tailsy, to random

We played the one-shot RPG “Alice is Missing” tonight, and wow. What an experience. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but our group had a powerfully emotional evening that I think I’ll be processing for a while. I’m grateful for it. Woof.

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

If it was possible to live forever, would you want to?


@RickiTarr No.

But the details are important, because forever is an extremely long time. Even if you stopped aging, you would eventually become so bored that living would be torture. If you continued aging but were still "technically alive," that's "worst nightmare" territory for many people.

The problem with dying isn't death itself–it's the uncertainty of death's arrival. We generally don't get to choose when or how we go. Even so, I think it's better than living forever.

Vyothric, to retrogaming
@Vyothric@mastodon.social avatar

@Vyothric The background art is so beautiful. I've never played this one; do you recommend it today?

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