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Miércoles random! La añoranza llega hoy con las tortugas ninja en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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I never really formally posted a "coming out" post but I guess to keep people on the same page:

SirTapTap -> SerTapTap (gender neutral)

Any Pronouns -> She/Her

Cis -> Trans

? -> Genderfluid

I've been making little changes for a month or so now, still lots of text to fix.

I'll probably be commissioning a girlier TapTap and some rebranding here and there:
Let me know if you have any #twitch #youtube #discord #vtuber emoji/branding etc tips. No idea what I'm doing

#lgbt #trans #queer

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My streams for and may start a little later this week as I am on “Shiva Call” for being part of the mourning prayers for the recent loss of my great uncle. I was not able to stream last night as I was a pallbearer and one of the people to say tehillim (psalms) over his body before we loaded him in the hearse for his final journey.

Thank you for being an awesome community and understanding during this tough time.

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@QubesOS @debian well... I guess that will be one of my upcoming Twitch streams. Who wants to hang out with me as I completely reinstall Qubes OS on my @purism Librem 14 laptop with the Librem Key. May as well do it before @defcon now and get the @mullvadnet and @yubico set back up. Plus I am migrating from Ledger to Trezor.

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Tarde de café y !
Farmeo y lo que surja en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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I'll be making a new account on this server solely for my bot testing for my API tinkering so I don't accidentally spam my account feed. Because I am planning to do some live tinkering to improve my Twitch stream alerter for Mastodon as is screaming at me for some security fixes, and I need to update the libraries used and get it working with a secrets manager and AWS Lambda. I'll livestream some of the tinkering on in a few weeks

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Charity stream was a great success!

Beyond my wildest expectations, we blew past the 175€ goal with 1056,01€ for the #germany based food bank "Die Tafel" last Monday within 10 hours of #streaming !

A huge thank you to @Rooki and @FusionWarrior
for their extremely generous donations and the many fine folk from the #fediverse as well as the #mastodon and #gaming communities who helped out and came by.

My community might be small, but boy howdy, is it mighty!

#charity #stream #twitch

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En décembre je voulais potasser FFMPEG et voir comment l'utiliser depuis Delphi en lien avec . Je ne l'ai finalement pas fait pour développer d'autres projets mais nous y voici et j'ai trouvé ma solution (temporaire).

Dites bonjour à 🤣

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Et c'est parti pour de la bidouille en nocturne.

A tout de suite sur #Twitch pour un #stream de #LiveCoding mélangeant du #Delphi et #FFMPEG.

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Hey scrollt nicht weiter!

Ihr wollt auch soviel halbwissen über , , haben wie ich? Ihr denkt das geht nicht? Das können nur die Eliten der ?

Arbeite an deinem , werde auch du zu einem alpha !

Komm einfach in die Gruppe und auch du wirst erfolgreich andere mit deinen nerven, wie ich!

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Nos han fastidiado el final fantasy X así que hoy empezamos nueva aventura con el en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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Tarde de café y un paseo por el mundo de en mi canal de twitch vengan genteee!

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📅 ANNONCE Live : Jeudi 23 mai à partir de 18H

On prépare le comptage national des oiseaux des jardins (édition printemps) avec la LPO 🐦 🏡

Rendez-vous sur la chaîne twitch ➡️

📋 Le comptage national des oiseaux des jardins a lieu ce weekend, les 25 et 26 mai. Il s’agit d’une opération de sciences participatives ouverte à toutes et tous et dont les données récoltées permettent aux scientifiques d'en savoir plus sur l'état de santé des populations d'oiseaux communs.

Plus d'informations :

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Meet @rafalagoon 😻

His Twitch channel (ES/EN/CA):
Sign up to get notified about "Two Cows":

See you later on our !

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🔴LIVE - Let the Lies of P suffering begin. Will my preparation help me with the boss? Knee updates!

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I so far have been really enjoying Helldivers 2 and definitely see myself continuing to play it for the foreseeable future. It also plays extremely well on Linux with no issues. Just install from steam and Play. I did use Proton-GE as I tend to have better performance with games using it but that was it.

I'm so glad Gaming on Linux has become so easy that now I can play games with most of my friends without issues.

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Wir feiern 15 Jahre Minecraft!

Und dazu gibt es heute in einem Spontanstream ab ca. 17:30 Uhr Minecraft und vlt auch Foxcraft.
Außerdem verteilt Twitch gerade ein Cape (15 min zusehen) für MC und eine Maske (1 Sub(-Gift)).

Wir sehen uns dann hoffentlich bald im Stream!

@twitch @furry

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Aujourd'hui je tente du 9h-13h puis 15h-20h en développement sur le jeu vidéo en live sur .

premartinpatrick, avatar

Nous finirons par un raid chez See_U_Old qui accueille Loinduciel chez lui pour un à 2 à partir de 20 heures.

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Here's the VOD of tonight's .


Check out this video "Modular Transmission - 2024-05-19"

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Let's discuss Work was hell, so let's start Helldivers 2 New tools | Cybersecurity, Chilling, and Gaming on Linux. Live on Twitch: 🎥 #Cybersecurity #Linux #Tech #Twitch #Streamer

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